Monday, 29 July 2013


What goes better with a neutral eye, than a red lip? Now I've often been one to steer clear of the world of the bright and sometimes intimidating red lipstick. I mean, I've always admired women that rock a gorgeous red lipstick, but I lacked the confidence to do anything but dabble and merely experiment with this colour. 
With my collection of red lipsticks growing, I thought that it was about time that I actually start wearing it!

To create this look I used:
Skin79 BB cream to prime is easy my skin.
Mirenesse Skin Clone Mineral foundation. This gorgeous pressed foundation is easy to apply with a kabuki brush. It evens out my skin tone without feeling heavy or chalky, and doesn't settle into fine lines. Once applied, I just use a concealer  brush to add a little more coverage to my under eye area.

These are the shadows from the faux Nars palette that I used on my eyes. 
I also used Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Duo. 
To line my eyes, I applied Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner. I love, love, love this liner. Not only an amazing liner, but budget-friendly, too! 
On my brows, I used Mirenesse 24 hr Brow Lift and Shape. An easy to use brush on gel. It adds definition, whilst taming brows.

To create a flush of colour for my cheeks, I used the blush from the Australis Face-A-Holic palette. This blush is a pressed marbled pattern of hot pink and tan to mocha shades. My first application was a little too much, but I easily toned it down by applying the pressed powder from the middle section of the palette. This successfully toned down the look, without being cakey.

Last, but certainly not least, I applied this gorgeous shade of red. It is Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in First Kiss. These lip products are in form of a lip crayon. It first applies as a glossy lipstick, which over time fades to a nice stain, without being patchy. 

I think I might wear red lipstick more often! 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Silk Naturals Awesome Sauce.

I like to incorporate a Vitamin C product in my morning skincare routine. When I saw that one of my favourite indie online companies, Silk Naturals, sold serums with Vitamin C, I just had to try one. Awesome Sauce Anti-Oxidant Serum caught my eye. With Vitamin C amongst many goodies for any skin type, it sounded great. More on the product can be found here.

This one ounce bottle comes with a pump dispenser. This is such an easy delivery system to use, whilst being hygienic. I only need 2 pumps, one for face and one for neck. 
The serum is a nice light consistency, that absorbs quickly into the skin. It is the perfect serum to be used in the morning, as skin is left tacky free after use. I like to use a sunscreen during the day and didn't have a problem  applying over the serum.
After using this bottle, I did not experience any adverse reactions, such as blemishes (a major concern with serums) and sensitivity. 
Would I purchase again? I certainly wouldn't rule it out. The serum hydrated my skin adequately, whilst not being too heavy. It seemed to help even my skintone slightly, I can't say that there was a huge improvement, but it is a nice product. I believe that Awesome Sauce would be perfect for those who are just beginning to dabble in anti-ageing products.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Femme Fatale Nail Polishes

This is not my first post on the fabulous indie company, Femme Fatale, but this is my first review on their nail polishes. This is my 2nd ever order of indie polishes. What puts me off ordering polishes online is that most come from the US and don't generally post to Australia. and if they do, the shipping costs are quite high. 
Thankfully, Femme Fatale is an Australian company, so this means that not only are postage prices reasonable, but arrival is quicker, too!
Femme Fatale now offers many indie nail polish brands that aren't readily available in Oz. This order however, only included their own brand of polishes. I ordered minis (which don't appear to be on offer anymore) to give me the opportunity to try a variety of polishes.

The swatches include the polishes on their own alternated with the polish over black.

Sinister Calling- Sheer purple jelly base with purple glitter and silver glitter strips.
Winter Hyacinth- Teal cream base with fuchsia, rose and white hexes.
Hydraxia- A sheer blue jelly base with different sized blue and yellow glitter.
Glinting Lodestone- Purple jelly base containing purple and blue glitter.
Shadowsong- A translucent milky base that over a dark base colour reveals the blue to purple duo chrome.
Amberjewel- Just like Shadowsong, this polish is best used over a dark base, this polish is golden orange to copper.
Tricky Treats- Sheer orange jelly base containing hexes of pink, orange and purple, and gold glitter strips.

Although applying flakie polishes can be tricky, the gorgeous glittery results are worth it. I also love the finish of the duo chrome top coat polishes, they totally transform a black base colour.

