Sunday, 15 November 2015

Skinn by Dimitri 3 Minute Lip Party Plumping Gel Mask

A mask for the lips? I had to try it, well it did come in a skin care pack from the addictive TVSN (story of my life, lately!)

Taken from the Skinn website- "Plump and prep your lips with out Lip Party Gel Mask. Works in 3 minutes and lasts for hours for that "bee stung" lips look."

The mask comes in a simple jar with screw top lid.

Doesn't that pink creamy gel look good enough to eat!

I just apply like lip balm, I dip my finger in and smear across my lips. The directions say to just remain within the lips, but I generally go over my lip line by accident. 3 minutes is really only needed to get results.

Using this mask will undoubtedly cause a reaction. My lips felt warm and become numb during use, not unlike a lot of lip plumpers available. The feeling remained even a few minutes after removal, which I did easily with a wash cloth, although I did just read that you only need to remove with a tissue. 

My lips did appear slightly fuller. Around the lip area, if I messily apply the mask, the skin becomes red, but was not at all sore. As for the result lasting hours, it lasted a couple, but not for a whole day. Mind you, the result could vary if I wipe off with a tissue, rather than the wet cloth like I have been. I must try it to see if there's a difference.

The 3 Minute Lip Party Plumping Gel Mask is more cosmetic than skin care, I'm not sure just what long term benefits it gives your lips, but it does give an instant visible plumping effect.

 Lips Before.

During treatment.

...and after!

As directions state I use this mask as an occasional treatment. I think it would be great for a special outing. 


  1. I got this as part of a pack but I've been scared to use it lol :-) looks like it works well!! Xx

    1. I've only used it a couple of times, I think it's more of a "special occasion" kind of product. Not scary, tho, lol xx

  2. I can't get over the pinkness of it! Love trying lip plumpers though and this one sure looks interesting :D