Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beauty Bohemia Eye Shadow Haul

It had been a little while since I had bought mineral eye shadows. Something that I had previously let get totally out of control, but had kind of reigned in somewhat. I think everyone needs a treat sometimes, and a treat for me is waiting for something in the mail. Oh, the anticipation, and then the thrill of ripping that parcel open to get to those goodies inside. Oh yes, an online shopping addict I am!

My latest treat was an eye shadow haul from Beauty Bohemia. An Australian online store that sells beauty products from various much loved indie brands from the US. You can read more about the store here.

From Glamour Doll Eyes:

 Jailhouse Jumpsuit- "Golden orange"

 Blueberry Lush- "Vibrant blue shimmer"

 Olivia Green- "Matte olive green"

Mingles- "Matte blue"

Glam Girl- "Violet purple"

Her Revenge- "Bright red"

...and for a little glitz from Espionage:

Frak- "Glitzy orange/rust with glitter"

Whamm- "Coral pink with loadds of glitter"

As you can imagine, I just loved swatching these bold colours. My mind is racing with the many possible colour combinations to grace my lids. Come on, ladies, please help me out, what would you like to see???

*Please note that some of these products were bought by me, some provided for consideration. All opinions are my own :)


  1. OH MY GOD!! Just look at those stunning colours. My eyes are in awe of their beauty Indie. I love them!
    My faves are Blueberry Lush, Glam Girl and Her Revenge. I can't wait to see your eye creations babe. They are gunna be incredible!
    Sweet haul! ××

    1. I was extremely happy with my choices, a little bit OTT, but such fun colours! xx

  2. Yeah well I think I just got severely enabled! Un-BELIEVABLE colours Indie, oh you chose SO well. Ok so if you're taking requests, I'd LOVE to see Jailhouse Jumpsuit paired with Frak, Whamm with Her Revenge (now that will be something to behold), and I reckon Glam Girl (I MUST HAVE THIS PURPLE!) with Blueberry Lush would be a total knockout! Olivia Green is divine - she'd look brilliant with a smattering of Jailhouse Jumpsuit as well, and I'm already dreaming about Mingles with Glam Girl as a liner. Holey moley, I've got 9 in my cart already ♥

  3. Oh, thank you for such wonderful suggestions, Kat! Oh dear, hun, how will you ever stop adding to your cart, LOL! xx