Monday, 16 October 2017

Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer

My pores being on the larger side is what drew me to the Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer. Touch In Sol is a K-beauty brand and is available at Priceline.

Taken from Priceline- "Use for long lasting fresh and flawless make up and a smooth, evenly textured complexion. Green Tea Extract protects skin, decreasing production of melanin. Collagen keeps skin looking smooth and healthy increasing elasticity."

The primer comes in a glass bottle with a pump top dispenser. I love the simple yet cute packaging, the pink font is fun.The pale pink product is quite thick with a subtle floral fragrance.

Although thick, the primer has a silicone feel and is quite light weight on the skin. It glides easily across my face and blends smoothly.

I do find that the primer helps my foundation to last longer. But when it comes to my pores and fine lines, it reduces the appearance of them, but only slightly. Really not enough to excite or impress me.

The Touch In Sol Poreblem Primer is ok, I'm fine with continuing to use it, because it really is a decent primer. I also like that there are beneficial ingredients for the skin. 

My issue is that I don't believe it delivers when it comes to reducing the look of fine lines and pores for me.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 Update #4

It's time once again to show you my progress of the 88 Warm palette.

In the update I posted in August I was disappointed because I had only finished 1 eye shadow, with 4 shadows showing pan.

In the 2 months since, I am happy to say that I finished off 7 eye shadows and have 6 that I have hit pan on. I now have 25 eye shadows, which is still daunting for me, because although I have a few dark matte crease shades, most are lid shades that include 5 silvers. I have started using them, but they're not my favourite. 

I can't believe in the next update, I will have been trying to pan this palette for a whole year. I know I am not going to finish this palette by the end of the year, so I will have to decide whether I am going to bin it, or continue into 2018. What do you think?

Monday, 9 October 2017

Skin79 Water Wrapping Non-Chemical Sun Block

We all know just how important a sunscreen is. The hard part is choosing one that plays nicely on the skin, especially if you prefer a physical sunscreen like I do. A zinc based sunscreen is often thick, greasy and leaves a white cast. Not cute!

On a rave review I read, I just had to try the Skin79 Water Wrapping Non-Chemical Sun Block.

From Look Fantastic (currently sold out)- "Providing broad spectrum protection with an advanced UV shield, the Non-Chemical Sun Screen formula combats harmful sun damage while infusing skin with moisture. The lightweight formula quickly melts into skin without feeling sticky or greasy, helping to seal in hydration with water-wrapping technology for long lasting results."

The sunscreen comes in an oblong shaped plastic tube with 50 ml of product. The small nozzle helps give control when squeezing out product. 

It has a thick lotion consistency, but not as thick as some other physical sunscreen I have used in the past.

This product has a slight sunscreen scent, but is barely noticeable with the added pleasant floral fragrance.

The lotion consistency makes for easy application, it smooths over the skin effortlessly and easily. I must admit to the first application having me concerned with the initial white cast, but within minutes it melts into the skin. Not only does the white cast disappear, but my skin changes from feeling tacky to dry to the touch. This I love! So good for makeup free days when I don't want the feel of greasy or even tacky skin, especially in the warmer months.

Before an after photos to show how well the sunscreen absorbs into the skin.

I am so impressed with this sunscreen, even with the matte finish, my skin also feels sufficiently hydrated. The only down side is that getting your hands on this sunscreen isn't easy. 

The Skin79 Water Wrapping Non-Chemical Sun Block might be a mouthful, but it is a definite win for me. 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

September Empties

I was so happy that with September the weather would warm up because it meant the arrival of Spring. Nope, didn't really happen where I live, hopefully with October I will see more sunshine! Oh, and of course with a new month it means I get to show you the products I finished.

Just a handful of products, really, but I'll quickly run through each item with you.

Sunsense Sensitive Invisible 50+ Sunscreen- This sunscreen being zinc based is a physical sunscreen. Thankfully, it isn't a thick product and doesn't give the skin an unwanted white cast like so many often do. 
Repurchase? I will repurchase this sunscreen. It has a high SPF rating, something that is very important here in Australia, plus I find it works well as a primer under my foundation. 

It's Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector- A light weight serum that is targeted towards those wanting a more even skintone.
Repurchase? I liked how light the formula is and how quickly it is absorbed into the skin, but after using a full bottle, I didn't notice much of an improvement in the pigmentation of my skin. I won't be repurchaing.

Simple Cleansing Oil- I use this oil to remove makeup. It's not a heavy oil, so not only does it remove makeup, but it is easy to remove from my skin also.
Repurchase? I love this budget friendly cleansing oil and have 3 back-ups, so it's safe to say that I will be buying again.

Cuticle Revitalizer Oil- I bought a bunch of these cuticle oils from eBay. They are labeled as OPI, but I doubt that they are. The oil comes in a tube, with a brush at one end and the other end twists to deliver oil into the brush. You simply then apply to the cuticles and massage.
Repurchase? Yes! These are so convenient! I carry one in my hand bag and in my car, so when I'm out and about and have some time to spare, like in the car waiting for the kids to finish school, I can treat my cuticles.

