Friday, 31 March 2017

JD Glow Cosmetics Galaxy Shadows

If you don't know by now, I love my shimmery eye shadows. When it comes to duo chromes, I am done, sign me up!

JD Glow Cosmetics has many eye shadows on offer, one of the ranges being Galaxy shadows. 

Taken from their website- "Our Galaxy Collection shadows are superior and unique with a Duochrome and Triochrome effect. These shadows have a shimmer/sparkly finish." 

The eye shadow pans are packaged in plastic clam shells to ensure safe arrival. They can then be transferred into the palette of your choice.

I found it hard to do the swatches justice with a photo, but they are stun-ning!

From left to right we have Lit, Starluster, Horizon, Anomaly and Haze.

These eye shadows smell so good, similar to vanilla frosting, yum! They are quite soft. Applying them reminded me of the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows even though these are pressed. 

With the formula of these shadows they are best applied in swipes to smooth the product across the lid. 

Colour pay-off is fantastic whether swatching with a finger or applying with a brush. As is the nature of such a pigmented eye shadow, they don't blend as easily as a matte, but I only apply on my lid for that pop of colour.

Would you like to see some eye looks? 






Ok, so now I need the whole Galaxy collection!!

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Simple Glam Girls Oval Brushes

Jamie from Simple Glam Girls recently reached out to me with an offer to try a 10 Piece Oval Brush Set paying only for postage. I was quick to say yes. If you haven't heard of this brand, they are based in the UK and sell beauty tools.

Here's a little about them in their own words "Simple Glam Girls is all about supporting aspiring beauty & fashion bloggers to feel confident as you develop your fashionista blogging journey.  

Our mission is to provide every aspiring beauty & fashion bloggers the right makeup tools to achieve your best. We firmly believe that a good set of makeup tool (brushes & equipment) can really help to enhance your makeup skills. That is why we set out to form Simple Glam Girls to help every girl out there to glam up easily. 

Our range of makeup tools are designed with makeup artists in mind so that no matter what level of makeup skills you have, whether you are just picking up makeup or are very experienced in makeup, you will be able to use all these makeup tools easily. They are also made to last long so that you can practice your makeup endlessly."

I received the brush set about two weeks after I had paid postage, which is not too bad for International shipping.

I was given the set of 10 brushes in black. If you are not familiar with these brushes, like I was, check out the link here for the intended use of each brush. There's also more detailed information in the listing.

Once  I opened my parcel, I noticed that the larger oval brushes had a few loose hairs. I had to run my fingers through the brush to ensure there were no strays. Thankfully, I didn't have any fall out during use. 

Each brush is very dense, yet extremely soft to the touch. They are made with A grade synthetic nylon making them cruelty free. 

The brushes fit nicely in the hand, being ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. They are flexible to allow for contours of the face and better control. When I want to firmly apply using the larger oval brushes, I just simply apply pressure to the back of the brush with my index finger. I prefer this method when blending foundation.

I decided that the only way to really put these brushes to the test was to apply a full face of makeup.

When I apply makeup, I always begin with eye makeup. I started by blending out concealer on my lid with the third brush from the top, I then used the smallest oval brush to set it. With the second last brush, a small round brush, I applied both Maybelline Color Tattoo as base, then my chosen lid eye shadow. With one of the narrow brushes I placed my crease shade. To blend that out I used a regular eye shadow brush because I soon found out that the dense nature of the brushes prevents adequate blending of powder products. I used the larger narrow brush to apply browbone highlight.

For colour correcting under the eyes, I used the same brush that I had previously used for the concealer on my lids, I also used this for under eye concealing and highlighting after BB Cream application, which I used the biggest brush for. Again for setting concealer, I used the smallest oval brush to set under my eyes. I used the second brush to apply blush, I used a light coloured blush so it didn't matter that the densely packed brush applied more product than I would normally use. I don't like a heavy highlight on my cheek bones, so used a regular small fluffy face brush.

The smallest round brush I used to apply my lipstick, I don't normally apply lipstick with a brush, but I needed to in this case because I was using a sample that's in a pot rather than a bullet lipstick.

The result?

After using 9 of the 10 oval set of brushes, I discovered that they were a new learning curve for me, but definitely are not just a gimmeck-y product. They are certainly suited to cream products, but can work with powders. They work well for powder placement, such as crease or liner work. Blending out, not so much. It does make sense with how dense these brushes are. I much prefer to use a fluffy brush for blending.

I love the small round brushes for applying lipstick. Great size for the lips and smooth the product out nicely, without having to continually dip into the pan for more lipstick like I've experienced with more traditional, smaller lip brushes.