Have you tried Femme Fatale? If not, what are you waiting for??? :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013


This FOTD features Maybelline Color Tattoo in Seashore Frosts, one of the shadows from the Summer collection. Unfortunately this collection of gorgeous mostly duo chromes are not available in Australia (surprise, surprise!) I really wanted to purchase the collection online, however, I could only find them on Ebay for a ridiculous price. I did end up finding someone who was willing to part with the shade that I lusted over most, on a US forum. I would like to seek out more, but I really need to cut back on impulse buys. (Yeah, good luck with that, right?? lol)

This look consists of:
 Skin79 BB cream as primer
Mirenesse Skin Clone Mineral Powder in Vienna. I love this pressed powder foundation. I get medium coverage in one step. I use this as a concealer as well. I simply use my concealer brush and give extra coverage to my problem areas. (Undereye circles, blemishes and pigmentation)
Seashore Frosts Maybelling Color Tattoo on my lids, and blended out. Super simple, yet gorgeous colour!
I added a little depth by applying a matte brown shadow into my crease.
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Duo.
Smashbox blush in Proof Sheet, this is a lovely peachy pink colour.
Mirenesse lip liner in Nude.
Mirenesse French Kiss Lip Cocktail, I'm not sure what the shade is, but it is a lovely nude colour.

I had to post 2 pics of this gorgeous cream shadow, hopefully it shows the duo chrome. A coppery colour to mauve, I just love it!

Well, the search for this colour was well worth it! :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Stormy NOTD

Although I generally reach for bright and/or bold nail polish when deciding on a colour for my nails, I recently wanted something different. A colour that I can't remember wearing is grey. It may sound like a boring shade, but I think it can look quite classy. Seeing that grey is such a rarity for me, one shade was not going to be enough. 

After my mandatory Orly Bonder base coat, I applied the lightest polish, Essie Da Bush as the base colour. Next, using a sponge eye shadow applicator, I dabbed Essie Fair Game from halfway up, to the tip of my nails. I then repeated this step with Orly Liquid Vinyl (not grey, I know, but black finishes the look, I think) concentrating on the tips. To add a sprinkle of shimmer, I applied Essie Pure Pearlfection, I just love the effect this polish gives. Then finished with Seche Vite top coat.

It's nice to try a different shade :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Hissyfit Saving Face Anti-ageing Foundation

Before being notified of a sale on Ozsale, I had never heard of the brand Hissyfit. Apart from the unique name, I was interested in trying this product due to the high SPF level of 30+.

This product comes in a simple 30g tube. Under the screw top lid is a thin nozzle, ideal for controlling the amount of cream needed. It is quite a thick consistency, with the scent typical to most foundations.
Described as a foundation, I would normally label this in my "Mission Accomplished" series, however, this is more like a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation. I achieved the appearance of a more even skintone, but little coverage.
This product is suitable for all skin types. Having combination skin, I did not experience any breakouts, well no more than normal anyway! What I did find is that the moisturiser felt on the heavy side, and throughout wear, I found that my t-zone seemed oilier than normal, especially on my forehead, where the product seemed to just slide off. After finishing the tube, I did not notice any improvements to my skin in the anti-ageing department, however, being such a high level of sunscreen, I would assume it prevented further damage caused by the sun.
If you were to have dry skin, I think this would make for a good moisturiser. Though, I must add that this product retails for around $55, I wouldn't have bought it, if not for the sale.

Would I repurchase? No, I wouldn't. It's such a shame that it had a sticky finish, because 30+ SPF is such a good level of sun protection for a tinted moisturiser.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Silk Naturals Chromatic Cream Eye Color

Of all the new products that Silk Naturals releases, I was most excited to try the Chromatic Cream Eye Colors. This is because my love for Maybelline Color Tattoos began my obsession with cream eye shadows. 

Penthouse- Golden neutral.

Soho- Pewter

Astoria- Silvery lilac.

Gotham- Charcoal taupe.

Roxbury- Teal.

Electric- Sapphire blue.

Blackout- Matte black.

I really like the packaging, simple, yet fun. Application is achieved using a doe foot applicator, this is attached to the chrome lid. I found that applying with the sponge then blending with fingers is the method that works best for me. I love that the cream actually dries to a powder shadow, and there's no need to be concerned about annoying fall out. I find that I get budge proof, crease proof wear throughout the day. I had to actually rub over the shadow with my fingers, using pressure, to get transfer, but little smudging. 

For this look I used Astoria on the inner half of my lid, with  Roxbury on my outer lid and into my crease. I darkened my "v" with Electric. I then took Electric down and along my lower lashline. 

Here I am wearing Penthouse on my inner lid, and on the rest of my lid I have Soho.

