Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Empties

So, how is it nearly Easter????????? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Easter, but it seriously only seems like we just got over Christmas!

I have a few empties and 2 products that are not finished, but I am saying goodbye to anyway.

Ciencia8 Arestaline8- Loved it, sad to see it go. It was hydrating, firming and felt so beautiful on the skin.
Repurchase? I can't justify spending so much on a product that needs replacing monthly.

Wotnot Face Wipes- I bought these from the Catch of the Day bargain website. I thought they were nice to use. Helped to rid makeup, without being rough on my skin. For those into facial wipes, I'm sure you'd love them. Me, I just want something to clean my face without staining my face washer, I'm not really particular on the brand.
Repurchase? When on sale, most likely. Can't say I'd go out of my way to buy these in particular.

Skinn by Dimitri BioCell Hydrofusion Masque- This was quite a thick gel mask, but was easy to use. It felt like I was really pampering my skin when I applied this product. It was cooling, fresh and hydrating. Nothing harsh or stripping, just gentle care. When I wrote the review, I was using the mask 3 times a week, but because I was going through the product too quickly, I cut back to once a week. Seriously, that's all I needed. My skincare routine is a good one, I think, so my skin still reaped the benefits.
Repurchase? A great mask, but I don't feel I need it in my life. When Dimitri comes back to TVSN, and it's in a great priced pack, I probably would. I won't buy it on its own just because I have run out.

Silk Naturals Eye Lash Serum- This little pump pack contains a serum dedicated to lashes and brows, to encourage growth. Only a little amount is needed for these areas both morning and night.
Repurchase? I don't think so. I'm using castor oil at the moment, and if I see results I am going to stick with that. It's going to last forever, and works out a lot cheaper. The lash serum works over a long period of time, but I didn't see much growth along my patchy eye brows.

Ciencia8 Lipcorrect8- A serum specifically formulated to reduce lines around the mouth. When I first started using the serum, I did notice a numbing sensation as it slightly plumped my lip area, there was also some reddening. I actually liked it, I knew it was doing something. Over time, I got used to the product, and there was no reaction at all. I did notice a slight reduction in the barcode lines around my mouth.
Repurchase? At this stage I am trying another product. If it doesn't work for me, I would repurchase this product again.

Hair Ritual Conditioner- I bought this from TVSN in a pack with shampoo and leave-in conditioning spray. I couldn't resist the unique formula that contained peptides. Anti-ageing hair products was not something I had come across before, but I was sure going to give it a try. Not surprisingly, these were salon priced products. Hair products last me a long time, because I only wash my hair once a week. Great conditioner, helped to maintain my blonde hair. Even the hairdresser has commented how good my hair is considering how often I have it chemically treated.
Repurchase? No. Not because I don't want to, but it is no longer available. Hence no previously written review. Such a shame, because I would have kept buying. 

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser- I recently finished the Cocoa Glow. It's easy to use. I spray on after a shower. A quick massage in and I'm good to go. Dry, yet hydrated skin. Quick, easy, so for me, lol!
Repurchase? I have replaced this one with the extra intensive fragrance free version, but I love the chocolatey scent of Cocoa Glow, so I think I'll be buying this one again.

Silk Naturals Date Bait- This Silk Naturals product is a finishing powder. It gives a soft focus finish to makeup, blurring imperfections for a closer to flawless look. It also acts to set liquid or cream foundations. I bought the original, which has a pink undertone, but once blended, it didn't look odd on my olive skin.
Repurchase? I would definitely try the bronze version.

Now for the unfinished products.

Avon Perfect Finish Lip Liner in "Brown"- Not long ago I was looking for a brown lip liner, found this one. When I went to use the retractable pencil, it was crumbly. Not a bad product in its day, but it is now 15 years old. Time to go!

Bourjois Rouge Pop Chic lip gloss in "Prune"- I love Bourjois lip glosses, but when I applied this particular shade, I found it was a little patchy to apply. Normally I would keep it, not wanting to discard a lip product, but I've decided that any makeup product that doesn't work for me has to go! 

