Thursday, 5 March 2015

Palette Appreciation- YBF Train Case Makeup Collection Part 1

Because the ybf Train Case Makeup Collection contains 44 pieces, I'm going to split the Palette Appreciation post into 2 parts. This article will be all about the case, the next will be the looks I've been able to create.

I was introduced to the ybf (your best friend) brand whilst watching TVSN. This brand's founder and CEO is former Ford model, Stacey Schieffelin. Her experience during 20 years of being a model gave her an insight into the beauty world that shaped her passion for empowering women, giving them the best of makeup, sourced worldwide. Her passion for her brand doesn't end there, she truly cares for her customers, forging relationships with many around the globe.

2 years back, I just had to buy the train case packed full of goodies. It's no longer available, but I am still reviewing because some of the items are still sold, and although the shades of lipsticks and eye shadows may vary, the quality remains the same.

Isn't she a beauty? Quite appealing to the eye. The case contains two levels, fastened with zips.

 The top level contains eye shadows and lipsticks.

The 2nd compartment contains brow pencil, lipgloss, blush, bronzer, neutralizing cream and powder.


 Lid colours

 Crease colours

The swatches are done on bare skin. The shadows are beautifully pigmented. Quite silky to touch, and don't apply chalky. 

 Lipsticks in compacts 
They are all creamy, and there is a good mix of sheer and opaque finishes.

 Tubed lipsticks

 LOVE these lipsticks!

Automatic Brow Pencil.

An iconic product of the range. 22 shades are achieved, depending on the amount of pressure used during application, so this one pencil can be used by everyone, no matter the colour of your natural brow. 

Neutralizing Creme.

Another universal colour to suit ALL skintones. This is a creme concealer that can be used on dark circles, redness and pimples.

Yellow Neutralizing powder

This pressed powder is made from finely milled Italian powder. It works to even out skintone whilst setting foundation. It also works well to absorb oil, yet doesn't dry out the skin.

 These lip glosses give a sheer shine to the lips without making them tacky. Oh, and they smell and taste so yummy!

Swatch of blush and bronzer

I am so impressed with all of these makeup items. What a perfect travel companion. Almost all makeup needs are covered. 

Because I rarely travel, I am thinking about depotting the shadows into smaller palettes, which will be rather easy, because the compacts are housed in plastic that is rather flexible.

Do you like a large palette such as this one that contains many products, or do you prefer single items?

Stay tuned for the next installment, which will include many makeup looks :)

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