Wednesday, 30 May 2012

One Hand Washes The Other

One Hand Washes The Other, or commonly referred to as OHWTO, is an online indie store that sells bath and body products, including perfumes (oil and solid), soaps (whipped and bar) home scents, the list goes on. Initially, I ordered from this store to try the much loved Black Magic facial soap. With all the fabulous reviews, I just had to try it for myself. The lip butters sounded just what my dry chapped lips needed, so in my "shopping cart" it went.  Already owning 4 solid perfumes, I also wanted to try some perfume oils, besides I can't place an order with just 2 products ;)

 I love the packaging. The perfume sample vials were placed in an envelope that was wax stamped, and the lip butter arrived in a lovely purple pouch.

BLACK MAGIC: I bought this in the soap format, however it is also available in cream and exfoliating scrub versions. This formula contains the following toning and claryfying products- Tea Tree oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Glycerin, French Green Clay, and Activated Charcoal.
The site lists the benefits of each ingredient. As with all the listed products, this is also vegan. This product may cause sensitivity, so a patch test is highly recommended. Of course, I was too impatient and went ahead and used this soap on my face.
I applied the soap by lathering in my hands and massaging onto a dampened face. To me, this soap has an aniseed-type scent which I like, and find very refreshing.
After washing my face with a cloth, I did notice that my skin felt a little tight, but somehow didn't feel stripped. My skin has never felt so deep cleansed merely from a facial soap. After using once, I noticed my skin looking brighter, and felt less oily instantly. My pores appeared smaller and not so congested. I haven't had many breakouts, but any pimples don't remain on my face long, thanks to this soap. After cleansing, my skin just absorbs serums and moisturisers with ease, I don't seem to have the need to wait as long between applications.
This soap is perfect for my combination skin. Although it has some potent ingredients, I have had no sensitive reactions after a month of using this soap. It's the second facial soap that I have used, and I don't feel the need to trial anything else..I am smitten, and will continue to use this product, that after a month's use, barely looks used at all!

LIP BUTTER: I bought the honey version, and it smells soo good! These butters come in a standard round lip balm tube. It went so smoothly on my lips, melting instantly to relieve dryness. Although, it has a butter formula, I don't find this product to be too heavy, just super moisturising. My lips feel hydrated for quite some time, I don't find myself needing to apply too often. I need more of these :)

PERFUMES: I ordered oil samples, and received 2 solid samples as free gifts. The solids came in clam shells, the oils in small vials. I am yet to order full sizes of the oils, but have full sized solids, and they are packaged in twist-up oval tubes, often these house lip balm. The solids are quite convenient, and fuss free to apply. The following are all perfumes that I have tried:

HIVEMIND: *The scent of a thousand apiaries in Spring, all the inhabitants functioning with a singular focus. Creamed honey, laced with a buttery vanilla, its sticky sweetness tempered by white musk and a touch of dark patchouli. 
Creamy, warm dripping honey. There is a slight rich earthiness with buttery notes to make this honey based scent one of the best I've tried. It powders down after wear, making it a soft fragrance, and the solid version lasts for a long time on my skin. 

BARISTA: *This is an espresso-and-chocolate based blend, but you'll catch wafts of hazelnuts, sweet cream, and yes, even the sugary pastries sitting at the counter tempting you while you wait in line for your cup of coffee. It's a delicious mocha scent.
Nutty, creamy and unmistakenly rich coffee and chocolate. It smells like a delicious sweet latte with all the trimmings, yummo.

OMG FLOWERS: *A duplicate of the lovely Viktor&Rolf fragrance "Flowerbomb", OMG Flowers showcases bloom after bloom, containing a floral symphony of jasmine, freesia, orchid, rose, tea, patchouli, woody musk and vanilla. When you smell this you're going to say, "OMG Flowers!" The florals are in there, but the woody musk and patchouli balance them nicely, making them less overwhelming. A mysterious and alluring scent, and a floral sure to please even professed haters of all things flowery.
I was expecting strong florals, and although they are there, the bouquet is not overpowering. Soft, light, slightly fruity. There is an effervescent quality to this fragrance. At first application, I thought this perfume seemed quite generic, however after wear, it really came into its own, offering a beautiful feminine scent that softly wafts throughout wear. 

