Sunday, 8 February 2015

Skinn By Dimitri ABC Triple Action Peel

I often get tempted by many of the products offered on TVSN. Most of the time I can resist, but there are times that I get caught up in the moment, falling for claims and a special price. One of these times led me to buying some Skinn by Dimitri items, including the ABC Triple Action Peel.

This interesting double barreled syringe holds the product.

The ABC Triple Action Peel contains a cocktail of actives, including Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Beta Hydroxy and Vitamin C. The formula offers a time-release system, so that these hero ingredients can do their magic, but slowly, meaning that there is less of a chance for skin irritation.

Promising to reveal younger, more radiant looking skin, reducing the look of lines and pores. I had to buy a pack. Hoping that I could make my skin look its best for my upcoming (at the time) 40th birthday.

 The rectangular cap reveals the nozzle.

Gently pressing in the end, as you would a syringe, releases a cream and gel.

To apply, I mixed gently in the palm of my hands, then patted gently onto my face and neck. 

As instructions state I did not to rub the product into my skin, and made sure that I avoided the corners of the nose, mouth and eyes.

My skin did not become irritated during use, not even a tingle, something I have become accustomed to with peels.

After leaving on for 15 minutes, I then washed off with warm water.

The result after rinsing, was soft, clean looking skin. Typical to the way my skin will look after using almost any mask. However, I did notice after using the 4 syringes, once a week, I did see a more radiant appearance to my skin which seemed to have a more lasting effect.

The only problem I have experienced is a couple of pimples after using. Maybe it's my skin purging, but I thought it was worth noting for this review.

I must say that Skinn By Dimitri ABC Triple Action Peel is a lot more than a gimmicky product. It would be perfect for those interested in results from a peel, without the harsh reactions.

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