Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Eye Looks Featuring Femme Fatale

I love the saying, "Better late than never" because it often applies to me, lol. Some time ago I blogged  about Femme Fatale's Apocalyptic Collection, and promised some eye looks. Well, I'm finally delivering, eeek!

Thanks to the lovely Monique for suggesting Princess, Princess, Princess. This is such a lovely colour that can be used easily for day wear as a one colour wash, or contour it some to frame and give depth.


It was difficult to get a decent photo of this look, that could give justice to these eye shadows. Thank you for suggesting Soul Stone and Ultimate Wizards, Kat, you were so right, what a dynamic duo they turned out to be!

 Of course, with so many eye shadow samples to choose from, I just had to keep playing!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wowee hon - Soul Stone and Ultimate Wizards is magnifique on you darling! Actually they all are, but this combo is super special. Adore the pink and yellow one at the bottom too - your blending is perfect. Goodness me you have been having fun, and I'm tickled all the colours of the rainbow that you've posted so many looks hon - thanks a million!