DESOLATION ANGEL: *A rich blend of scents: cracked coconuts and fresh limes dance amongst swirls of dark musky woods, hint of vanilla, and a sprinkle of powder. This scent would smell great on men or women- it's one of my personal favorites.
This perfume begins very tart, the citrus lime is almost bitter. After wear the coconut emerges. It's creamy and sweet, but not cloyingly so, as the tartness cuts through, balancing this fragrance. It has a beachy feel, but not the typical tropical sweetness and coconut, this one is darker, making it unisex. Not for me, but I appreciate this blend.

PASTICCERIA: *An Italian pastry shop, the pasticceria has all the best dessert smells in the world. Marzipan, hazelnut, almonds, vanilla, cakes, assorted pastries, frosting, and of course, pure sugar.
Rich buttery, creamy sweet pastries rounded with an almond note. This blend is so smooth, soft and delicious. 

VICTUALS: *Hearty rolled oats spiked with syrupy sweet wild blueberries, topped with a sprinkling of maple sugar and a splash of vanilla rice milk. This is a breakfast staple for me, and is the inspiration for this yummy foody blend. 
Creamy, syrupy, rich and sweet rounded goodness. This scent is warm and comforting, just like the breakfast. It is so smooth and likeable. I would love this in a moisturiser. Yummmmo

MERMAID: * A beautiful marine-floral scent, Mermaid is a fragrance which brings to mind an underwater garden at the bottom of the ocean, or a mermaid's hair. It's perfect for those spring days that feel more like summer. Salt water, linden blossoms, muguet, carnation, white musk, with a base of driftwood and oakmoss.
Salty and crisp, blended beautifully with light florals that do not detract anything from this aquatic scent. It's not love, but I appreciate this well blended scent.

MERCANTILE: *Used to be, if you needed anything, a trip to the local mercantile- the general store, as it were- was in order. Dried cherries and other fruits for mother's baking, loose tea leaves for afternoon social calls, a strip of black licorice for yourself, and maybe a plug of tobacco for grandpa, too. This scent starts out tart and fruity, mainly smelling of black cherries, but as it settles in on the skin it changes to reveal the tea and anise notes, and hiding beneath it all, some sticky fresh tobacco.
Wow, what a complex scent. Smoky, sweet, certainly licorice in there, slightly fruity. I find that this fragrance takes on a resiny quality. There's so much going on, yet it is blended beautifully.

RASPBERRY GINGERALE: * Ripe red raspberries floating up and down in a pitcher of freshly-poured gingerale, thanks to help from millions of fizzy pinprick bubbles. A touch of blackcurrant adds a syrupy sweetness to the blend without weighing it down. A bright and lively scent!
Effervescent, tart and the unmistaken scent of sweet, yet slightly spicy gingerale. A perfect bubbly perfume for summer. Fun and girly.

VIVA LA JUICY: * After reading the descriptions of what this boutique fragrance duplicate smells like, I HAD to get it for my shop. It's fruity and floral, with the two balanced very nicely. You'll smell wild berries and mandarins, honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine, complimented nicely by notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and praline. It sounds like there's a lot going on in this one, and there is- it reminds me of Pink Lady, in that it smells a little different every time you sniff it. This one is definitely a fun fragrance to wear.
Sweet, fruity florals. A beautiful feminine fragrance for summer. Reminds me of floaty dresses, drinking up the sunshine on a lazy afternoon. There is an element of innocence, yet carefree-ness to this perfume. I love the tartness paired with the soft florals and subtle candy quality. Divine, if only it would last longer on my skin. I have this in the solid, may try the oil version to see if there is more longevity.

I would really like full sizes of Hivemind, Pasticerria, OMG Flowers and I'd like to see if Viva La Juicy would last longer on me in oil format. I'll need to purchase when in need of Black Magic soap, so I'm sure some full sized perfumes will be on their way in the near future :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics including So Sakura set.

My final post on this Darling Girl Cosmetics purchase includes the So Sakura set, a lip gloss and matching eye shadow that was limited edition. From what I can tell from the site, only the lip gloss is available. The lip gloss arrived packaged in a small tube with doe foot wand, the eye shadow came in a standard eye shadow pot with sifter. After reading many tempting reviews on this set, I knew that I just had to have the pair. I was not disappointed.

SO SAKURA gloss: Pinky peach with subtle violet shift.

SAKURA eye shadow: Peachy pink with fuschia shimmer.

From the All the Pretty Horses collection:

SEABISCUIT: Golden brown.

A HORSE WITH NO NAME:  Neutral shimmer.

