Wednesday, 5 April 2017

March Empties 2017

Ok, so that time of the month has come around that I get to show you my rubbish. Only the beauty rubbish of course.

I got through a few makeup and skincare items and some items that I am binning unfinished.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation- I don't think I have ever bought a high end foundation. It takes some trial and error to find a good one, but I'm always glad that I'm not paying too much. In saying that, the L'Oreal Infallible foundation is quite expensive at RRP, so I bought it during the Priceline 40% off sale.
Repurchase? I am not in need of any foundations at the moment. When I do need a replacement, I really want to try the new Infallible foundation. If I'm not happy with it, I would definitely consider buying this one again.

Skinn DermAppeal- I didn't think I would use a physical exfoliator again until I tried the Dermappeal. It is very gritty and is almost like a micro-dermabrasion at home. I use this product once a week, giving my face a good scrub to rid my skin of those unwanted dead skin cells.
Repurchase? I have 2 back ups, so I'm good for the time being.

Mirenesse Lipstick Crayon- I don't even remember the name of this lipstick because the label has worn off. It was a neutral shade that was creamy and easy to wear. It was one of the product that I had in my Project Pan.
Repurchase? Decent product, but I don't want to see it ever again, lol.

The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%-  I like to have a vitamin C product in my skincare routine. After all the hype over The Ordinary brand I had to try something. It just happened to be that I needed a vitamin C product replacement at the time.
Repurchase? I really enjoyed using this serum. It fitted into my skincare routine easily. The only issue that I had was how quickly I finished the tube. Yes, it's inexpensive, but waiting for International shipping is a pain. When I do get around to placing another order with The Ordinary, I would consider adding a couple of these to my cart.

Skinn BotaniLift Neck Corrector- I received this product in a skincare pack from shopping network TVSN. Obviously, as the name suggests, it targets the neck area.
Repurchase? I have nothing bad to say about this cream, however I didn't find it did any more for me than a regular moisturiser. I wouldn't buy again for that reason.

Poni Cosmetics White Knight Mascara- I was lucky enough to receive this mascara to trial thanks to beauty website Beauty Heaven. It is a tubing mascara which I enjoy because it means that I get no smudging. I didn't experience any flaking either. The mascara is unique thanks to its dual lid, one allows for more mascara on the brush to give volume, if it's length you want, using the other lid leaves a smaller ending attached to scrape more mascara off the brush. Of course, I applied using both techniques because I like length and volume. I really hope I'm making sense with my description!
Repurchase? I don't need any mascara and won't for some time, but I wouldn't hesitate buying this one in the future.

Skinn Collagenisis Age Reset Serum- This gel like serum is packed with anti-aging ingredients. It is light weight and absorbs well, yet hydrating.
Repurchase? I am trying a few other serums at the moment, but this one worked well enough to provide radiance and firming that I will most likely be buying again.

These are items that I am decluttering from my collection and throwing in the bin. The 3 polishes are crackle finishes, which I just do not use anymore. Even if I wanted to, they have all totally dried up. 

It is with a heavy heart that I am binning the MBA Cosmetics metallic liquid lipsticks. I love this brand, but the lipsticks were terrible. It's such a shame because the shades are gorgeous. You can read about them in my review here.

Well that's another lot of empties done and dusted for another month. Did you get through many products in March?


  1. I've been curious about the white night mascara! Sounds good to me!

    1. I really enjoyed using the Poni mascara, Nerida xx