Well, that's another Empties post done. Now please excuse me while I get the satisfaction of throwing everything in the bin! :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask

I really like the idea of sheet masks, but for some reason, I just rarely get around to using them. Well, I decided to leave them near my bed, so that I can apply while I relax and read a book, or watch tv, or whatever. That was months ago.

I finally grabbed a sheet mask, after I come across it when I was actually reaching for something else. Not a full face one, but Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask.

Taken from the Mirenesse website "Expiry date for wrinkles (I love that!). A rejuvenating transdermal hydrogel eye sheet mask. Intensively treats signs of ageing. Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, discolouration and fine lines. Recommended for all skin types."

 The eye masks come in a foil packet, I just love the classy Mirenesse packaging.

 A single use eye mask duo, contoured to fit nicely under the eye area.

 I couldn't not do a sheet mask selfie! :)

Although the sheets contain beautiful ingredients for this delicate area, they are also tacky, so that they stick to your face. Peel off the backing tape, place in the desired position, and these beauties stay put.

It is recommended to leave the sheets on for up to 30 minutes. I think I left mine on for around an hour. At first the masks did feel odd, but I soon got used to them. I liked that I could continue on with what I was doing, without having to adjust, or worry that they were going to fall off.

Obviously there was some tugging during removal, but I didn't feel like my saggy eye area was being stretched out of shape.

There still remained a liberal amount of serum on my face, but it didn't take too long to absorb.

My normally dehydrated eye area felt so soft and plump, and no longer looked crepy. My biggest concerns being lines and dark circles were still visible, but reduced enough that I looked fresher and actually well-rested, which I'm not, lol.

I really liked the ease of using a sheet mask. No messy application, no lengthy removal. The only con I see with sheet masks is the price for a single use skin care product. I guess on the other hand, the Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask did offer spa like results, so costs a lot less than a weekly spa visit.

Sheet masks? Yay or nay? :)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Agent Provocateur- "Agent Provocateur For Women"

Agent Provocateur is a sample that I had purchased via My Perfume Samples. I'd put off using it for some time. Being a fave among many, I wanted to save it until I had used some of the other samples. 

Description "The composition starts strong and sharp with a spicy note of saffron. Warm floral notes of magnolia, Indian jasmine, and gardenia blend together with strong woodsy-chypre scent. There is very animalistic amber and musk notes in the base."

My skin amps up the amber and musk in this perfume. I detect a spicy floral, but I find it gets a little lost in the powdery scent. It's like a powder, dare I say that grandma would wear. 

I do, however, like the scent left on my clothes. Yes, powdery, but more of the soft floral, it's quite pleasant.

I must say that this perfume was nothing like I thought it would be, I'm so glad that I bought a sample. No full sized purchase of Agent Provocatuer, I find it nice, but I want more from a perfume than "nice".

Friday, 27 March 2015

Sugar Queen Body Scrubs

If you read my blog, you'd know that body products don't often get much love from me, they're a necessity, not one of my obsessions. When the lovely Kiley contacted me about her product, I said yes because I love to support indie companies. 

Description taken from the website- "Our scrubs contain coconut oil, essential oils or fragrance oils and of course, sugar. Sugar crystals are small and don't have the same abrasiveness that salt or sand have. Coconut oil contains high levels of vitamin E, and is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving you feeling great, not greasy." 

I received the mini scrub in Lemon Cheesecake, complete with essential lemon oil.

The consistency is a lot drier than my experience with other body scrubs, albeit limited.

The mini scrubs come in small glass jars. I love the handwritten tag, a nice touch and I think it's cute.

The first thing I did was take the lid off and have a sniff. Oh yes, tart yummy cheessecake, with that lemon zestiness that I love.

With the sugar being so jam packed into the jar, with little moisture, I was wondering how the scrub would apply. Would I lose a lot of product during application? Well, the answer to my question was no. It held together, until being dissolving by the water.

