Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Silk Naturals Date Bait

I've had this sample of Silk Naturals Date Bait rolling around in my face products drawer for such a long time. After taking some Stocktake pics of my beauty products, I left this one out of storage. It was time to at least try it.

After searching on the Silk Naturals website, I could only find the bronze version of Date Bait, whereas, I have the original.

Taken from the website "...this will help control oil, but won't dry your skin out. It also has a lot of light diffusers in it so your skin will look smoother and more radiant."

The sample comes in a small jar.  

This photo was taken after I have used the product quite a few times, and still have enough for more applications.

The formula really has a fine silky texture. There appears to be some shimmer, something I'm not a fan of in a face powder. Thankfully, it is not visible once applied.

This version of Date Bait has a pink undertone, I wasn't sure how this would work on my more yellow based skin. But, the tint is so subtle that it is not noticeable once applied over foundation.

I found the blurring effect of this powder to be so flattering.  It's so finely milled that it blends beautifully across the skin, without being cakey. I prefer to use a dense kabuki brush to apply. 

I appreciate that it does not settle into fine lines.

This powder really helps to keep oilies at bay, yet I am confident that it would work well on drier skins, too.

The only issue I've had is trying to get product from the small jar, onto my face brush. Easily fixed by putting in a larger jar, I suppose, lol.

Loving this finishing powder, and would really like to try the bronze tinted version, as I think it would be even better suited :) 

Here's me wearing Date Bait here.

Do you use afinishing powder? What's your fave?

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