Friday, 28 April 2017

Lime Crime Dreamgirl Bundle

I know that the brand Lime Crime has in the past been in the spotlight for all the bad reasons, but I had secretly been wanting to try their lip products, especially the Velvetines. I figured now enough time had passed that I really can't even remember why so many people had boycotted this brand in the first place.

When there was a sale for Valentine's Day, I was all over the Dreamgirl Bundle. It contains 3 lip products. I took a chance, I placed an order and my products arrived in good shape, yes!

How gorgeous is the box that the lipsticks come in! The set contains 2 Velvetine liquid lipsticks and one Diamond Crusher lip topper.

From left to right we have Dreamgirl Velvetine, Red Hot metallic Velvetine and Cheap Thrill Diamond Crusher.

The liquid lipsticks come in a tube and have a typical doe foot applicator. First thing I did when I opened each tube is take a sniff. They smell sweet and vanilla-ry, very yummy!

The consistency is on the creamy side of a liquid. The formula glides on the lips. Apart from needing to be precise with the dark shades, they are fairly easy to apply. Dry time is perfect. Long enough to be able to take time for neat application, yet not too long.

On the lips the Velvetines do feel drying as they set, but once set, I find them lightweight on the lips. I barely notice I have a lipstick on. I think the name pretty much describes the product. They do feel like velvet once dry. Kind of like a powdery feel in the best possible way.

These liquid lipsticks are long wearing. I get just the slightest amount of transfer if I'm drinking or eating. Touching my lips to my hand doesn't seem to show any transfer of lipstick.

After around 4-5 hours that's when the wear becomes noticeable. It happens in the typical area, the inner lips. By around the 8 hour mark it does start getting flaky, but to be honest I'm ready to take my makeup off by this point anyway.

The Diamond Crusher lip topper is very similar to the Velvetines in that it dried down and sets. It feels like nothing on the lips and lasts for hours. 


Red Hot

Cheap Thrill

Cheap Thrill applied over Dreamgirl.

I applied Cheap Thrill lip topper over a regular pink lipstick and a neutral ColourPop Ultra Matte liquid lipstick just to see how it preform over a creamy lipstick and another liquid lipstick brand. Granted they were just hand swatches and I didn't test for longevity, I like the idea of being able to apply this topper on other liquid lipstick brands as well as regular lipsticks.

I am so impressed with these Lime Crime lipsticks. The formula is so good on my lips and the shades are gorgeous. I can see myself placing more LC orders in the future.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Simply Nails 2017 #1

I recently de-cluttered some crackle polishes that had dried up. I remember when they were a thing, although I bought a few, I really didn't get much use out of them. I was looking for a colour for my nails in my stash, when this gorgeous magenta shade was calling me. When I picked it up, I realised it was a crackle polish that I had forgotten about.

Surprisingly, the Maybelline Shredded nail polish in Magenta Mirage had not only survived the cull, but was also usable .

My next decision was what my base polish would be.

I figured that a silver would stand out underneath Magenta Mirage and also compliment the stunning magenta shade. I chose to use Naturalistics Nail Gloss in Chrome Crazy. A bright metallic silver.

I quite like the result, and let's just say that this crackle polish has survived and remains in my nail polish collection!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Sucreabeille Perfume Oils

**Before I begin my post, I would like to warn readers and include a disclaimer that this post does contain explicit language

As you probably already know I love indie beauty brands, hence my social media name IndieAna. They are unique and exciting to me. I come across Sucreabeille in an interesting way. I was actually watching a YouTube video on how the YouTuber dealt with anxiety. She was talking about a scented balm she used that now was unfortunately unavailable. Well, in the comments section someone recommended her oil *Calm The Fuck Down.

I headed straight for the Sucreabeille online store, I knew that I needed the oil so proceeded to order it blind. Of course, how could I just buy one thing? I included a few samples as well.

I ordered a pack of 5 samples and the largest out of the 2 sizes available for the Calm The Fuck Down perfume oil.

 Taken from Sucreabeille- "This is a sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla and patchouli). In an almond oil base."

The oil is available in a 3.55 ml dram vial and 10 ml roll-on. I bought the roll-on and like the ease of use in applying an oil via roller-ball style packaging.

