Sunday, 8 January 2012

Birthday Gifts

Once again, I was blessed with some great pressies for my birthday this year. My 37th..Eeeeek!! Firstly, teasing me from my wardrobe was a parcel from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, or BPAL that I ordered early for my birthday, not expecting it until after my birthday, due to the Christmas rush. I received it a few weeks in advance, but was determined not to test any until the 29th birthday! I succeeded!! :) Amongst samples galore, I ordered O, Dana O'Shee, Jezebel and, of course, Snake Oil. These will be reviewed in the near future.

With birthday money, I ordered some pressed eye shadows from Venemous cosmetics and perfumes from Possets (still awaiting orders..impatiently).

Actual gifts received were:

Makeup bag

This bag will be perfect for travel. It's a nice bronze colour, with 3 separate compartments for storage.

I received a cute goodie bag, containing these:

All from brand SHE, I got rosehip oil 2 shadows and a gold eye liner. I am a fan of rosehip oil, it is in my night time routine, I am yet to use this one.
The eye shadows have good pigment and are easy to use. The following swatches are without primer.

The gold eye liner was smooth to apply and was smudge proof. I want to search for more colours, I'm impressed with this eye liner.

After a quick play (and I do mean quick, very far from flawless application, lol) 

The reason for the late "birthday gifts" post was because I was waiting on these..(so worth the wait)

Magnetic nail polishes complete with magnetic designs. The first time I applied these polishes I struggled with using the magnet,but after a couple of re-applying on some nails (thanks to having the magnet too close, thus smudging the polish, and getting it on the magnet) I was finally happy with the result.

It is really quite simple to do. I just applied a thick coat of polish, while wet the magnet needs to be in a position to just hover over the nail for about 5 seconds..a base and top coat can also be applied. That's it!

I prefer the diagonal lines design, I need to try the vertical lines next!I'm so happy with all my gifts, including, how could I forget??.. the yummy chocolates that I received

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