Monday, 9 July 2012

Llarowe Nail Polishes

There is so many blogs that contain photos of Llarowe polishes on nails. After viewing tempting sparkling nail polish pic after pic, I just had to take advantage of a sale from this online nail polish store. There were so many that I wanted to buy, but painstakingly decided on a small order, to make sure that I was satisfied with the products before placing a larger order.


I can't believe that I had the restraint to only buy 4 :) The smaller bottle is 9ml, it is a Glittergal 3D Holographic nail polish in Lizard Belly. This colour does not appear to be listed, it is a charcoal with holographic shimmer. The following pics contain a swatch over black polish and a swatch with the nail polish on its own. I used two coats of polish on each swatch.

The following polishes are from the HITS Mari Moon collection. They come in 6ml bottles.

CUTIE PIE: Blue/purple duochrome.

DARING: Bronzed duochrome 

CHAMELEON: Gold/green duochrome

It was hard to try and capture just how gorgeous these colours are. A quick google search of these nail polishes will result in plenty of blog posts and swatches from much more talented people on the other end of a camera, lol. Some of these colours sell quite quickly, but there are plenty on offer. I wasn't impressed with the brushes of the Mari Moon set, but according to the website, this issue has been rectified. My other complaint would be the colour label is on the brush handle/lid, so it smudges off after twisting on and off. Makes it difficult if you want to replace any colours.
 I was very happy with the quality of the nail polishes, and would like more in future..I just need more storage space!! :)

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