Sunday, 29 November 2015

Skinn Olive and Enzyme Rich Balm Cleanser

I've been using, and loving many products from the Skinn range. It was only natural that I would want to try the cleansers, too. Since it was the first cleanser I used out of the am/pm duo, today I am reviewing the cleanser for night time use.

Taken from Skinn- "This sweet-smelling, multi-tasking night time cleansing balm, rich in antioxidants, minerals and exfoliating enzymes gently melts away makeup, daily grime, pollution and dead skin cells. It's creamy and buttery texture effortlessly glides onto skin, leaving no unwanted impurities behind. Enriched with skin purifying Orange Peel Oil, soothing and ultra hydrating Olive, Avocado and Sunflower oils, as well as Marigold Extract and sugar-cane derived Squalene to leave skin feeling drenched with moisture and looking superbly radiant."

                                                I bought the large salon size from TVSN.

Handy pump top dispenser.

Thick, creamy consistency.

When I first applied this cleansing balm, I nearly ate it. Lemon meringue pie, omg, smells so so good! 

Now onto the important things, like cleansing the face, lol. I love the thick texture. It is so nice on the skin. It emulsifies during application rather than lathers. 

In the past, I felt that I needed a foaming cleanser, but now I realise that they are often not the best for the skin, often stripping it.

I still oil cleanse first to get rid of the bulk of my makeup. I then apply this balm cleanser. I use 2 pumps for face and neck and massage for a couple of minutes. It has great ingredients for the skin, and none of the bad, so leaving it on for a little extra time is beneficial. 

Although the cleanser has a thick consistency, there is no problem with removal, it washes right off easily.

I really love how my skin feels and looks after I have cleansed. Sure, it's clean, but my skin is also soft and hydrated. I also have a healthy glow, which at my age is much appreciated! 

I also find that anything that is applied afterward gets absorbed quickly, soaking into my skin, not sitting on top of it. And did I mention that it smells so good!!

What is your current cleansing routine?


  1. This sounds like a rich and wonderful cleanser! Love hearing about brands unknown to me through you!

    1. It's quickly become a favourite of mine xx

  2. This sounds like a lovely cleanser with a great range of skin loving oils in it ♥