Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Eye Looks Featuring Femme Fatale

I love the saying, "Better late than never" because it often applies to me, lol. Some time ago I blogged  about Femme Fatale's Apocalyptic Collection, and promised some eye looks. Well, I'm finally delivering, eeek!

Thanks to the lovely Monique for suggesting Princess, Princess, Princess. This is such a lovely colour that can be used easily for day wear as a one colour wash, or contour it some to frame and give depth.


It was difficult to get a decent photo of this look, that could give justice to these eye shadows. Thank you for suggesting Soul Stone and Ultimate Wizards, Kat, you were so right, what a dynamic duo they turned out to be!

 Of course, with so many eye shadow samples to choose from, I just had to keep playing!

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Spring Tag!

I love reading various tags, I find that it gives a little insight into my favourite bloggers. During one of these reads, little did I know that the lovely Basmah from Lacee & Lattes had actually tagged me to do the Spring Tag. Please check out her awesome blog if you haven't already.

Ok, we're talking coffees- What's your favourite seasonal coffee from Starbucks or another coffee shop?
I'm pretty boring when it comes to coffee, I find a lot of coffee shops too strong and sweet for my taste. I am content to drink my daily instant. Please don't hate me! lol

Accessories- What do you opt for- sandals, floppy hats or flower crowns?
Sandals for sure! I only wear a cap when I walk the dogs, no floppy hats or flower crowns for me (as beautiful as flower crowns are, they aren't me)

Music- What's your favourite music to listen to during Spring?
My music isn't a seasonal thing. I generally just listen to the radio, and turn up whatever takes my fancy. Generally, I am not swayed by singer or band, Although I have my favourites, I just like a variety of songs, regardless of who is performing it.

Perfume- What is your favourite scent for this time of year?
My all time favourite Viva La Juicy by Couture is what I reach for in Spring. That fruity, sweet goodness makes me happy. A very affordable perfume that I also think is appropriate for this season is FCUK Friction. It's like a tropical cocktail, yummmm!

Candles- What scents will you be burning this season?
Although, I love the idea of a candle, I generally opt for diffusers, no need to light, and the fragrance is constant. A fruity, coconut, vanilla blend is what I find appealing in the warmer months.

 What do you love most about Spring?
Definitely the weather. The sunshine is at my "feel good" level. Warming, but not too hot. I just love to bask in it, and get my fill of vitamin D. I also love the blossoming trees. It's like everything is alive again after the dormancy from winter.

Favourite makeup look? 
As the weather warms up, I prefer a BB cream to a foundation. My lips generally sport corals and pinks. 

What are you looking forward to most in Spring?
No need for so many layers. I can wear pretty dresses. The days are longer, which means more outside time. The holiday season is getting closer, so there are BBQs and parties to look forward to. Yes, I love this time of year!

Bas, thanks so much for the tag, hun!

I tag Kat from kats colourings
Candy from Candyfairy
Gemma from Lady Sapphire Blog
Lily from Lily, Not Louise
Darla from Renee's Beauty Reviews 

For those I haven't tagged, feel free to join in, please leave your link in the comments as I love reading these posts! :)

Friday, 26 September 2014

SOTD- Haus of Glois "Insalata Nocturna"

Haus of Glois is an online indie store that specializes in wonderful scented goodies. The brand had been on my to-try list for such a long time. That was until my gorgeous friend Su from The Perfume Diaries (she is such an awesome blogger, and I hope she starts blogging again!) sent me a generous parcel of perfume oil samples, including some from this coveted brand. 

Insalata Nocturna is described as "Italian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf, black fig syrup and basil."

Interesting blend, huh? 

This is a fresh, herbal, yet not too green, sweet and very zesty perfume. 

I was really not expecting such a summery fragrance, I was expecting something heavy. 

It has an effervescent quality, almost like fruit tingles, but grown up. Oh, if only this perfume oil didn't give me a headache, so no full sized purchase for me. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Beauty Heaven Sample Prize Pack

The lure of some samples had me happily filling out a survey on my favourite beauty website, Beauty Heaven. I had no idea that the sample parcel would be not only so beautifully packaged, but so generous, too. 

In my prize pack I received a Lady Jayne Tangle Eze, Vagisil wipes, Dr LeWinns Day Cream, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel , Ultime Crystal Shine conditioner and Elucent Whitening sample pack.

The first thing I did was take out the brush and give it a go. Seems to work well on my short, fine hair. I have used the Elucent anti ageing range, which I really liked. When I saw that the brand had released a skin whitening range, it was something that I had wanted to try for some time. The Ultime Crystal Shine conditioner is wonderful, you can read about it and the shampoo here

Tangle free and conditioned hair, hydrated, brighter skin, and a clean vag, I'm set! Seriously, I felt very lucky to have received these gifts for doing a survey that was created to make my BH experience better anyway. If you aren't a member of this fabulous site, you're missing out!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beauty Bohemia Eye Shadow Haul

It had been a little while since I had bought mineral eye shadows. Something that I had previously let get totally out of control, but had kind of reigned in somewhat. I think everyone needs a treat sometimes, and a treat for me is waiting for something in the mail. Oh, the anticipation, and then the thrill of ripping that parcel open to get to those goodies inside. Oh yes, an online shopping addict I am!

