Monday, 8 October 2012

CJ Scents

I just can't seem to get enough of indie perfumes. I honestly don't even remember how I stumbled across CJ Scents, but an order was made and I received a lovely parcel of scented goodness.

The website is easy to navigate. I also like that there is a scent list, which made it so much easier when ordering samples :) There are different sized perfume and EDP bottles to choose from. Although, the EDP perfumes are not available to international customers, due to alcohol content.
Now to the perfumes I tried.

AMBER COFFEE: *Deep amber and black, smokey coffee.
This one is rich and syrupy. Smells like caramel and coffee. Simple, yet delectable. It lasts for some time, I seems to get subtle wafts throughout wear. This one is yummo!

PUMPKIN PATCH: *2 different patchoulis, one deep and one powdery, vanilla, sandalwood, spices and of course pumpkin.
I find this scent to be quite a masculine one. Rich, sweet, earthy and slightly spicy. Sexy and appealing on my guy.

BOOZYWOOD: * Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Frankincense, Myrrh.
This fragrance is deep, boozy, earthy. It is so smooth, and not too strong. I find it to be a unisex scent. Quite appealing perfume.This perfume sweetens over wear, just getting better and better.

CHERRY ALMOND: *Milk, almond, cherry, tonka.
Sweet syrupy cherries, with the creamy nuttiness of almonds. Tonka adds to the rich syrup nature of this fragrance. Simple, yet  lovely.

HONEYWOOD: *Milk, honey, spices, cedar.
This fragrance is so smooth, between the sweet, warm honey and creamy milk is the subtle woodiness of cedar and tiniest hint of spice to make this a scent that I love to wear. It is not at all heavy, but quite soft and comforting.

VANILLA AUTUMN: *Vanilla, spices, musk
Very sweet vanilla. This one bordered on being cloyingly so. On the skin, I detected a smoky note, however, there was no throw of this note, unfortunately.

Lovely warm bakery spices when wet. This fragrance is very close to the skin with barely any throw. It's quite nice and subtle, though I would have liked it to not have been so close to the skin.

I found the perfumes that I tried were quite simple, which can be a nice change to complex scents. Boozywood and Honeywood are the favourites out of this purchase. I will place another order, as I want fullsizes of these 2, plus there's many more samples that I want to try ;)


  1. Wow, everything sounds so nice! I quite like the sound of Boozywood and Honeywood too :) Simple is always beautiful! x

  2. Hello darling Su (((hugs))) You need full sizes of these 2 perfumes, too, you'd love them!! xx