Wednesday, 31 October 2012

BPAL's Womb Furie and Smut

Wow, I cannot believe I have not done a review post on BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab). I have quite a few of their amazing perfumes, and have sampled many, but have only barely scratched the surface of this online store, that is an indie perfume lover's heaven. At first, the choices were daunting to me, I didn't know how I was going place an order without going bankrupt, or crazy trying to choose just a few, lol. Thank goodness I stumbled across the Forum (which is actually listed on the online store). There are reviews of every perfume, and although time consuming, it is truly a handy tool!
Amongst the many many many general catalog items, there are also limited editions. These are only available in full sizes. However, there are decant circles on the forum, I've never participated, but it's a great idea!
Some time ago, I decided to purchase 2 almost iconic perfumes from the Lupercalia collection. I am embarrassed to admit that this collection was available in FEBRUARY!! Somehow this review got put on the back burner and forgotten..better late than never, right??? Without further ado, I will present to you.....

WOMB FURIE: *Snake Oil and three types of honey.
I typically don't like buying a full sized perfume unsniffed, but limited editions are not available in sample sizes. I could not resist the description..Snake Oil and 3 types of honey, yep, I was sold!! This is certainly softer than Snake Oil, with the honey toning down the lovely Indonesian spices. To me this is comforting, like a warm hug..or like drinking a warm milk, sweetened with golden honey in pjs in front of a blazing fire on a cold winter night. It becomes soft and powdery. Such a lovely fragrance, that I'm glad I took a chance on :)

SMUT: *Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes.
A somewhat medicinal spice at first, but this quickly fades to make way for a creamy, spicy, heady perfume. It is a sexy fragrance, a truly delectable temptation. Sinful or indulgent?? Hmmm..

I have notes on the BPAL scents that I have tried, so will begin blogging on these in the future. Actually, I'm sure I'll be adding a lot more..!! I like to pamper myself at birthday/christmas with BPAL goodies, both are in December, which is approaching extremely fast, YAY more perfumes :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Deep Midnight Perfumes

Catrianna of Etsy online store, Deep Midnight Perfumes describes her scents as: "Bringing History, Fantasy, Legends and Lore alive to tantalize your senses! " 
OVER 90 unique, magical, dreamy, decadent, dark, delicious, artisan crafted perfume oils to choose from. 
In here you will find:.. mystery, magic, myths, legends, and romance topped off with the darkly gothic, the sweet and enchanting, and the stuff of our dreamings... Sample my scents and get swept away into Deep Midnight." 

This description was way too tempting to pass up at least some perfume samples.
With so many perfumes to choose from, it was a good thing that there are a range of sample packs on offer, as the perfumes are listed in themes. Such as Gothic/ Victorian, Fantasy/Magic, Holiday, etc.

Included in the order was a eye shadow and business card from another store, a great idea to join forces and work together. There was also a 15% off discount code. if only I had not forgotten about that one!! (It had to be used by a certain date)
With so many samples, my nose went into overdrive sniffing one after the other. I decided to give each perfume a chance by using up a sample before going on to the next one..took some time, but was the best way to determine how I felt about each.

THALIA: Thalia (tha-lee-ah) means "festivity" or flourishing". Her scent is a delicious and festive mix of raw honeycomb layered over succulent peaches, sweet gardenia, and a deep, rich myrrh. 
This one is sweet, fruity with some floral. The myrrh gives a subtle smoky quality. This is very close to the skin on me.

EUPHROSYNE: * Her scent is a myriad blend of tropical fruits, fresh pears, red berries, cream, figs, Sicilian orange, pummelo, caramel, lily of the valley, and a barely hidden note of red licorice. 
This fragrance is certainly fruity..sweet, tropical, tart and juicy. The rich caramel grounds this scent, giving it richness. It is a perfume well suited to warmer months. It's fun and flirty, very appealing.

