Saturday, 28 February 2015

Kim Kardashian "Glam"

Description- "Glam is a floral-fruity fragrance with powdery-woody musky background. It opens with accords of watermelon, juicy red berries and citrus. The heart encompasses flowers of star jasmine, tuberose and rose absolute. The final trail consists of orris butter, sandalwood and musk."

Upon first spray I am greeted by the sweet, heady, white floral that  is tuberose. The fruity tang only enhances the gardenia florals. I do like the tuberose note, and must say that it is done well in this fragrance, even if it almost makes me sneeze, lol.

During wear, the sandalwood is more noticeable, but not too loud as to take away the fresh, Spring feel of this perfume.

Kim Kardashian fan I am not. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, I just simply don't care. Her perfumes on the other hand, I must say appeal to me. I have 2, and would consider adding this one to my collection.

Have you tried any KK perfumes?

Friday, 27 February 2015

Mirenesse Whipped BB Moisture Fill

Today I have a Mirenesse product to review for you. This has been in my stash for some time, just waiting in line for its turn to be used.

I bought Mirenesse Whipped BB Moisture Fill when it was on sale (the only time I will buy products from the website!) and what made it even better value was that at the time I was a VIP member, which meant free delivery.

This product is a primer containing 3D Halo Spheres and botanical moisturisers with hyaluronate,  Formulated to provide a soft focus effect on the skin. Not only does it prime skin, it also creates a barrier to hydrate. It also has an SPF 10.

The tapered bottle is a 40g size. It fits easily in the hand.

If you pop off the lid, there's a sponge for application. But, if you unscrew, a nozzle is revealed.

The consistency is indeed light, almost like it has been whipped.

To apply I prefer to use the nozzle and blend onto my face with my fingers. I have not used the the sponge yet, concerned that I'll lose some product due to absorption. 

As you could imagine, the whipped formula means that the primer glides easily over my skin. 

It feels so light during wear, yet I feel it is providing adequate hydration.

The products adds a soft focus veil to my skin. If it wasn't so light, I would be content to wear it on its own on no makeup days. 

It evens out my skintone and reduces the look of fine lines by filling them in, yet not at all being cakey on my skin. Primes beautifully, preparing for foundation application.

I have to say that this would be my favourite primer, in fact it's the best I have used up until now.

I have applied the primer to the right side of my face only.  It's almost like a light has been shone on the side I am wearing product. Can you see why I love it!

What's your current fave primer?

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Doll Challenge Day 8- Claws

Do you know how hard it is to try and come up with a nail look, with no theme. Unlike the Creative challenge, this time I had too many ideas. I mean, this was a challenge, so I wanted to provide a good entry.

 Foils provide such an eye catching effect on nails. I didn't want just the one colour, so chose 3 different foils. Although the foils are what make the look, I wanted a dark, but not black base colour. Using Sally Hansen "Save the Date" meant that any gaps in the foil would reveal the gorgeous bordeaux shade. 

To add another dimension (I know, as if foils wasn't enough) With Orly "Liquid Vinyl" I stamped on a criss-cross checker plate design.

 Inside with flash

 In natural sunlight

I really loved how this mani turned out.

Well that completes the Doll Challenge

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Doll Challenge Day 7- Barbie

"I'm a barbie girl..." I tell you, I was't feeling all plastic fantastic recreating barbie. Sounded easy in my head, but one of my products was dead set on ruining any chance of me having anything worth sharing for Day 7 of the Doll Challenge, I'll show you what I used, then I'll explain.

Covergirl Outlast 3-in-one Foundation
Covergirl Professional Loose Powder
Inouvi "Candy Blush"
88 Warm Palette

NYX "Milk" Jumbo Eye Pencil
88 Warm Palette
Urban Decay "Bourbon" and "Midnite Cowboy" 24/7 Eye Liners

Gorgeous Cosmetics "Scarlette" Lip Pencil
Sleek "Milkshake" Pout Paste
NYX "Milk" Jumbo Eye Pencil

 For this look, I wanted to create a matte and lighter base than my skintone, as you can see in this photo! I used my daughter's foundation and powder. I followed Kandee Johnson's barbie tutorial, I use the word followed loosely, she looks unbelievably good! 

