Friday, 25 January 2013

Australia Day Nails

With Australia Day approaching, I wanted to try a fun, yet simple nail look. I had so many ideas, but finally decided on this design

This is what I used:

I began with my much loved Orly Bonder. Never being one to find this step important, I now find this base coat invaluable to the longevity of my nail polish. I am rough on my nails. The saying "Nails are not tools" certainly doesn't apply to me! :/  The sticky base seems to bond the polish to my nails. I have tried Creative Sitcky Base, but Orly Bonder works so much better for me!
I don't have many green nail polishes, especially a brighter green, it's just not a colour that I feel the need to reach for. Just as I was about to settle with a dark green, I stumbled across Sally Hansen Xtreme Hard Wear Nails in Ivy League. I don't actually remember purchasing this polish, but I'm so glad that I did :)
Next was the yellow star design. I have had some cheap nail art polishes that I purchased from ebay a long time ago. I thought my collection needed them, yet this is the first time I've used one. I just wasn't confident enough trying to paint a design. I don't have the most co ordinated hand, lol. This was so easy, just simple strokes. The only problem I came across was that the built in brush shedded badly. I might invest in some decent nail brushes. 
The designs were fine on their own, but I decided to add a piece of glitter to the centre of each design. 
Although I was quite content with my nails at this stage, I thought a shimmery polish over the top would just add to this look. That's when I reached for NYC nail polish in Angel. These nail polishes are quite decent for the cheap price point.
Now that a base coat is a must have, top coat has also become an important step in my nail routine. I have opted for Seche Vite, it certainly lives up to the hype. Seals the nails with a glossy finish, whilst drying super fast, a definite advantage!

I hope you liked my simple nail tutorial :)

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