LADIES of LONDON: *Sensual florals highlighted with lily of the Valley, spicy indulgent opium, a bowlful of the deepest sensual red berries, and caresses of frankincense and patchouli for added mystery.
On me, this begins syrupy sweet, in no time, a smoky woodsy scent emerges (opium??) This scent is spicy. It is dark and mysterious. Not for me, but I can appreciate this blend.

BLOOD and DONUTS: *Dark Egyptian amber and gaharu wood, well blended and served with creamy vanilla, cinnamon spice, rich chocolate, and a splash of turkish coffee. It's.... to die for.
This perfume is rich and creamy. The chocolate is quite prominent on my skin, with a touch of sugared cinnamon spice. The woodsy note appears after wear, but so close to the skin that I only notice when I sniff my wrist. Takes a gourmand perfume to a grown-up fragrance. 

ALOYSIUS: *Enter his cloistered and elegant abode and let your senses fill with the scent of decadent old wood, rum, rich dark leather, and soft touches of sugar, citrus and mint. A very sensual and intriguing unisex scent!
I love these notes normally, but for some reason this blend just goes wrong on my skin. It's a shame that my chemistry does something weird with this fragrance, as it wears like a fruity toilet spray. Such a shame!

CHARIS: *Charis, (kar-iss) meaning “grace", and also splendor, was the most beautiful of the Three Graces. Her scent is a soft sensual musk, dark sandalwood, and rich vanilla with the essence of vanilla bean added. All combine nicely for a simply classical and enchanting fragrance.
This scent is soft and feminine. It has a powdery quality, with the richness of vanilla and sandalwood blending nicely with the musk. It turns a little dusty on my skin, but I appreciate this well blended perfume.

A STUDY IN BROWN: *A Study in Brown: The ultimate unisex steampunk fragrance. “He gazed thoughtfully at the airship captain’s body as it lay face down on the floor. His dark brown leather cloak covered him from nape to knee. The captain smelled of the strange lands he had come from….but where was his briefcase? He knew the game was afoot!” A scented story of aromatic copal, nutty tonka bean, oak wood smoke, and toasted sugar.
Rich woodsy and nutty. I detect the lovely note of leather, but it doesn't seem to detract from the "roots plucked out of the ground" smell. Not for me, but will get hubby to try it, I think that I'll like this rugged fragrance on him.

CARNIVALE ROUGE: *Notes of amaretto liqueur are deepened with balanced tones of the darkest cocoa, cappucino, rich cream, and buttery amber, while background notes of oakwood fire, and citrus deepen the intrigue.
Boozy, rich and chocolatey. It is so smooth and delectable, with the hint of cirtrus lifting this fragrance.

SAMHAIN NIGHT: * The sounds of dry leaves and a sighing earth fill your mind as tendrils of frankincense, amber, sweet red apples and an offering of red wine caress your body.
This mysterious scent is sweet, fruity and slightly heady.

VIXEN VENOM: * You entice with a blend of rich amber, sweet musk, the sweetest vanilla, and a dash of patchouli for that extra bite.
This fragrance is sweet and sensual. The patchouli gives it richness, adding to the appeal of vanilla. This scent develops a powdery quality. Sexy and feminine. Very nice.

RED SEXY: * Tempting red pomegranate highlights creamy marshmallow, sexy red berries, and a few slices of red apple, with all the sweetness tempered with a touch of sensual patchouli, citrus and clove.
Sweet syrupy red fruits. I detect a hint of spice. Fun and sexy.

BELLA DONNA KISS: *Breathe in the heady scents of Egyptian amber, frankincense, warm vanilla and musk, all laced with roses, and finished with kisses of bergamot tea, and deep, lush berries.
On me, this began quite green and herbal, after wear more of the sweeter elements become more apparent. I really appreciate this well blended perfume, even if it is not for me.

FRENCH CHOCOLATE MACAROON: *Enjoy the scrumptious smells of creamy chocolate, toasted coconut, and tantalizing vanilla.
I found this to be such a rich smooth fragrance. It is so delectable with the warmth of chocolate, blended with creamy coconut. I love how this wafted during wear, soft, yet noticeable. Delish!

