Thursday, 26 November 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Lipsticks Part 1

Some time ago, I placed quite a decent order of lipsticks through online shopping website Freedom Makeup. They are called Pro Lipsticks. This post has been a long time coming, but applying one lipstick a day takes time, lol.

Typical lipstick tube.

I like the addition of the lipstick shade on the bottom of each tube. It certainly makes it easier when searching for a particular colour.

The formula is definitely moisturising. They almost feel like a balm on the lips.

As you will see from the following swatch photos, they are not deeply pigmented. Each swatch being about 3 swipes of lipstick. This makes them great everyday lipsticks. I don't always want a punchy colour on my lips, sometimes I want my lids to do all the talking.

As much as I really liking the formula, I have had a problem with a couple of them breaking at the base. I find that applying with just the end of the lipstick being wound up prevents this from happening, lesson learnt!


"You Had Me At Hello"


"Born With It"


Stay tuned for part 2 :)


  1. Great Swatches, they look great.
    Sound perfect for daily wear!

    1. Thanks Nerida. These are perfect easy to wear lipsticks xx

  2. I really love these shades, pity some broke at the base though.Mannequin looks like a great nude!

    1. I know, it sucked that they broke so easily. Luckily, they are so affordable to replace xx