The eye look consisted of NYX "Milk" Jumbo pencil on my lids. I then applied Urban Decay "Bourbon" 24/7 Eye Liner to my crease, then blended that out with a dark neutral from the 88 Palette. This is where I faced a problem, I wanted white liner on my lower waterline. Face of Australia Eye Liner was my lightest liner. I proceded to line my waterline, only to discover it irritated my eyes. As in, I could not stop "crying". Normally, that would have been fine starting over again, except I had applied my face products, and had spent so long adding little contour touches with a neutral shadow. So the lot had to come off, and I had to begin again. I was so crushed, but I was determined to complete the barbie look, so at almost 11pm, I started again, lol.

Everything went back on my face, this time I used Urban Decay "Midnite Cowboy" on my waterline. I use this everyday, and knew that I wasn't going to react badly to it. Finished my lips, then decided I wanted to add a little more liner to the edges of my waterline, as Kandee had. Fantastic, I was DONE, until I come to the realisation that I had accidentally used the FOA liner. 

I quickly grabbed my camera to take some shots before the watering began, sufficed to say, I wasn't able to take the hundreds I normally take to get usable photos. I was NOT starting over, lol. 

So, this is what sad, middle aged Barbie with brown eyes looks like, lol. It could be the best selling Barbie yet!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Doll Challenge Day 6- Glitter

I love playing with glitter, I hate removing it, especially from my face. But, Day 6 of the Doll Challenge called for glitter, and I was going to deliver!

MUA Cosmetics "Twilight" Glitter Eye Palette
Glitter Pieces

88 Warm Palette
Mirenesse "Black" Longwear Gel
MUA Cosmetics "Twilight" Glitter Eye Palette
Prestige "My Blackest Lashes" Mascara

Maybelline "Shocking Coral" ColorSensational lipstick
Espionage Cosmetics "Whamm" Mineral Pigment

I began with creating a rather thick winged liner, using Mirenesse "Black" Longwear Gel. I then patted the lightest colour from the MUA "Twilight" Glitter Eye Palette. This took a lot of time and product, as it was hard to get the glitter to show up, as it was getting rather lost in the black liner. Then, with all that cream product, it just slid, and transferred onto my hooded crease, so no EOTD shots for this one. I applied the blue glitter from the same palette over brown liner along my lower lashline.

After applying the Natio BB Cream, I dabbed my fingers first in the purple glitter and patted the cream onto my cheeks and up to my brow bone. I highlighted the top of my cheeks with pieces of opalescent glitter, that appears to be have been a waste of time, because I could not capture it, no matter what angle I photographed from. Sigh. Anyway, I then used the darker pink glitter cream underneath the purple, to kind of contour.

Lips were fairly simple. I applied Maybelline "Shocking Coral" lipstick, then patted on Espionage "Whamm" Mineral Pigment with my finger. Just love the glittery pinky coral finish.

I have quickly discovered that glitter is really hard to capture on a camera. But, I did have fun getting all glittery. Removing it wasn't so fun. I was still seeing the odd sparkle days after creating this look.

Stay tuned for Days 7 and 8 :)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Doll Challenge Day 5- Creative

This was the day of the Doll Challenge that I was concerned about, SPFX, or for those that don't, just be creative. Well, I don't have any SPFX products, but the option of being creative wasn't exciting me, either. I was really stumped, no ideas would come to mind.

A google image search gave me a great idea. Creative, yet fairly easy to do.

Revlon Whipped Colorstay Foundation
MAC Mineralize Concealer
Mirenesse Studio Magic BB Pore Powder
Rimmel "Sparkling Black" ScandalEyes eye liner

88 Warm Palette
Mirenesse Black Longwear Gel
Prestige "My Blackest Lashes" mascara

Models Prefer "Lasting Berry" Infinite Lip Liner
NYX "Milk" Jumbo Eye Pencil

I went with a "Pop Art" theme!

Thanks to youtube, I followed a tutorial to get this look. I'm missing the really cool dots that I was supposed to create. It looks awesome, but I was doing this before bed, and really didn't have the energy to draw on evenly spaced dots all over my face.

With a black eye liner, I traced various outlines and contours of my face. I then finished off my lips with a small swipe of the NYX "Milk" Jumbo Pencil. I also opted for false lashes, to add more drama.

Oh, and obviously messy hair was a requirement, lol

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Doll Challenge- Days 2 to 4

If you read my previous post, I told you about the 8 Day Doll Challenge. Because Day 2, 3 and 4 are fairly easy challenges, I thought I'd just share them in the one blog post.

Day 2- Skin Care Favourites/Regime

 This is my current skincare regime.