Most of the perfumes I tried were rich and dark, but not overpowering at all. Out of all these samples, I would like to buy full sizes of French Chocolate Macaroon and Vixen Venom..but, there's a load more sampling I need to do from this store :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Part 2

As promised, I am posting swatches from the rest of my order from one of my now fave mineral makeup companies Femme Fatale. There are eye shadows, blushes, illuminators and nail polishes on offer. I only purchased samples of eye shadows, which come in plastic baggies. Being quite impressed with the eye shadows, I really want to try the blushes and the nail polishes.
Now for more pics of gorgeous eye shadow swatches.

ARCHANGEL:  Pink iridescence.

CRUSADER: Yellow gold.

ENCHANTED: Foiled pink.

HIBERNATE: Grassy green.

RIPTIDE: Vibrant blue with aqua/green shift.




I came up with a couple of looks with these shadows. The following pic was me experimenting with colour, I had a lot of fun with it. I used Archangel in inner lid and centre of crease, Crusader on lid, Hibernate on the outer lid and under brow, Flirt With Disaster above and outer crease.

Next I used Shooting Stars on the inner lid, Riptide in centre and Flirt With Disaster in crease.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and check out the magical colours created at Femme Fatale! :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Part 1

It is difficult to find a good Aussie indie mineral makeup company that is competitive in regards to the US market. Enter Femme Fatale Cosmetics! This company ticks all the boxes for me..Australian, great prices and fantastic mineral eye shadows. Even though I had put myself on a mineral eye shadow buying ban, I just had to place an order for some samples..a few more samples doesn't count, right? LOL

Samples were free shipping, so I bought more than a few, hence the 2 part blog, lol. The vixen type theme is cute and totally suits the vibrant and predominantly duo chrome colours..I LOVE duochrome and these shadows certainly don't disappoint!

Speaking of which, I'll get straight into it, and start showing pics!

MOONGLOW: Pale blue with gold duo chrome.

HEROIC: Copper peach with gold shimmer.

BE MINE: Bronze gold.

IGNITE: Orange gold.

LOVELY CHARM: Chocolate brown with red undertones.

FLARE: Cherry red with gold shimmer.

I found it hard to choose what colour combination that I would use, I just love all the shadows!! I decided on a vibrant look. I used Moonglow inner lid, Flare on centre, with Haunt in crease.

I am loving Flare in this blog post, so I will have to order again :) The owner has recently added nail polishes to her line, so I know I'll need some of those too!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mineral Love Cosmetics

Mineral Love is an indie mineral makeup online store showcased on Etsy. It has such a romantic appeal, with    the soft colours, gotta love all the pinks! How could I not place an order! There are many products on offer including eye shadows, blushes, lip products, face powder and even lashes. I appreciate the pretty accurate swatches on each listing.
I ordered "small sized shadows" which are samplers in a jar, sample blush and mini lip gloss. Added to my order were 2 freebie samples in baggies..I love that she was thoughtful enough to include the sample named Michelle :)

I like the square jars, a change to the typical round ones. The labels are simple and easy to read. The glosses come in tubes with doe foot wand for application, my preferred packaging.

ZEN: Iridescent blue/green shimmer.

FRENCHY: Gorgeous fuchsia with velvety finish.

PRETTY PINK:  Warm pink colour.

CHAMELEON: Pale blue shimmer.

CLEMENTINE:  Nude peach with golden shimmer.


ANGIE blush:  Dusty pink.

PINK UNICORN lip gloss: Vibrant pink shimmer.

MICHELLE: Shimmery white.

JENNIFER: Pale taupe.

FOTD: I used Chameleon on inner lid, Pretty Pink on outer and Clementine on centre. I also wore Angie on cheeks and Pink Unicorn blush.

I adore the shadows that I bought. Easy to apply, beautiful colours, lovely soft colours, yet well pigmented. The lip gloss is divine, not only is the colour gorgeous, the lip gloss is a nice consistency, not at all tacky.
Yes, I would buy from Mineral Love again!