I found these shadows were easier to apply on the lid. I like to blend my shadows a lot in my crease area, I was not quick enough to blend sufficiently before the cream dried into a powder finish. With more practice, I might be able to get a better result.

I'm very impressed and need more of these Chromatic Cream Eye Colors in my collection :)

Friday, 5 July 2013

To Repurchase Or Not To Repurchase- Prai Platinum Deluxe with Skincare Update

Now that I have finished my Prai deluxe samples, I thought that I would not only review them, but include some pics to see if they have improved my skin in any way.
Being an avid watcher of shopping channel TVSN, I am often tempted by the live demonstrations, especially those on skincare and makeup. Prai is one of the brands that I have wanted to try for some time, and when the opportunity arose for me to replace some skincare, I jumped at the chance to buy some Prai goodies.

The "Try Me" kit included Oceanic Skin Firming Caviar, Firm and Contour Face Cream and Firming Eye Cream. These 3 products used together are formulated to tighten the skin, giving it a more radiant, youthful look. It was simple to include this as a night time routine.
After cleansing and toning, I applied the Firming Caviar. This comes in a small cylinder bottle with pump top. The product has a light lotion consistency. It felt so luxe on the skin, absorbing rather quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth.
Next I applied the eye cream. It is packaged in a jar. This is quite a thick cream, I actually found that it took some time for it to warm on my skin, making it difficult to gently massage it around my eye area. Once finally melding into my skin, the area did feel hydrated.
I finished with the face cream, which also came in a small jar with screw top lid. The moisturiser was quite rich, yet my skin seemed to love it. My face felt hydrated, without the cream feeling too heavy on the skin.
Would I repurchase? I would certainly love to try larger sizes of the Firming Caviar and Contour Cream, they were both lovely, and although my skin did seem to "purge" some with a few break-outs, my skin was beginning to clear by the time I was almost finished the products. I would like to see if my skin would improve more with further use. As for the eye cream, I wasn't a fan of the consistency, it was just too thick, I hadn't even finished the jar before discontinuing use!
I was really surprised that I got around 5 weeks of use out of the small sizes. I just loved the luxe feel, and can see why Prai are a favourite amongst so many people.

Was there any visible changes? I'll post some pics. (about 5 weeks between photos)



In these pics, I do see a slight improvement. However, I must add that the "Before" pics were taken later in the day, whereas the "After" photos were shot in the morning not long after my skincare routine. I thought this was worth mentioning, as it explains the shinier skin. 

 Since my last Skincare Routine post, and after finishing the Prai samples, my routine has changed some. One of the biggest changes is that I no longer cleanse in the morning. I read that it is not good for your skin's PH level. That aside, it also made sense that if you cleanse well enough at night, your skin should be clean enough the following morning. I just simply wash my face with water whilst in the shower.

This is my current regime
Spritz face with Avene Thermal Spring Water.
AWE lightening serum. (sample)
Remergent Microcirculation Therapy eye cream.
Natio Purifying Spot Treatment.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream. (sample)
Mirenesse Power Lift Day Treatment.
When not wearing foundation I am currently using L'Oreal BB Cream in Light.

Mirenesse Multi-Action Silk Cleanser removed with cleansing wipes to remove all traces of make-up.
Every other day Mirenesse Power Lift Massage Bead Cleanser
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (new formula) I was lucky enough to receive this serum to trial, perfect timing, I say!
Estee Lauder Advanced Night eye cream. (sample)
Ayurda Almond and Saffron Skin Perfecting Moisturiser (sample)

My next skincare update will feature Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, so stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


This EOTD features a shadow that unfortunately I don't know what it is! I've had this mineral make up loose eye shadow for some time. It's a shame that this colour has been lost in a drawer and has no longer has a label on the jar. It is a pretty baby blue colour, the beauty of it is not quite captured on camera.

Along with the blue, I used the usual suspects to complete my look. Neutral shadow in the top right of the MAC palette on the left I used on my brow bone, and the darkest shade of the other palette in my crease. I also used Mirenesse eye liner duo (Onyx) to line my eyes. This product has now been finished, not that I'm upset about that. As I have stated before, I don't consider it a stand-out liner. My fave lash products of the moment are the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander duo. Combined these give volume and length to my lashes, whilst giving them the blackest black colour, which is a must for me.

And, now a closer look at the hero of the EOTD....

The result:

Don't you love it when you can rediscover a beauty product..?? it's almost as good as a purchase :)