Friday, 12 September 2014

SOTD- BPAL Paramatman

BPAL was the online company that got me hooked on indie perfume oils. Let's just say, that I now have that addiction under control...somewhat.

BPAL Paramatman perfume oil
Paramatman contains notes of orange blossom, East Indian sandalwood and champaca.  

When I first apply this golden perfume oil, I get a smoky green woodsy scent. It is rather strong, yet upon drydown, it becomes to soften. This is where the zesty, almost bitter orange becomes more noticeable, along with the creamy floral of champaca. To me, after wear, this blend reminds me of smoky, spicy and sweet rose, yet there is no rose in this perfume. 

This is definitely a fragrance for the cooler months, as it is quite deep, dark and rich with an air of mystery. Not quite a full size must have for me, but, wow is this blend complex.

Have you delved into the world of indie perfume oils? 


  1. Oh how I love the fact that my darling Indie is exploring indie perfume oils! From what I can gather there's lots and lots of blends to bedazzle a beginner like me, so thank goodness I can learn from you hon and choose the right ones. Your descriptions are brilliant by the way, so helpful before I take the plunge into this new dimension ♥

    1. oh, it is so addictive! Right down your alley, and with your excellent perfume descriptions, I'm sure you'll be enabling me, too xx