I apply to the inside of my wrists, crook of my elbows and learnt from the creator of Love Potion perfumes a line from my cleavage down to my naval and around my belly button in an upside down lollipop. The middle of the body radiates heat to diffuse the scent in an efficient manner.

The fragrance combines the lavender, ylang, bergamot, vanilla in such a smooth, rich blend with just enough patchouli to ground the scent enhancing the longevity. It is quite dark and full bodied upon application, having a slightly woody feel, but with no sharpness at all. 

After wear it softens, becoming velvety with no loud notes. Just a perfect blend that is like a warm hug. Comforting during stressful times, encouraging my breathing to slow, taking in the sweet rich aroma with each breath.

I would say that the scent is unisex, so the guys can benefit from it, too.

I love this perfume so much that it now lives in my handbag so I have access of it at all times.

Oh, and upon request you can have a censored label on the bottle.

 The samples can be bought in a set of 5. It is up to you to choose the perfumes. The huge catalog of scents can be found here

Choosing the samples was not an easy task. After going over the scent list a few times I decided on the following (with brief reviews)
*Leonine- Not my fave out of the bunch. Begins tart and citrusy with a dark spicy note. It soon becomes cologne-y on my skin.
*Sir Didymus- Boozy rich with gourmand spice and slight tartness with an added woody note thanks to the pine.
*Champanilla- Ooh, this one is very dark and vanilla-ry.
*Let Them Eat Violet Cake- Cake batter with that distinct crisp velvety floral note.
*Spirit Temple- A heady incense blend with what reminds me of caramel and gourmand spices.

I need full sizes of Champanilla and Spirit Temple, maybe even Let Them Eat Violet Cake, too!! :)

*These items were bought and paid for by me.

Friday, 21 April 2017

JD Glow Cosmetics Highlighters

As I explained in my JD Glow Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick review, this brand was on my radar thanks to Instagram. When it comes to beauty products, although I use highlighters, I wouldn't call them an obsession of mine. However, after seeing swatches of these highlighters, I was sold.

After much consideration I decided on Saks and Fifth and Beyonce.

The highlighters come in a nice sized black compact with clear plastic lid. Upon delivery on top of the powder there was a sponge filling in the gap to the lid. This ensures safe delivery.

Saks and Fifth, Beyonce (revamped version)

The highlighters swatch beautifully. Heavily swatched they look like molten metal. Yet with a light hand they can give such a lovely glow, which is my preferred way of wearing highlighter. The JD Glow products all have a yummy vanilla frosting scent to them. I could smell it as soon as I opened the compact. It's not too strong that it translates to the skin.

Although the product is very creamy and pigmented to the touch, I found that applying with a brush that is not dense gives me just the right amount of highlight. It glides on and is so easy to blend. In saying that I only really had to swipe a couple of times to get a noticeable look without blinding everybody.

It lasts throughout wear without fading or becoming patchy.

Applied lightly, Saks and Fifth is a gorgeous champagne with hint of gold.

Beyonce gives me a subtle bronzed shimmer, well the highlighter does, anyway! Lol

These photos really don't do the highlighters justice. Please take my word for it, you need at least one of the JD Glow Highlighters in your life. They cater to all skintones, so there's sure to be one (2 or 3) for you!

Are you a highlight or no highlight gal?

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Makeup Room Tour

After many years in the making I finally have my own little area to store and apply my makeup. To be fair, the renovations included a kitchen and bedroom so it wasn't a small job by any means. To say I'm excited is a huge understatement. Well, enough of my jabbering, it's time for the tour to begin!

I wanted my colour scheme to be black and white to go with the fuchsia walls.

I must say I'm rather proud of my handiwork. I put the dresser together. I love the matching stool I picked up that I also came up from Aldi. The cushion seat acts as a lid for some storage. This is where I keep products that I am yet to try and review.

I bought a black and white runner for the dresser to sit on.

In the first drawer on the left I am storing foundation, BB cream, concealer and face powder.

The middle drawer contains my everyday makeup items, including Project Pan products. I've placed a drawer organizer inside.

In the 3rd drawer I'm keeping lashes (in an attempt to start using them if they are easily accessible. I still haven't, lol). There's also wipes, lip balms, cotton buds and pads, micellar water and my mix of mineral water and lavender that I like to use to spray on my makeup sponge. I also use it to spritz over makeup.

