Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Doll Challenge Day 7- Barbie

"I'm a barbie girl..." I tell you, I was't feeling all plastic fantastic recreating barbie. Sounded easy in my head, but one of my products was dead set on ruining any chance of me having anything worth sharing for Day 7 of the Doll Challenge, I'll show you what I used, then I'll explain.

Covergirl Outlast 3-in-one Foundation
Covergirl Professional Loose Powder
Inouvi "Candy Blush"
88 Warm Palette

NYX "Milk" Jumbo Eye Pencil
88 Warm Palette
Urban Decay "Bourbon" and "Midnite Cowboy" 24/7 Eye Liners

Gorgeous Cosmetics "Scarlette" Lip Pencil
Sleek "Milkshake" Pout Paste
NYX "Milk" Jumbo Eye Pencil

 For this look, I wanted to create a matte and lighter base than my skintone, as you can see in this photo! I used my daughter's foundation and powder. I followed Kandee Johnson's barbie tutorial, I use the word followed loosely, she looks unbelievably good! 

The eye look consisted of NYX "Milk" Jumbo pencil on my lids. I then applied Urban Decay "Bourbon" 24/7 Eye Liner to my crease, then blended that out with a dark neutral from the 88 Palette. This is where I faced a problem, I wanted white liner on my lower waterline. Face of Australia Eye Liner was my lightest liner. I proceded to line my waterline, only to discover it irritated my eyes. As in, I could not stop "crying". Normally, that would have been fine starting over again, except I had applied my face products, and had spent so long adding little contour touches with a neutral shadow. So the lot had to come off, and I had to begin again. I was so crushed, but I was determined to complete the barbie look, so at almost 11pm, I started again, lol.

Everything went back on my face, this time I used Urban Decay "Midnite Cowboy" on my waterline. I use this everyday, and knew that I wasn't going to react badly to it. Finished my lips, then decided I wanted to add a little more liner to the edges of my waterline, as Kandee had. Fantastic, I was DONE, until I come to the realisation that I had accidentally used the FOA liner. 

I quickly grabbed my camera to take some shots before the watering began, sufficed to say, I wasn't able to take the hundreds I normally take to get usable photos. I was NOT starting over, lol. 

So, this is what sad, middle aged Barbie with brown eyes looks like, lol. It could be the best selling Barbie yet!


  1. What a drama! At least you're not teary & red-eyed in the pics. Kandee Johnson's amazing, isn't she?
    You do a great ombré lip! I'm curious for tomorrow's challenge.

    1. Thanks hun. I'm just glad the Barbie one is out of the way, lol!