Sunday, 29 November 2015

Skinn Olive and Enzyme Rich Balm Cleanser

I've been using, and loving many products from the Skinn range. It was only natural that I would want to try the cleansers, too. Since it was the first cleanser I used out of the am/pm duo, today I am reviewing the cleanser for night time use.

Taken from Skinn- "This sweet-smelling, multi-tasking night time cleansing balm, rich in antioxidants, minerals and exfoliating enzymes gently melts away makeup, daily grime, pollution and dead skin cells. It's creamy and buttery texture effortlessly glides onto skin, leaving no unwanted impurities behind. Enriched with skin purifying Orange Peel Oil, soothing and ultra hydrating Olive, Avocado and Sunflower oils, as well as Marigold Extract and sugar-cane derived Squalene to leave skin feeling drenched with moisture and looking superbly radiant."

                                                I bought the large salon size from TVSN.

Handy pump top dispenser.

Thick, creamy consistency.

When I first applied this cleansing balm, I nearly ate it. Lemon meringue pie, omg, smells so so good! 

Now onto the important things, like cleansing the face, lol. I love the thick texture. It is so nice on the skin. It emulsifies during application rather than lathers. 

In the past, I felt that I needed a foaming cleanser, but now I realise that they are often not the best for the skin, often stripping it.

I still oil cleanse first to get rid of the bulk of my makeup. I then apply this balm cleanser. I use 2 pumps for face and neck and massage for a couple of minutes. It has great ingredients for the skin, and none of the bad, so leaving it on for a little extra time is beneficial. 

Although the cleanser has a thick consistency, there is no problem with removal, it washes right off easily.

I really love how my skin feels and looks after I have cleansed. Sure, it's clean, but my skin is also soft and hydrated. I also have a healthy glow, which at my age is much appreciated! 

I also find that anything that is applied afterward gets absorbed quickly, soaking into my skin, not sitting on top of it. And did I mention that it smells so good!!

What is your current cleansing routine?

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Lipsticks Part 1

Some time ago, I placed quite a decent order of lipsticks through online shopping website Freedom Makeup. They are called Pro Lipsticks. This post has been a long time coming, but applying one lipstick a day takes time, lol.

Typical lipstick tube.

I like the addition of the lipstick shade on the bottom of each tube. It certainly makes it easier when searching for a particular colour.

The formula is definitely moisturising. They almost feel like a balm on the lips.

As you will see from the following swatch photos, they are not deeply pigmented. Each swatch being about 3 swipes of lipstick. This makes them great everyday lipsticks. I don't always want a punchy colour on my lips, sometimes I want my lids to do all the talking.

As much as I really liking the formula, I have had a problem with a couple of them breaking at the base. I find that applying with just the end of the lipstick being wound up prevents this from happening, lesson learnt!


"You Had Me At Hello"


"Born With It"


Stay tuned for part 2 :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nail Art Wednesday

If you follow Kat on Instagram, you would have been delighted by her wonderful photos of various flowers. It was viewing these photos that inspired this nail look.

Models Inc "Diamond Shine", Australis "#bethatgirl", Ulta3 "Honolulu and Australis "Glitter Strikes Back"

I began with a champagne base colour. On the fingers that I wanted to replicate a flower design, I applied another coat of the base polish. While still wet, I dotted on the purple polish, then yellow in the centre. Using a toothpick, I dragged the yellow polish out from the middle, in the hope of creating a design reminiscent of a pansy. On the remaining nails I applied the glitter topper, "Empire Strikes Back".

I hope I did justice to these beautiful flowers :)

I just linked this post to Monday Makeup Madness over at Fabulous and Fun Life 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Models Prefer Retractable Eyebrow Pencil

In an attempt to try some different eyebrow pencils, which I'm loving using rather than powder lately, I purchased the Retractable Eyebrow pencil from Priceline's own brand, Models Prefer. It had me at "retractable".

From the Priceline website- "Super long wearing pencil. Smudge-proof and waterproof with an easy and accurate application."

Nice addition of the spoolie one end with the pencil at the other.

I like how tightly wound and stiff the spoolie is. It's not too harsh, but makes for better taming of my often unruly brows.

The pencil has a dramatic slant and is quite large compared to the brow pencils I have used. It is soft and easy to use. I find that it fills in the brows well with it's pigmented colour.

The brow pencil really does not budge, smudge or fade. It lasts and lasts. 

The only issue I have, is that I find the pencil tip too big for my liking. I prefer a smaller tip to draw on finer strokes. I find it looks more natural. Being larger, I don't feel I have quite the control that I'd like. 

Now, I would like to point out that I am still a newbie when doing my brows, so a more experienced brow master would most likely not have a problem.

The Models Prefer retractable Eyebrow pencil is a very good brow product, especially for the low price. I think I should continue using it to see if I can get used to the application.

What do you use to enhance your brows?

Thursday, 19 November 2015

MBA Cosmetics "Molten Metals"

A stocktake of my makeup revealed that I certainly did not need to add any more mineral eye shadows. But, after seeing the "Molten Metals" on offer at MBA Cosmetics shadow collection, I had to have them!

Set of 6 metallic eye shadows

Golden shimmer

Metallic bronze brown

Deep golden hue

Golden olive green

Metallic copper red

Rich wine shade

These eye shadows really come to life over a sticky base, as you can see in the swatches. The metallic finish is just beautiful and vibrant. I adore these pigmented shadows, they have a lovely formula and are easy to work with. I just make sure to pat onto my lids with a brush, rather than swipe.

I am so glad that I followed my heart rather than my brain when it came to purchasing these eye shadows. Sure I didn't need them, but I am oh-so-in-love!

I'll be including this post over at Fabulous and Fun Life for the Monday Makeup Madness link-up party :)