I love using this body scrub in my morning shower. Not only is the scrub itself invigorating, as the granules are massaged over the body, but that fresh lemony scent is such a pick-me-up fragrance.

After drying, I noticed that not only did my skin feel smooth, it also felt moisturized. This was a surprise to me because the body scrub certainly wasn't a wet mixture. In fact, if you look at the above pic, you can see the moisture as the scrub has warmed on my skin.

Another thing I must point out, is that you don't need handfuls of product for an application, so a long lasting product. That's certainly an added bonus.

Definitely check out Sugar Queen Body Scrubs, there's plenty of fragrances to choose from, and if you're not sure, at $2.99 for a generous mini size, it's worth a try! 

Do you like using a body scrub?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

#WearYellowFor Seth

My daily browse through Instagram brought the #WearYellowFor Seth campaign to my attention. Seth Lane is a 5 year old boy who suffers from SCID or Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease, also dubbed the "bubble boy disease". It is a genetic disease that arises when the body is born without the very important T-cells, the white blood cells that "communicate" with other immune cells when the person is sick. So you can imagine how terrible and dangerous it would be to live without an immune system.

The disease is thankfully very rare, but there needs to be more awareness, because there is now a blood test available that can detect SCID, and if caught in time, is totally curable. Great news, but so sad for little Seth.

Yellow is a colour said to signify a strong immune system, and is also now Seth's favourite colour. In the wake of this brave little boy's second bone marrow transplant, his mum was hoping for support from family and friends. Little did she know that #WearYellowForSeth would go viral. I, for one, am glad that it did, and wanted to show my support also.

I didn't have anything yellow to wear, so my son Bailey was more than happy to help me out.

Some yellow eye shadow I did have!

...and some yellow nail polish :)

I'm praying for a successful bone marrow transplant for darling Seth. His story is so heart-breaking, I'd love for him to be healed of this disease.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Water Decal Nail Art

A super easy way to turn a nail look into something special is by using water decals. The hardest part of application would be placement, but I much prefer the finished look to using stickers. My personal experience with stickers is that even when I use a top coat, they tend to lift from the nail, so frustrating!

I wanted a pink nude base for the white floral designs of the decals. OPI "Dancing in the Isles" seemed like the perfect choice. Once the 2 coats of nail polish had dried, with tweezers I held each design (cut out with scissors earlier) in a jar of water for 20 or so seconds, then placed on the desired area of the nail. I find gently moving the backing with my finger, slides it off, with the design left in place. I so hope this makes sense. The decals I bought from eBay do have instructions.

I finished the look with Essie "Pure Pearlfection". This gorgeous top coat gives a beautiful shimmer to any nail look.

Have you tried water decals before? If not, do you think you'll give them  go?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

Although I don't get excited about body products, I still like to moisturise my body. Generally I will just use Coconut Oil, but I find it a little too heavy in Summer, 

I did consider repurchasing Nivea In-Shower Moisturising body wash, which I loved, but just hate the packaging. Maybe I'm too clumsy, but every bottle I have had, I have dropped and eventually broken the flip top lid, which is a problem for a product designed to use in the shower.

Another product that sounded almost as easy to use is the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser. I bought the Cocoa Glow version.

Formulated to moisturise, yet absorb quickly into the skin, this spray can be used all over the body. With the promise to not leave any greasy residue, it's perfect for use after a shower, as you don't need to wait long to dress.

The spray comes in a decent 190g sized metal bottle.

I really like the clever top.

Simply twist to reveal the spray nozzle.

I will start by saying that I love the cocoa scent, it's not strong, but yummy, none-the-less.

When I first began spraying on the moisturiser, I made the rather big mistake of going a bit crazy, really giving myself a good drenching of product. Don't do this, I made a mess of everything. Oh, and an oily substance is not ideal on the hard surface of the bathroom floor.

I find that there's 2 ways of applying that work for me. I either spray directly in my palm, then massage into the desired area, or spray directly, but close to the skin, so that there's no spatter any where but on my skin.

I have found that my skin absorbs the moisturiser quickly, which means I indeed can get dressed almost immediately after use.