AM- Ciencia8 Cleanse8 Creme
Ciencia8 Preparation8 
Skinn Hylighten Eye Serum
Rawskinceuticals SPF 45 Lotion

PM- Coconut Oil cleanse if I'm wearing makeup
Ciencia8 Preparation8
Skinn Hylighten Eye Serum
Ciencia8 Lipcorrect8
Ciencia8 Arestaline8
Thursday Plantation Macadamia Hydrating Oil
Reorganize Night Eye Balm

Treatments- Each product used 3 x weekly
Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
BioCell Hydrofusion Masque
EnergEyes Eye Mask

I would love to continue with Ciencia8, but my bank balance has other ideas. The Skinn products are still fairly new in my regime, so time will tell if I need to repurchase. What I definitely will be buying again is Rawskinceuticals sunscreen, it is so great to use, which I will go into more detail in an upcoming review.

Day 3- Makeup Setup

 I have the slim plastic drawer towers for mineral eye shadows. A couple of drawers also store cream eye shadows, lip liners and eye primers. The pink stationary drawers holds face products, single eye shadows, blushes, lipstick and lip glosses. I have mascaras, eye liners and brushes in cutlery holders. 

What do you think of my cake tier come perfume holder? :) 

 This bedside table contains my eye shadow is full.

The plastic pink tub is what I put the makeup products that I use on a daily basis, or trying to use up. The black rectangular cube thingy holds the brushes I am using for the week. These sit in the bathroom.

Day 4- Brushes

My brush collection. The ones at the front are my favourite.

Everyday Minerals Flat-top Kabuki, Eye Kabuki, Concealer and Pencil brushes. 
Real Techniques Fluffy Eye Shadow brush.
Stylemaster Eye Shadow brush.
Lip brush I bought from BigW
Manicare Angled Eyeliner brush.
Random fan brush, not sure of the brand, I love to apply blush with this brush.

As you can see, I do not discriminate. A brush just has to preform, I don't care what brand it is.

The next challenges are when the fun starts! :)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Doll Challenge Day 1- MOTD

What is the Doll Challenge? Well, I'm glad you asked. It is a tag that was created on Instagram by @celiaspainmua. It involves 8 themes over 8 days. I thought that it would be fun (and a little challenging) to do, and of course wanted to share it with you, too.

Day 1- MOTD (makeup of the day)
Yes, this one was an easy challenge. I went with a simple, every day look.

Mirenesse Poreless Primer
Revlon Whipped Colorstay foundation
Mirenesse Studio Magic BB Pore Powder
L'Oreal blush

88 Warm Palette
Mirenesse "Black" Longwear Gel
Glo-Minerals "Charcoal" Precise Micro Liner
Urban Decay "Midnight Cowboy" 24/7 Liner

DIY Lip Palette (Can't recall brand of the shade I used)

Stay tuned for more Doll Challenges :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Stocktake- Palettes

Ok, so this is where I'm way out of control, some people may say I'm a hoarder. What can I say? I love my eye shadows, especially palettes. 

Oh, I can't forget the few palettes I hauled for my birthday and Christmas presents. They're here. In a few months, I will endeavor to do a proper stocktake that will include number of items. I think that's when it will scare me, lol.

I really do love palettes, can you tell! :)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Although I now prefer to use a cream cleanser, Biore's newest cleanser appealed to my curiosity. Charcoal is known for its ability to draw out impurities. Being an ingredient in a cleanser means that there's hope for those clogged pores.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser comes in a large 200ml bottle.

Having a pump top is convenient and easy for dispensing product, especially for a bottle of this size.

The colour reminds me of licorice, in gel form. The cleanser is rather thick in consistency.

I use this cleanser as part of my morning skincare routine. To cleanse my skin, I find that even one full pump is too much, I probably use half that amount. I find that on wet skin, I can work the product into a creamy lather. It doesn't seem to get too soapy, which I like.

I do enjoy using this cleanser in the morning, as there is a slight cooling effect, which not only makes my skin feel like it has been deep cleansed, but is also invigorating.

I haven't had congested pores of late, so the cleanser is doing a wonderful job. 

It is not a harsh product, my skin has never felt stripped after use. This can often be the case with skincare products formulated for oilier skinned users. I find the cleanser is quite gentle. 

Biore has some wonderful products, and this cleanser is one of them. An added bonus is that it comes at a budget friendly price.