This plastic organizer contains liquid lipstick, single eye shadows, bronzer, highlighters, blush and small eye shadow palettes.

I store my remaining palettes in the set of drawers. On top in containers I have lip liners, lip glosses, ColourPop lip products, JD Glow Liquid Lipsticks and some of my Makeup Revolution Chocolate palettes. The white cabinet is still a work in progress. Inside I am storing perfume, everyday makeup brushes and loose eye shadows. I'm just waiting on some more organizers to store everything in a more practical way.

Lastly I will show you my nail polish tower. There's actually another tier on the bottom, but the room is too narrow to capture in the one photo.

What do you think? Stay tuned for some future posts on my beauty collections :)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Poni Cosmetics Pegasus Eye Liner

After loving the Poni Cosmetics White Knight mascara so much, it was only natural as a makeup addict that I really wanted to try their Pegasus Eye Liner.

Taken from Poni Cosmetics- "Pegasus is a black liquid liner. The water resistant formula glides on smoothly and the soft but sharp felt tip ensures for precise application. Give your eyes wings to fly or use it as you would a normal eyeliner! This smudge proof quick drying formula is easy to use and great for both beginners and experts."

The eye liner is of typical pen packaging that is black with gold lettering.

The felt tip has a thick base that tapers into quite a fine point. There is a metal ball inside the tube so I give it a bit of a shake before each use.

The black liner has decent pigmentation. No one wants a watery black liner! It glides effortlessly on the lids. Depending on the pressure used, you can control how thick of a line you desire. Drying time of the product is fairly quick. This is important for me because with hooded lids transfer can be a big issue. 

The Pegasus liner lasts throughout wear without smudging. It does not move, staying put until I'm ready to remove it. Even though it is a long wearing formula, it is not an arduous task to remove. My process of oil cleanse then regular cleanser removes all traces of product from my eye area.

I'm thinking that a felt tip is my fave form of eyeliner and the Poni Pegasus Eye Liner is pretty amazing!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter 2017- Fun Makeup Look

I have been a bit slack on the themed makeup front. I had some spare time yesterday, so decided to just go for it and have some fun with makeup. I didn't go too crazy or creative, I just had a bit of a play. 

When I think of Easter, the colours that come to mind are pastel shades. Running with this idea, I decided that the perfect palette to use would be the BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes palette. I generally choose a makeup look based around the shades I want to use on my eyes.

With all those beautiful foiled eye shadows to choose from, it wasn't easy deciding on the colours. In the end I chose a silvery pink for my lids, 1st shade in 2nd row. In the crease I used the 3rd colour in the 2nd row, a gorgeous mauve shade. On the lower lashline I used the eye shadow to the right of the mauve with the inner half of the lower lashline being the silvery pink.

The rest of the makeup I used was
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
W7 Catwalk Concealer
YBF Neutralizing Cream
YBF Neutralizing Powder
All Natural Face Apricot Finishing Powder
Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush in Divine
JD Glow Cosmetics Highlighter in Saks and Fifth

88 Warm Palette
LA Girl Endless Black Eye Liner
LA Girl Gel Liner Pencil in Champagne
YBF Universal Brow Pencil
Bourjois Full Volume Mascara

Essence Lip Liner in Cute Pink
House of Beauty Lip Hybrid in Etheral

So with using these products, I will show you the final look.

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter. Stay safe! 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 Update #1

Time for an update on my Pan That Palette project. I'm planning on doing an update every two months, my intro being in February. When I introduced this palette I had 38 empty pans and had hit pan on 8.

Before I show you my current progress, I just wanted to point out that the two shadows that I have marked with an "X" are ones that I have removed from the palette. One was a white shadow that was incredibly glittery and crumbly and I knew I was never going to use it. The other was a pale neutral shadow. Nice colour but it was so hard that I couldn't get any colour pay-off.