The spray provides the necessary hydration, remaining that way until my next shower.

Have you tried Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser. If  so, what did you think?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sally Hansen Satin Glam Nail Color "Taffeta"

Sally Hansen Satin Glam nail polish gives a matte finish that is slightly textured. It's easy to apply and is not streaky on the nail. Unfortunately on my nails, it's not very long-lasting. It doesn't chip so much, as just wear away from the tips. This starts happening to me within the first day of application. 

I can forgive the lack of lasting power, just look at the gorgeous colour that "Taffeta" is!

The nail polish seems to bind quite well, so that I can touch up the edges with a swipe across my tip with a tiny amount of polish on the brush. In fact, that's what I had to do to my nails for the photo above.

I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday! :)

Friday, 20 March 2015

Beyonce "Rise"

Description- "It's opening notes include apricot, Italian bergamot, and iced basil sorbet. The main note of the perfume is, of course, orchid, which is mixed with freesia and Sambac jasmine flowers. The base is made up of autumn woods, cashmere, musk and vetiver."

Oh yum, upon first spray of Beyonce "Rise", the perfume bursts with sweet, golden apricot and tangy herbs, what a delicious blend. 

Upon drydown, hello beautiful creamy florals, my favourite kind.

The musk and woods ground this perfume. Beautifully rich, yet powders down making the fragrance like a warm hug. Very close to the skin and cozy, but there's an aura of elegance. Like wearing a warm jumper, that is so soft, yet luxurious.

I don't get very good longevity with this perfume, becoming very close to the skin within an hour, but I do get gentle wafts from time to time for maybe 2 more hours, which is still not long lasting. However, I am contemplating a full size, and spraying on my clothes. I find that this really can increase silage time.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Geek Chic Cosmetics

Geek Chic Cosmetics has been on my indie wishlist for so long. Because of my abundance of loose eye shadows, I had put myself on a spending ban, especially with eye shadows. Check out my mineral eye shadow collection, you'll understand why, lol.

On a buying frenzy close to Christmas, I caved and added 4 more eye shadows to my collection. I thought I did pretty well at stopping at such a small number.

 Typical of loose shadows, these come in a jar. The sifter is a handy addition.

 Deadliest Woman in the Universe- From the "Awesome Mix Collection" this is a matte green with red duo chrome.

The Destroyer- Also from the "Awesome Mix Collection" this shade is an electric blue with red shift.

 N7- From the "N7 Collection" this shade is bright red with silver shimmer.

Bigger on the Inside- From the "Timey Wimey Collection" this colour is a blue base with golden shimmer".

Here's 2 looks that I created:

 As opposed to the swatch, you can see just how blue "Bigger on the Inside" is without a sticky base, I used it to line my upper lashline, with "Deadliest Woman in the Universe" along the bottom.

 OMG, that blue! I love "The Destroyer" so much! It pairs well with "N7" quite well for a fun, vibrant look.

The eye shadows have such great pigmentation. A sticky base definitely helps, something I use with all loose shadows. They blended very well, too. Geek Chic Cosmetics, you definitely didn't disappoint! :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Skinn Biocell Hydrofusion Masque

Since I have been incorporating some treatments from Skinn into my skin care routine, I have found myself using a mask a lot more often than I ever have. In fact, I have 3 masks, using them 3 times each per week. One being Biocell Hydrofusion Masque.

Taken from the TVSN website "Reveal a more supple, soothed, balanced and lifted complexion with the highly concentrated, supercharged mask. Infused with optimal amounts of essential minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, plant extracts and soothing agents to replenish depleted moisture levels and restore skin to a more youthful state. This multi-therapy treatment helps to reduce the look of wrinkles with a unique complex that positively impacts the skin barrier function and helps to nourish and plump dull and moisture deprived skin. Dehydrated skin is actively replenished and enriched for a more radiant complexion."

Simple 58ml tube. No mess, no fuss!

A flip top lid covers the dispensing hole.

Jelly like gel consistency.