Diamond Dusts are made with a super-lustrous glitter that give a diamond shine. I purchased 2 shadows from this collection:

DRAGON'S BREATH: Shimmery green gold.

MOCHI: Candy pink with violet shift.

GC shadow:

INNOCENCE: Golden neutral.

PIXI PURPLE: Purpley taupe shimmer.

BOY CRAZY: Duo chrome blush earthy mauve with subtle reddish shift.

These are the looks that  I came up with after having a play.

Here I used Mochi on the lid, Dragon's Breath on the outer lid and lower lashline, Innocence is applied under the brow and Seabiscuit in the crease.

In the above FOTD I am wearing Sakura on my lids, Horse with no Name in the crease. Blush is Boy Crazy. So Sakura gloss is on my lips.

I am extremely happy with all my products. I need to add that on the Darling Girl Cosmetics site, there is a weekly GWP eye shadow for orders exceeding $10. I just love the new site, easy to navigate and FABULOUS, yet enabling swatches. No need to question whether I will order again or not..I already have!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics- Rainbow Brite Collection.

The "cuteness" of the Rainbow Brite collection appealed to me. I didn't have a mineral makeup collection with this level of irridescence, subtle shadows on their own, with the ability to change the shades drastically by applying over a darker colour. I used a dark brown wax eye liner to showcase the difference between applications. The photos aren't completely true to the eye shadows, IRL they are so much better, but hopefully the pics will give every one a close enough look to appreciate these eye shadows.

LA LA ORANGE: Irridescent orange.

INDIGO: Purple.

CANARY:  Yellow






ON-X: Black with multi-coloured shimmer.

Look 1:

Here I Rainbow Brite on my lid and On-X in crease and lower lashline.

I decided to use the same shade, Rainbow Brite over the dark brown liner. I like how it changes the depth of the colour without being too dark.
I don't feel the immediate need for full sized purchases of these eye shadows, but they're fun to play with, and really with the right base, you get 2 colours for the price of one :)
My next post will be on the remaining products from this Darling Girl purchase.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Darling Deer Christmas collection.

With a name like Darling Girl Cosmetics, how could I not try any products :) The logo is as cute as the name, the site has a fun girly, flirty appeal. All age groups and tastes are covered. Whether you want shimmery, matte or glittery products, there are so many to choose from.
The lovely Susan says this about her company "At Darling Girl Cosmetics we believe that everyone at any budget should be able to have quality affordable makeup. This is why we offer two sizing options as well as samples of many of our products. Petit's (1/4 tsp jars), Full Size (3/4 tsp jar), and sample baggies with 1/8 tsp. At these prices you could buy several jars of our eye shadow for the price of one high end eye shadow with the same great quality."
There is such a choice of different products, including eye shadows, eye liners, lip products, blush, bath and body products, just to list a few. I was impressed with the range, and had a full "shopping cart" in no time.

I appreciated the care of packaging, and processing was within an acceptable time frame. Susan is always quick to let customers know if there is going to be any delays.

When purchasing, I ordered a couple of collection sample sets. I'll begin with Darling Deer Christmas. Although this is a Christmas collection, some of the colours are still available for purchase.

DASHER: Silver with multi-coloured shimmer.

CUPID: Mauve with plenty of purple shimmer.

PRANCER: Light olive with aqua and purple shimmer.

WHITE CHRISTMAS: Light grey with multi-coloured shimmer.

COMET: Chocolate with green shift and gold shimmer.

DONNER: Pale neutral pink with mauve shimmer.

DANCER: Forrest green with gold and mauve shimmer.

BLITZEN: Pale gold shimmer.

RUDOLPH: Shimmery purple hued taupe.

VIXEN: Mauve.

JINGLE BELLS: Gold glitter.

REINDEER KISS: Plum with multi-coloured glitter.

In this collection I also received a blush, Berry Merry. Light blush swatches don't seem to work out too well, so you can view the colour here.

I used Prancer on the lid, Rudolph under brow and Dancer in the crease.

Here I am wearing Donner on my inner lid, Cupid on lid, lower lashline and crease is Vixen.

This is a fun collection, perfect for the festive season, yet versatile for everyday wear. The pigment is more than adequate and texture is good to work with. Although fun, the glitter is something I wouldn't use, but I'm sure that my teen daughter would have fun with it..if I don't add it to a nail polish first :)
Next post will be swatches from the Rainbow Brite collection.