Friday, 20 February 2015

The Doll Challenge- Days 2 to 4

If you read my previous post, I told you about the 8 Day Doll Challenge. Because Day 2, 3 and 4 are fairly easy challenges, I thought I'd just share them in the one blog post.

Day 2- Skin Care Favourites/Regime

 This is my current skincare regime.

AM- Ciencia8 Cleanse8 Creme
Ciencia8 Preparation8 
Skinn Hylighten Eye Serum
Rawskinceuticals SPF 45 Lotion

PM- Coconut Oil cleanse if I'm wearing makeup
Ciencia8 Preparation8
Skinn Hylighten Eye Serum
Ciencia8 Lipcorrect8
Ciencia8 Arestaline8
Thursday Plantation Macadamia Hydrating Oil
Reorganize Night Eye Balm

Treatments- Each product used 3 x weekly
Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
BioCell Hydrofusion Masque
EnergEyes Eye Mask

I would love to continue with Ciencia8, but my bank balance has other ideas. The Skinn products are still fairly new in my regime, so time will tell if I need to repurchase. What I definitely will be buying again is Rawskinceuticals sunscreen, it is so great to use, which I will go into more detail in an upcoming review.

Day 3- Makeup Setup

 I have the slim plastic drawer towers for mineral eye shadows. A couple of drawers also store cream eye shadows, lip liners and eye primers. The pink stationary drawers holds face products, single eye shadows, blushes, lipstick and lip glosses. I have mascaras, eye liners and brushes in cutlery holders. 

What do you think of my cake tier come perfume holder? :) 

 This bedside table contains my eye shadow is full.

The plastic pink tub is what I put the makeup products that I use on a daily basis, or trying to use up. The black rectangular cube thingy holds the brushes I am using for the week. These sit in the bathroom.

Day 4- Brushes

My brush collection. The ones at the front are my favourite.

Everyday Minerals Flat-top Kabuki, Eye Kabuki, Concealer and Pencil brushes. 
Real Techniques Fluffy Eye Shadow brush.
Stylemaster Eye Shadow brush.
Lip brush I bought from BigW
Manicare Angled Eyeliner brush.
Random fan brush, not sure of the brand, I love to apply blush with this brush.

As you can see, I do not discriminate. A brush just has to preform, I don't care what brand it is.

The next challenges are when the fun starts! :)


  1. You are AMAZINGLY organised! Well done! Love a deep cleansing mask!

  2. Omg i need a cake tier as my perfume holder, I love it!!

    1. So cute, hey! I got the idea thanks to Pinterest xx

  3. Everything looks neatly placed in it's own space IndieAna. I love the slim drawers for the mineral shadows.

  4. I use the Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil as my body oil when I want to pamper my skin. My skin soaks it up quickly and I don't find it sticky even though I use it during summer time. The smell is fantastic as well!

    1. I love the smell, too. My skin loves this oil xx

  5. I've got the same macadamia oil, it was from bh. I love it at night time too. I'm not usually keen on lavender, but I find this to be a great pre-sleep relaxing scent.
    It looks like so much product when you put it all together like that! You've even got a million brushes!

    1. I got the macadamia oil from BH, too. Like you, I generally hate the smell of lavender, but it's so lovely when applied, I find it relaxing, too