I'm glad to have this brush set in my arsenal of makeup tools. If you are at all interested in any beauty tools that Simple Glam Girls has to offer, I do have an affiliate code for you. Using "Indie" in the coupon section will give you 20% off your purchase.

Have you used oval makeup brushes?

Monday, 27 March 2017

Re EGF Repair Serum

Discount online stores such as Catch of the Day and Ozsale always tempt me with their various offers. My last Catch of the Day purchase consisted of some serums from Re, a brand I actually had never heard of before. Thankfully among the product photos, there was one of the packaging where the ingredients are listed. I chose to try the EGF Repair serum first.

Taken from Catch of the Day- "Experience rapid skin rejuvenation with this high performance repair serum. The advanced formula is enriched with EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) to promote cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With daily use, it helps to smooth skin texture, fade out acne scars and pockmarks."

In fact, the serums are still available at $19.98 for 2.

The serum comes in a 30 ml bottle. Dark in colour to protect the integrity of the product.

This photo shows the holographic nature of the label, changing in colour depending on where the light hits it. Ok, it's not important but it is certainly eye catching.

Delivery of product is achieved with a dropper. I would prefer a pump-top dispenser and will consider depotting the serum in the near future.

The serum is on the thicker side, almost as dense as an oil. It has a non-descript scent having no added fragrance which I much prefer in a skincare product.

After using this serum for a couple of weeks, I seemed to have found my sweet spot with application amount. I use 2 drops each for face and neck.

I apply after toning and it smooths across the skin beautifully. My skin absorbs the serum rather quickly, leaving no residue or tackiness.

I have not experienced any adverse reactions on my combination skin. 

I haven't been using the serum long enough to notice any visible benefits to my skin, but I am enjoying the hydration this provides so am happy to continue using. 

I am hoping that the Epidermal Growth Factors do a number on my acne scarring. They're not  overly noticeable or deep, but I do have some pock scarring after a cystic acne breakout I had when I was in my early 30s.

Do you use a serum? What's your current fave?

Friday, 24 March 2017

BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette

I had been lusting after the BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo palette ever since it was released. I follow Shaaanxo's YouTube account and I was wowed by the palette. Also, coming from BH Cosmetics, I knew it would be well in my budget.

Taken from BH Cosmetics- "...Shaaanxo had hand-picked a mix of dynamic and down-to-earth shades that add up to a multitude of wearable looks that flatter a variety of skin tones."

I love the pale pink and white marble look packaging. Very pretty.

Open up one side and there is 9 eye shadow shades.

 The other side reveals the lipsticks.

With this double sided palette your eye shadow look and lipstick is covered. I appreciate the magnetic closure, not only does it make the palette secure, but also is easy to open so my nails are safe, lol.

I found that using these eye shadows, I don't need another palette to complete an eye look. Perfect transition, crease and outer v colours. There's also a nice selection of shimmery shades for the lid. The mattes are a little powdery, but are smooth and blend beautifully. The shimmers are nicely pigmented and apply well to the lid.

I was less excited about the lipstick palette side. Don't get me wrong, they are decent lipsticks. Nice and creamy with decent colour pay off. Lipstick palettes are just not my favourite. I much prefer a tube.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

I love this palette! To be honest, I would prefer just the eye shadows. Thankfully, the eye shadows and lipsticks are packaged separately.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Easter 2017 Lust List

I like chocolate very much but what I love more is beauty products. If I was to get any for Easter, the following is what I'd really love.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Conealer
Photo credit- Tarte Cosmetics

I feel that almost every beauty youtuber that I watch raves about this concealer. I really only use concealer for my dark under eyes and reviews tell me that it does a wonderful job of just that. It sounds amazing, I want it for myself, simple!

ColourPop Pressed Eye Shadows

Photo credit- ColourPop

The last thing I need is more eye shadow, however, the ColourPop pressed shadows look great from the swatches that I have seen. Of course, I would have to try the many finishes on offer, too! I wouldn't say no to some more Ultra Satin lipsticks, they are such a lovely long wearing lip formula.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Photo credit- Sephora AU

I'm still trying to decide what form of eyeliner I like best. I have tried felt tipped liners in the past, but never got the pigment I was hoping for. I think the KVD Tattoo Liner just might be the eyeliner I have been looking for!

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Photo credit- David Jones

I have been wanting this perfume for forever. It is so rich and luxe and I need it in my perfume collection. It is expensive, but a girl can dream, right?

Now to leave this page open in the hopes that someone sees it and takes note! It will most likely be chocolate for Easter, but that's good, too.

What beauty product are you lusting most?