Friday, 31 July 2015

Beyonce "Pulse"

Yes, yet another celebrity perfume to review. What can I say? I love my celebrity perfumes, I can't say why, but I do. It's not even that I am necessary a fan of the said celeb. I even like some of KK's perfumes!

Description- "The fragrance opens with top notes of pear blossom, frozen bergamot and accord of Blue Curacao liqueur. The heart features Bluebird orchid, for the first time used in a fragrance. There are also notes of delicate peony and intensive midnight blooming jasmine. The base is warm, sensual and irresistible, made with Madagascar vanilla, musk and precious woods.

Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the bottle. Yeah, it's different and very recognizable, but it is so impractical. It's rather top heavy, with a small base, so I am forever knocking it over. Annoying!

Now, with that rant over I will get back to the perfume. At first spray, I get bombarded with a sweet citrus scent. Not a bad thing for me because I love citrus fragrances. However, during drydown it quickly fades into the base notes. 

Oh, I love a combination of vanilla, musk and woods, I find it can be such a sensual mix that really appeals to me. Unfortunately, this perfume misses the mark. Yes it's there, but only when I sniff where I have sprayed.

More silage and I would have loved this perfume. I only bought it, because I thought it was lovely when I tested it. 

I will continue to use this bottle up, because it does make for a nice casual perfume, but I have not been won over by "Pulse".

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Stocktake 2015- Palettes

By far the makeup I am obsessed with is eye shadow palettes. I don't need any more, but when I see a lovely palette, I think I do. I must have it, even though in most cases I haven't even used the ones that I have.

Small palettes that consist of no more than 4 shadows- 40.

Larger palettes- 79

Thankfully with my Palette Appreciation series, these palettes are slowly being used, rather than being hoarded and being the very definition of a collection. As you can probably tell, I am rather fond of palettes that are in a budget friendly range. I have added some pricier palettes to my collection, but I have only used the Urban Decay Naked palette once, and have only swatched the others. To be honest, the hype and the packaging reels me in, then I find it hard to bring myself to use them, lol.

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lipstick Love- L'oreal Infallible Longwear Lipstick in "Invincible Sable"

Another lipstick that was included in Christina's (Lovethatlippie) giveaway. The Infallible lip range from L'Oreal are long wearing lipsticks. These are dual ended. Liquid colour at one end and a handy gloss at the other. Great for dry lip days when you need that extra moisterisation, or you want a colour to stay put, but want a gloss finish.

I like the clear lipstick end where you can easily see the colour.

A doe foot applicator, a great tool for liquid lipsticks.

"Sable" is a lovely neutral shade.

I love the packaging. Being double ended makes the lip product convenient, less storage space needed and no searching for the balm.

Application with the doe foot wand is how I prefer to apply a liquid lip product. It is easier to control, whilst allowing a more precise finish.

As with most long wearing lipsticks, the colour can be drying, however a slick of balm solves that problem without effecting the lipstick in any way, no causing smudging or flaking. Once dry, I didn't find this lipstick to be tacky. Another benefit is no transfer.

Are you a fan of long-wearing lipsticks?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Stocktake 2015- Mineral Eye Shadows

Oh, how I love thee, eye shadows. My obsession began with indie minerals.

497 stored shadows

This box contains 146 shadows

 This little bag contains no less than 204 samples

Clearly, I probably will never get through all of these eye shadows, I often get tempted to buy more, then remember that I have barely enough room for what I already own. I really hope to see some kind of reduction in the amount I have, rather than this hoarding problem.

I've added this post to Fabulous and Fun Makeup Madness link-up.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

RawSkinCeuticals RegenC C-Serum

Vitamin C is such an important ingredient when trying to combat signs of ageing, I like to incorporate this powerful antioxidant in my skincare routine. Not all Vitamin C products are created equal. This vitamin is such an unstable ingredient that it can be difficult finding an effective product.

RawSkinCeuticals is a brand that I have recently discovered. An online store that sells vegan products. I already love the sunscreen, and have been using some products from the RegenC range.

Taken from the website- "100% pure vitamin C rich oil based serum. Multi-use serum combines our proprietary blend of herb infused oils including Rosehip and Tamanu to combat and heal scars, age spots, encourage healing while promoting healthy cell and collagen growth. Provides a deep intense re-hydration to brighten and even skin tone."

 A small bottle holds 15ml of product.

 A dropper is used to dispense product.

The serum is similar to Rosehip oil in consistency.

I allow 3 drops for my neck and about 3 for my face. A little goes a long way. A dropper is perfect to control the amount of product dispensed, as a drop either side of the perfect amount can be too little or too much.

The serum applies smoothly onto the skin, as you'd expect from an oil base. Unlike most oils, the quick absorption into the skin is what makes this product a serum. I much prefer my serums to disappear into the skin, that way I don't have to wait too long before applying a moisturiser.

Ok, so the problem I have when introducing more than 1 new product is where my skin changes are coming from. However, I do believe that this serum is contributing to my brighter looking skin. I obviously have a lot that I would love for my skin to improve on, but my skin is in the best condition that I have seen for some time. The new additions to my skin care routine are from the RegenC range, so what I can attest to is that they are high quality effective products.

RegenC C-Serum is a product that I enjoy using. It's targeted for the concerns that I have, so am looking forward to even more improvements!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Stocktake 2015- Lip Pencils, Lipstick, Lip Gloss

When it comes to lip products, I often go through phases. I'll be content with what I own, then I'll go on buying frenzies, needing every shade of a colour I've taken a fancy to, or a particular finish. Lately, it's been matte and liquid lipsticks.

Lip liners- 19

2 Lip palettes. Lipsticks- 100 

Liquid lipsticks- 36

Lip glosses- 66

My lip product collection from the start of the year can be viewed here

Please don't ask me what are my faves are, I came across so many during counting that I haven't even worn yet! Eek.

I hope your Saturday is treating you well :)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Frozen Nails

What began as a "tribute" to Winter. I hate this weather, but I was feeling like ice and wanted to represent how I felt on my nails. Once I had the finished result, Frozen immediately sprang to mind, not the song, thankfully..well, until now. Do you now hear it too? "Let it go, let it goooooo.." Sorry...

Back to my nails.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On", Boe Beauty "Blue Illusion" and a sparkly topper from the brand Satin.

The obvious choice for my nail look was blue and white. I began with a white base, then sponged "Blue Illusion" onto my nails, so that some of the white was still visible . To add a little pizzazz to this look, I applied the very pretty, sparkly top coat.

Looking forward to when I can say goodbye to Winter for another year.

I'm a Spring kind of girl, what's your favourite season?