I must say that this mask felt very strange to use. I've used gel like products before, but this was thicker, a little closer to jelly. It was kind of weird to apply, but not at all difficult.

It smells quite herbal and fresh.

Directions say that a thick layer is required, then rinse off after 10-15 minutes. I followed the first instruction, but as for length of time on the face, I leave it on for around 30 minutes. Unless it's a peel, I always leave masks on for a lot longer than recommended. Partly because I lose track of time, lol.

During wear, I noticed a slight cooling effect, which has been great over the warmer weather. It's also an invigorating way to start the day when used in the morning.

To remove, I use a face washer. It seems to become tacky, but not totally dry. Actually, a fair amount of the product gets absorbed into my skin, so there's only a thick film to remove.

I love the way my skin feels and looks after using this mask. Clean, soft and hydrated. It's like my skin has been replenished, it always feels so fresh from use. I'm finding that the dry areas of my combination skin seem to be getting drier the older I get. To the point where sometimes outside my t-zone can feel on the tight side. The mask helps with these areas, without causing problems for my oily t-zone.

The only problem I see with this product is the amount needed for each application is a lot, for me anyway, so the tube doesn't last as long as masks I have used in the past. I don't expect a never ending tube, but I hate replacing every few weeks to a month when I have to order online.

Skinn Biocell Hydrofusion Masque would be amazing for those with dry and sensitive skin. As not only is the mask hydrating, it is also soothing. 

What mask are you loving at the moment?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

St Patty's Day Nails

Obviously when it comes to St Patrick's Day the colour green comes to mind. So, I thought I would play with some green nail polishes to create a nail look.

I began with a white nail polish base, using Models Inc."White". Then with 3 different shades of green and a dotting tool, I created a fun dotticure. Well, the Irish are a known to be a little"dotty", right? Kidding, of course! 

Beginning with a darker to lighter green, I used Australis Nail Colour "Endless Star", Ulta3 "Jelly" and LA Colors Color Craze "Mint". For some sparkle I applied 2 coats of Kleancolor Nail Lacquer, which I bought in a set, and doesn't happen to have a label with name.

I don't actually celebrate St Patrick's Day, but I do love an excuse to create a theme based nail.

Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Ciate "Fly With Me"

Yes, I'll admit it, I bought Ciate nail polishes mostly because the bottles are so pretty. The shade I am showing you today is actually a colour that I did not have in my collection, so that makes up for it, right?

 "Fly With Me" is such a pretty teal. What is not showing up in the photo is the subtle pink shimmer shift.

What was the last beauty item that you bought because it looked good?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Possets "Silver Carnations"

I have many Possets perfumes that I love. There's quite a few that I still want to try, but really need you get through the samples that I already own.

Today I have Silver Carnations for review. 

 Description -"...stays true from the first moment until the last. The "silver" part that you love combined with the spice and carnation that you wanted". 

Although, there is the cool element of silver, being a carnation blend brings the creamy, spicy, almost cinnamon note. Part warmth, with a cool edge, they should be at odds, but It's quite the opposite. 

The blend is so smooth, with the slightest of food edge. It reminds me a little of chai tea. Except this fragrance emanates such a feminine touch.

Such a delight to wear thanks to its uniqueness. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Makeup Geek Cosmetics

When it comes to eye shadows, I have a weakness for metallic shades. So, when indie online seller, Makeup Geek released the new collection "Foiled", I was on it! I was so excited that I went to the store with the intention of ordering the set. I was a little disappointed that there were none left of the complete collection, but went ahead and ordered some singles. 

Surprisingly, I only bought 3, I think after I got over the initial excitement, I decided that I only needed to try a couple to satisfy my craving. 

 Jester- "Bright mossy green with slight gold undertones"

 Flame Thrower- "Warm copper"

Grandstand- "Neutral with a rose gold hue"

Oh, these eye shadows are just so pretty! That metallic goodness........... Here's what I created using the trio.

Now, I must stay away from the Makeup Geek website so I don't buy anymore! :)