Saturday, 7 February 2015

My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics Lipsticks

Please be warned, this post is very picture heavy. I have photos of me wearing all of the 21 lipsticks that I recently ordered from MBA Cosmetics as part of my Christmas/Birthday haul. I must say that over the past couple of weeks, I have had a lot of fun wearing the various shades, even the not-so-wearable colours. Let me show you :)

 Peach- I so love this peachy nude!

Bare- This is the perfect nude lipstick!

 Drama Queen- A lovely muted pink

 Wild Orchid- This pastel purple is rather...bright

 Hynotic- So baby blue isn't my thing for lips, but hey, it was worth a try ;P

Flaunt- Loving this coral pink lip colour!

Medusa- I know, it's green, but I actually don't hate it :)

 Flirt- This mauve/pink is a great Summer lip colour!

 Pink-A-Boo- That application is terrible, anyway, moving on...this pink is adorable!

Grape Crush- I never would have thought that I'd like wearing purple on my lips!

 5th Element- Bright orange/red, that I find surprisingly wearable

 Nemesis- Deep purple

 Truth or Dare- This fuchsia lipstick made me swoon!

 Teal With It- Just wear it with confidence? No, the dark teal just isn't working for me :)

 OCD- Another bright pink shade that I adore. What can I say? I love pink!

 Violet Riot- Dark indigo purple, it needs to be worn with attitude, don't you think? :)

Miss Monroe- Stunning red

 Aquatic- Poorly applied aqua lipstick

Burlesque- This purple colour is so flattering on the lips

Fire Island- Marsala anyone?

Cranberry- Such a lovely deep plum.

These lipsticks are smooth, pigmented and moisturising. They are so long lasting, too. Some outlasting a meal, which is rather impressive! If you haven't tried MBA Cosmetics, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some beauty products.


  1. Good introduction to an unfamiliar brand! I find that as I get older, I get a little more adventurous with colours. Love the first shade on you!

    1. I'm the same, hun, I now like to try new shades, where previously I stuck to mainly nudes and pinks :)

  2. Bare and flaunt look absolutely stunning on you!! I love the out there shades too

    1. Thank lovely. Yeah, those crazy colours were a lot of fun to try xx

  3. Oh Indie! You must have had heaps of fun trying on those adorable lipsticks! It would have taken me hours if that was me! LOL
    I absolutely love your big smile wearing Wild Orchid! It's bold and fun and made me smile! I can't pick a favorite at the moment but bright and bold lipsticks actually suits you very well!
    P.S. I can't help it! I have to list my faves! haha (Wild Orchid, Flaunt, Flirt, 5th element, Truth or dare, OCD, Fire Island, Cranberry and favorite on you Burlesque!)

    1. I really did enjoy trying out all the lipstick shades. It actually took me days, because my lips can get sensitive, and if I was to wipe off and reapply, they'd be so sore. So 2-3 is all I tried each day.
      There's so many that I want to buy full sizes of, but like you, I'm on a spending ban :(