Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Lipstick Declutter Update #16

I still have many lipsticks in my collection to decide whether I am going to keep or not. My plan is to try and post these updates more often.

Give Me Glow Liquid Lipstick in Pumpkin Couture

This liquid lipstick is old, but it still seems fine, I like the formula and shade, so am going to keep it for now.

NYX Liquid Suede in Pink Lust

This NYX Lipstick is such a fun shade, but I know I won't reach for it, so it won't be staying in my stash.

MBA Cosmetics Bronzeberry

I like the colour of this lipstick, but not overly keen on the frost finish.

Lime Crime Diamond Crusher in Lit

I don't need this glitter topper, but I love it, so it's staying in my stash.

ColourPop Ultra Suede in November

I quite like this shade and will be holding onto it.

ColourPop Ultra Matte in Frick n Frack

Love this liquid lipstick, keeping it for sure!

Lime Crime Velveteen in Wisteria

I'm somewhat conflicted over my decision for this lipstick. I'm not sure it is a colour that I would reach for, but I only just opened it, so I will keep it for now.

Not sure of the shade name of this metallic lipstick from AOA Cosmetics, but the formula is so sticky I am decluttering it.

Keeping 5 of these lipsticks brings my collection to 84.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Nail Polish Declutter Update #16

I'm back with a nail polish declutter update. With the amount of polishes I have left to try, it really would be better if I applied a different nail polish daily (even 2, lol), but that's not going to happen, so slowly this declutter goes!


Normally I won't keep a shade that isn't opaque, but this reddish purple with gold shift is unique in my collection, so I will be holding onto it for now.

What's The Password

I don't feel the need to keep this pumpkin orange polish that is on the sheer side. 


This is quite a nice shade, but not unique enough for me to want to keep it in my collection. Bye!

Heart of Glass

This milky pink base has gorgeous pink glitter running through it, but it's not a polish I'll reach for, so decluttering.

Crowd Surfing

On its own this nail polish is nothing special, but with the green and gold shimmer, I think it would look amazing over an opaque base colour. I will keep it for now.

I'm not sure what this shade name is, but I am definitely keeping this pale mauve nail polish.


I didn't expect to like this nail polish, but I want to keep this one.

Ocean Mist

I liked this polish, but it's not love, so I'm decluttering it.

Because I am keeping 4 nail polishes, this brings the amount in my collection to 85 so far. 

Thanks for reading and have an amazing Easter xx

Monday, 15 April 2019

Suva Beauty Saffron Palette

Indie brand Suva Beauty has been on my radar for some time, but thanks to a low-buy, I just couldn't justify a purchase of their products. Well, come Black Friday sales and it is a time where I indulge in sales. 

I love the packaging, and the name saffron is very fitting for this spicy looking palette.

I'm not as obsessed with these warm tones as much, oh I like them still, but I don't feel the need to buy every warm palette I see. I have, however, always been a sucker for foiled shadows and this 9 pan palette offers 6 shimmery shades. I'll show you some swatches.

The shadows swatch beautifully and I couldn't wait to apply them to my lids. I did find that the bright red matte isn't as intense in the crease and leans pink when blended, I also found that the brown lost pigment when applied with a fluffy brush, which was a little disappointing, because I like a dark shade in my outer v. 

Here are the looks I created with this palette.

Although there were 2 shades that didn't perform as I expected, they were still usable and overall, I really enjoyed using the Suva Beauty Saffron eye shadow palette.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Lipstick Declutter Update #15

I thought it was about time I posted on my blog, sorry for being so slack lately but sometimes life gets in the way. I will give you an update on my lipstick declutter.

Kleancolor Madly Matte Lip Gloss

I can't find a shade name for this liquid lipstick, but I am not going to keep it. I am not keen on the colour and the formula remains sticky during wear.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Sugar Cookie

This lipstick is new to my collection so I will be keeping it. The formula is decent and I like the nude shade and most importantly, it smells delicious ;)

BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Endora

It has been so long since I have tried a BH liquid lipstick, I forgot how good they are. I have had this one for a while, but it still seems ok so it will be staying in my stash.

Lime Crime Lip Crusher in Dope

I can't help myself, I don't need another one of these lip toppers, but it's a mini and I love it, so for now it will be staying in my stash.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Hot Buttered Rum

This was part of this last year's Christmas set, so new to my collection. I am keeping it.

NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm

The shade is ok, but I don't love it or the formula, so I am decluttering this liquid lipstick.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Pumpkin Spice

I love this liquid lipstick from the Too Faced Christmas set, oh yeah, it's definitely staying in my stash.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Cinnamon Bear

I didn't love this shade as much as I thought I would, because it is a gorgeous red. But, I do like the formula. I'm keeping it for now.

Hmmm, I'm only decluttering 2 of the lip products, so not very successful, hopefully I will do better next time.

My lipstick collection is now at 79.

Friday, 5 April 2019

March Empties

Can you believe we've said goodbye to the first quarter of the year? Me either! Here's what I finished in the month of March.

There looks like a decent amount of products in my empties basket, but most of them are decluttered products which seems to be the norm lately. I have considered posting empties posts every couple of months, but decided that I don't mind the shorter monthly series. 

Du'it VE Cream- I used this Vitamin E cream as a hand cream. It's quite rich and moisturising.
Repurchase? No, I don't need this cream, it was fine, nothing special.

Insta Natural Pro-Radiant Skin Brightening Serum- With a name like that I needed to try it. I am always on the look out for a product to reduce my pigmentation. The serum is light and absorbed quickly into my skin.
Repurchase? No, I didn't noticed enough of an improvement to add it to my routine again. There's just so much choice, it's hard to stick with the one serum if it doesn't impress me.

John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift Serum- This eye cream is hydrating and absorbs quickly, which makes it good for day time use as well as night.
Repurchase? No, it did nothing for my dark circles, puffiness or fine lines. I will continue to search for my HG eye cream.

Du'it Tough Hands for Her- This is a rich hand cream formulated to provide intense hydration, even after washing hands, which is something I appreciate in a hand cream. 
Repurchase? I don't need hand cream at the moment, but I wouldn't rule out using this one again.

The Ordinary Buffet Serum- This product is packed full of peptides in a light serum that absorbs quickly, yet leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
Repurchase? I love the glow this serum gives me and I already have a back-up and plan on always having a back-up to rotate in my skincare routine.

I am decluttering the ELF Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. I'm not keen on the highlighter (barely noticeable on my skin) and the bronzer is too dark for me. Also going is the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer. It isn't a bad product by any means, I just don't find that it does anything to improve my foundation application. Instead of it just sitting in my drawer collecting dust, I decided to just be rid of it. Oh, and the lip balm had to go! I like Sierra Bees lip balms, but this tamanu and tea-tree version is a no go for me, it tastes terrible.

And thanks to both of my nail polish and lipstick declutter series, I am getting rid of this lot. I'm surprised at just how good it feels to be reducing my makeup collection to products that I love.