Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Part 1

It is difficult to find a good Aussie indie mineral makeup company that is competitive in regards to the US market. Enter Femme Fatale Cosmetics! This company ticks all the boxes for me..Australian, great prices and fantastic mineral eye shadows. Even though I had put myself on a mineral eye shadow buying ban, I just had to place an order for some samples..a few more samples doesn't count, right? LOL

Samples were free shipping, so I bought more than a few, hence the 2 part blog, lol. The vixen type theme is cute and totally suits the vibrant and predominantly duo chrome colours..I LOVE duochrome and these shadows certainly don't disappoint!

Speaking of which, I'll get straight into it, and start showing pics!

MOONGLOW: Pale blue with gold duo chrome.

HEROIC: Copper peach with gold shimmer.

BE MINE: Bronze gold.

IGNITE: Orange gold.

LOVELY CHARM: Chocolate brown with red undertones.

FLARE: Cherry red with gold shimmer.

I found it hard to choose what colour combination that I would use, I just love all the shadows!! I decided on a vibrant look. I used Moonglow inner lid, Flare on centre, with Haunt in crease.

I am loving Flare in this blog post, so I will have to order again :) The owner has recently added nail polishes to her line, so I know I'll need some of those too!

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