Models Prefer Foundation- A decent medium coverage foundation that gives a satin foundation.
Repurchase? I liked it, but it wasn't love, plus there's always another foundation that I want to try.

LA Girl Endless Eye Liner- Being retractable was the only redeeming feature of this eye liner.
Repurchase? Definitely not.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold- It felt good to finish another Color Tatto. I've had them for some time and am glad to be getting some use out of the ones I have before they dry out.
Repurchase? I love Color Tattoos, but I don't feel the need for this particular gold shade.

Now for the products that I am decluttering.

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Mojito- This green polish is getting too thick to use. I've had it for years and don't feel the need to revive it with thinner.
Repurchase? I think the only polish shade that I'd buy again is black and white. I'm always lusting after new and different polishes.

Skinn Volume Explosion Mascara- I'd had this mascara for a very long time. Once I opened it, I found that it was beginning to dry out. I persevered with it a few times, but it was just making my lashes clumpy.
Repurchase? Because I took too long to use this mascara, I'm not sure how it performs new. However, in saying that, I don't feel the need to seek this one out to buy.

Another month, another empties post done! xx

Monday, 2 October 2017

Touch In Sol Dark Out Primer

Until recently, for a long while I have been content to use my sunscreen as a primer. That was until the most recent Priceline 40% off skincare where I noticed that the Touch In Sol primers were on sale too. Impulsively, I put a couple in my basket. One being the Dark Out Primer in Pure Peach.

Taken from Adore Beauty- "This amazing primer not only takes away dark areas, it also covers pores, reduces visible wrinkles. brightens the skin and aides as a UV block."

The primer comes in a small black tube with 25 ml of product. Product is squeezed through a small nozzle. The consistency is of a thick lotion with a slight silicone feel  It has a pleasant floral fragrance.

This primer comes in 3 colour choices. Purple, green and the one I chose, peach. This shade is known for brightening skin tone, which appealed to me most.

I only need a small amount for my face. It blends across the skin nicely having decent slip without feeling oily.


The peach colour is very pale and acts on my skin to counteract dullness making it appear brighter and working to even out the appearance of my skin. I can't say that I notice an improvement in appearance of pores or fine lines for that matter.

I wouldn't say that Dark Out is a hydrating primer, but it does make my skin feel smooth, only feeling tacky for a short amount of time.

Makeup applies over the top of this primer beautifully, helping it to stay in place all day.

Touch In Sol Dark Out Primer in Peach is a win for me!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

PM Skincare Routine 2017

Last week I showed you my morning skincare routine, so today I will be showing you the products that I use at night.

If I'm wearing makeup, I begin with Simple Cleansing Oil. Such a cheap product, but works well to melt the makeup away. I then finish the cleansing process with the Moreish cream cleanser another budget friendly cleanser that is gentle yet effective.

Not pictured is the mix of coconut water and small amount of salt water that I apply to my face with a cotton pad. Once dry I then like to give myself a spritz of rose water.

Next is the Re RGBF serum which absorbs quite quickly, so I can then apply an eye serum.  My current night moisturiser is Swisse Hibiscus Anti-Aging Cream.

Closer to bed time I spritz again with rose water, then while my face is stil wet, the Hand Chemistry Retin A Body Oil. Once the oil is well on its way to being absorbed, I apply Skinn Reorganize Night Eye Balm.

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sukin Oil-Balancing Anti Pollution Facial Masque

The recent Priceline 40% off skincare sale had me buying quite a few items including the Sukin Oil-Balancing Anti Pollution Facial Masque. I had run out of clay masks, so the sale was really good timing.

Taken from Sukin- "Our Anti-Pollution Masque contains Bamboo Charcoal as the key active and is infused with Moringa Extract. Charcoal assists in the absorption of toxins and impurities which reveals purified and deeply cleansed skin. Rooibos Tea, Willowherb and Aloe Vera revitalise and refresh blemish prone skin.
Our masque has Quince, Bilberry and Pomegranate which assists in tightening pores, reducing shine and leaving a balanced complexion. Skin is left moisturised and nourished by Avocado, Coconut and Rosehip Oils."

The masque comes in a 50 ml tub. Under the screw-top lid is another plastic layer to help protect the product. The consistency of the grey coloured treatment is of a clay. It has a refreshing green herbal scent.

I find that although the masque is quite thick, it applies smoothly and easily across the skin. It didn't set like a traditional clay mask that cracks with movement, it is actually quite comfortable to wear.

I leave it on for around 15 minutes as recommended. Removal is easily accomplished with a face washer. I don't need to scrub too much to get the clay mask off my face.

Although I have combination skin that is on the drier side, I still get congestion in my T-zone, so this masque works well to clean and tighten pores without being too drying on the rest of my face. In fact my skin is left soft and smooth.

Sukin Oil-Balancing Anti Pollution Facial Masque is a win for me!