My latest treat was an eye shadow haul from Beauty Bohemia. An Australian online store that sells beauty products from various much loved indie brands from the US. You can read more about the store here.

From Glamour Doll Eyes:

 Jailhouse Jumpsuit- "Golden orange"

 Blueberry Lush- "Vibrant blue shimmer"

 Olivia Green- "Matte olive green"

Mingles- "Matte blue"

Glam Girl- "Violet purple"

Her Revenge- "Bright red"

...and for a little glitz from Espionage:

Frak- "Glitzy orange/rust with glitter"

Whamm- "Coral pink with loadds of glitter"

As you can imagine, I just loved swatching these bold colours. My mind is racing with the many possible colour combinations to grace my lids. Come on, ladies, please help me out, what would you like to see???

*Please note that some of these products were bought by me, some provided for consideration. All opinions are my own :)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Come Play With Me- Futuristic Love

Having Gemma join the Come Play With Me series once again had me very excited (we'd missed you, hun!) Her chosen theme, Futuristic Love had me scratching my head for ideas. I loved Gemma's idea of makeup trends in the future being simple and quick, such as stick on creations. Great idea! Me? For a while I had nothing.

Finally, it occurred to me that when I think of the future I think of bold metallic looks when it comes to makeup trends. So my next job was to rummage through my collection for various metallic options. I just love rediscovering beauty products!

Oh, and apparently tiger skin dressing gowns are going to be huge in the future, too ... ;)

Monique's futuristic look is actually totally wearable, I love it!
Who says the future needs to look dull? Kat gives us such a lovely pastel eye look.
Check out Hailey's version, talented as always, and something a little different :)

This series is a lot of fun, it would be great if you can join in, too. If you do, please kindly leave a link of your post so I can check it out.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

SOTD- Katy Perry Killer Queen- Oh So Sheer

I really like Katy Perry perfumes. I recently purchased Killer Queen and love its warmth and depth, I wasn't sure if the Oh So Sheer version would be my thing, so bought a sample from My Perfume Samples.

"The fragrance opens with juicy wild berries, black currant and dark plum, the heart is made of velvet red flower, jasmin, freesia and plumeria. Kasmir wood, liquid praline, caramel and patchouli give the intensity and sweetness to the composition."

Although, the fragrance is similar to Killer Queen, the fruity, creamy florals are more airy in comparison. Like a breeze on a warm night, it is delicate and warm with the rich caramel balancing the tangy fruity notes. Although I really do like this version, I don't feel the need for a full size purchase when I have the original, which is slightly stronger and the notes that I love within the fragrance tend to last longer on me.

Phew, one more that I don't "need", lol.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The All Natural Face Apricot Kisses Powder

For years I predominately used mineral powder foundations, so I really didn't feel the need for a finishing powder. It's a different story now that I've developed an appreciation of liquid foundations.

I hate a powder that makes my skin look cakey and washed out, All Natural Face Apricot Kisses Glow does none of these. This powder is the darkest shade of the 7 available. Suitable for medium to darker skins, but even paler skinned ladies could get away with using if they want a little warmth added to their look. This multi-purposed powder can also be used as a subtle blush and eye shadow, with or without foundation.

The powder comes in a smallish jar with sifter. It has a simple paper label on the lid, which as you can see from the first pic, got very grubby.

To apply, before opening, I just tip it upside down and gently tap, then carefully undo the lid. I dip the brush to capture the powder. I then just brush the smooth blend across my face and neck in circular motions.

Wearing BB cream

After applying Apricot Kisses Powder

The warm apricot tint is not too pigmented, and flatters my skin tone. Thankfully the "glow" is not shimmery, it just gives a very subtle radiant sheen. 

The jar might not be that big, but the powder seems to be lasting me forever. 

So far this is my favourite face powder. I am determined to continue getting through my stash , but I'm certain I will be replacing in the future.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Palette Appreciation- Designer Brands Bold Palette

I'd heard many raves about this palette, but Designer Brands isn't readily available where I live, so I was resigned to being without the Bold Palette. Well, you can imagine how happy and grateful I was when the wonderful Kris from Hissycat Krissy kindly offered me the opportunity to buy her back up one, she was generous enough to even send it to me free of charge.

Designer Brands Bold Palette
The case is quite sturdy, would be great for travel.

Designer Brands Bold Palette
Look at all those gorgeous shades, can you see why I wanted it so badly?

Designer Brands Bold Palette swatches

Designer Brands Bold Palette swatches

Designer Brands Bold Palette swatches
I love that you can have a lot of fun with these shades, yet, there's some muted tones as well for when you're not feeling as adventurous.

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Eye shadow look using Designer Brands Bold Palette

Well, if you're still reading after all those pics, thanks for staying :)

I wouldn't say that these are the best eye shadow I've ever used, but for such a cheap price tag, the pigment is great, so a little bit of crumbling was worth the pay-off.