Is your main skin concern oily, congested skin? If so, do give Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser a try! :)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Simple NOTD Sunday- Maybelline Color Show "Pink Cosmo"

I love nail polish, but am not swayed by a certain brand. The colour is what normally draws me to a purchase. Paying a low amount is also a definite bonus. That's the case with Maybelline Color Show nail polishes. I love each one I own. Certainly great polish for the budget price.

A glowing example is "Pink Cosmo".

This shade is such a gorgeous metallic rose gold. It's a great colour for Summer, especially if you want to tone down those brighter shades, without resorting to a basic nude.

What nail polish are you currently wearing?

Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day Makeup

When I think of Valentine's Day, many things come to mind. Love hearts, teddy bears, chocolates, flowers and sweet, romantic cards.

How I celebrate this day? Not much really. I might buy a box of chocolates for hubby and I to share between ourselves in bed, when the kids are asleep, and a glass or 2 of wine. Really it's just an excuse for us to indulge in chocolate.

One thing that I always love to do is create a Valentine's makeup look.

I instantly think of the colours red and pink, so I had a look through my stash to find the perfect shades.

Revlon Whipped Colorstay Foundation
Silk Naturals Date Bait finishing powder
Madd Style Cosmetics "Rebel Lollipop" blush

Maybelline "Barely Beige" Color Tattoo
Silk Naturals "Jelly Bean" eye shadow
Random wine coloured eye shadow
88 Warm Palette
YBF Universal Taupe Brow Pencil

Smashbox "Smashing Print" lip liner
Sleek "Milkshake" Pout Paste
NYX "Hebe" lipstick

To create this eye look, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Barely Beige" as a base on my lid. Concentrating on the center of my lid, I then patted on a little Silk Naturals "Jelly Bean", such a pretty pink, then on the outer part of my lid, I patted just a small amount of the wine coloured loose mineral, just to subtly darken the outer edge. 

Using my 88 Warm Palette, which I love, I used a pale cream to highlight just under my brows, then used a neutral in my crease as a transition colour. I then applied some burgundy eye shadow, blending really well with a fluffy brush. Once I was happy, I used a dark matte brown in the outer edge of my crease, then blended that out also.

I attempted a lip ombre, beginning with Smashbox "Smashing Print lip liner, to obviously line my lips, using quite a thick line, without filling in the whole lip. I dabbed on Sleek Pout Paste in  "Milkshake", making sure to concentrate on the central area. I brushed NYX"Hebe" on the outer area of my lips.Unfortunately, it wasn't quite right, looking like I had the 90s dark lip liner look, lol, not quite blended enough to create the gorgeous graduated effect of an ombre.

So 'fess up, do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Armani Code "Luna Giorgio Armani"

Hmmm Armani, well, doesn't that conjure up images of sophistication, elegance and wealth. I'm none of these, but I was willing to try an Armani perfume on my laid back, casual self.

Description- "The composition is sensual; citrusy, floral, oriental. The top notes are Italian bergamot accords and petit grain. The heart includes orange blossom absolute and mirabillis. While the base consists of vanilla pod."

Upon dabbing this perfume on my skin, I was met with a concoction that I was not expecting. I couldn't quite put my finger on what I was smelling exactly. It was rich, slightly spicy, with a floral sweetness, but what did it remind me of? A quick search of the perfume description, also led me to some reviews. For want of a better example, some one hit the fragrance on the is a little like sarsaparilla. Yeah, not quite something that you would associate with the likes of Armani.

The "sarsaparilla"  phase soon morphs once the perfume dries on the skin. Oh, it's still there, but in the background, way in the background. It becomes more of a juicy, tart orange, mingled with oriental spices and floral.

During wear, the rich notes softly waft from time to time.

Luna Giorgio Armani certainly is elegant. She can walk a red carpet, yet if you look close enough, you'll catch that twinkle, revealing that she's not afraid to have some fun.

Have you worn a perfume that you weren't sure of, only to find that it changes on your skin into something you enjoy?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Stocktake- Mineral Eye Shadows

Now that I am onto eye shadows, this is where my biggest "problem" lies. Here are my loose mineral shadows. For years I have been obsessed with mineral makeup. I'll show you..


 Whites, greys, silvers


 Peach, oranges, coppers









 Box of shadows that I am yet to find storage space for

Samples (211 in total)

Hmmm, no more buying eye shadows, right? Well, I can't guarantee that, but I'll try!

For reference, my March 2013 collection can be viewed here. Let's just say, I may have  added a few to my mineral makeup eye shadows.