Monday, 22 July 2013

Femme Fatale Nail Polishes

This is not my first post on the fabulous indie company, Femme Fatale, but this is my first review on their nail polishes. This is my 2nd ever order of indie polishes. What puts me off ordering polishes online is that most come from the US and don't generally post to Australia. and if they do, the shipping costs are quite high. 
Thankfully, Femme Fatale is an Australian company, so this means that not only are postage prices reasonable, but arrival is quicker, too!
Femme Fatale now offers many indie nail polish brands that aren't readily available in Oz. This order however, only included their own brand of polishes. I ordered minis (which don't appear to be on offer anymore) to give me the opportunity to try a variety of polishes.

The swatches include the polishes on their own alternated with the polish over black.

Sinister Calling- Sheer purple jelly base with purple glitter and silver glitter strips.
Winter Hyacinth- Teal cream base with fuchsia, rose and white hexes.
Hydraxia- A sheer blue jelly base with different sized blue and yellow glitter.
Glinting Lodestone- Purple jelly base containing purple and blue glitter.
Shadowsong- A translucent milky base that over a dark base colour reveals the blue to purple duo chrome.
Amberjewel- Just like Shadowsong, this polish is best used over a dark base, this polish is golden orange to copper.
Tricky Treats- Sheer orange jelly base containing hexes of pink, orange and purple, and gold glitter strips.

Although applying flakie polishes can be tricky, the gorgeous glittery results are worth it. I also love the finish of the duo chrome top coat polishes, they totally transform a black base colour.

Have you tried Femme Fatale? If not, what are you waiting for??? :)

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