I now have 45 empty pans and there are 6 I have hit pan on. Although I am still making progress, I am finding that with the more neutral matte shades being finished, it will start getting tougher. I was using them to contour my eyes so it was easy to use more than one shadow for each eye look. The number I can use in one look is now dwindling, but my determination to continue is not (did you like what I did there? lol) 

Only 43 to go! :P

Monday, 10 April 2017

Boe Professional BB Cream and Concealer

Boe Professional is a makeup brand available at Big W. It is a very affordable range. I have tried a couple of lipsticks in the past and really liked them so I decided to take a chance on the BB Cream.

Taken from Big W- "Conquer the art of mutli-tasking with the Boe Professional BB cream and concealer. The BB cream with a built-in concealer in the cap even has a small mirror to ensure precise application. The BB cream contains among others aloe vera, vitamin E, shea butter and helps hydrate and condition the skin. It gives the skin a medium coverage, while still leaving the skin with a nice natural finish and a lovely glow."

The BB Cream is packaged in a 35 ml white tube with simple label, I quite like it.

Under the black flip top lid, there is a small tub of concealer. To access the BB cream, the lid needs to be removed to reveal a small nozzle for dispensing product.

Here I have the concealer blended out on top, with some of the BB cream underneath. The concealer is quite creamy in consistency. Initially I thought it would be too dark for my skintone. As a concealer it is, however it's fantastic for colour correcting my under eyes before applying the BB cream. It smooths on well and does a good job of counteracting the very dark circles I have.

The BB cream is quite thick. It does smooth across the skin well. The coverage is medium and this is more like a foundation than a BB cream. Although I find it easy to blend, I do find that this product feels heavy and remains tacky. In hot weather it just doesn't feel nice or look that great because it can look quite oily.

In saying that, I don't hate it. Why? Because like a foundation, if I finish it with a dusting of powder it does set the BB cream. It does look better with powder, making it more of a dewy finish rather than an oil slick.

The BB cream may perform better in the cooler months, but that will be a no go for me anyway. I have the shade Medium which I can only just get away with wearing now, but in Winter my skintone will be too light to wear this shade. 

Even though it's budget friendly, I don't love it enough to bother buying another shade just to see if it will work for me, I have other BB creams that I enjoy already/ The concealer I like but it's not mind-blowing enough for me that I need it in my life.

I will show you a pic of me wearing the Boe BB Cream and Concealer with a full face of makeup.

I really like the idea of this 2-in-1 product, it's just a shame that I didn't like it more.

Friday, 7 April 2017

JD Glow Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

During my daily scroll of Instagram I saw some swatches that really grabbed my attention, the brand was JD Glow Cosmetics. A brand that I had never heard of before, but I was definitely intrigued. At the time I was on a nasty no-buy. As time went by, the brand was on my Insta newsfeed again. I began following the JD Cosmetics account which eventually lead to me placing an order. It was inevitable really, lol.

I bought highlighters, eye shadows and liquid lipsticks, which I will be showing you today.

Taken from JD Glow Cosmetics- "...They are super long lasting without drying out the lips or feathering. Our formula is very light weight, smooth and soft. You would feel as ifthough nothing was there. Goes on wet and dries to a matte finish. No streaking."

The packaging is pretty fancy. Gold coloured plastic lid with filigree pattern, there's also beading that borders the tubes. The formula of these lipsticks is a thin consistency, yet almost gel like in texture. 

The liquid lipsticks have a doe foot applicator that is quite flat. I find these good because you can use the flat side for applying the bulk of the lipstick. The thin tip can be used to apply the outer edges of the lips for more control of the lipstick placement.

They glide on the lips, making them one of the easier liquid lipsticks (that I've tried) to apply. Obviously care still needs to be taken, especially with the brighter or darker shades where application needs to be more precise. 

The lipsticks take some time to dry down, giving plenty of time for application and fixing any mistakes. I found that they remained slightly tacky and there is some transfer, albeit only slight. 

They are slightly drying but felt comfortable and light weight. Longevity is pretty good, lasting hours through drinks. Eating oily food is an enemy, but I find that the case with all liquid lipsticks that I have tried. The metallics can be a little patchy, but touching up those areas is no problem.

Now onto the lip swatches.






Pink Stiletto

Pink Stiletto was the only shade out of these JD Glow Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks that I had issue with. It took some work to get an application that wasn't patchy and I'm not that keen on the colour. One out of 5 ain't bad and it is workable.

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