Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Beautorium Goodies.

Receiving goodies in the mail is one of my favourite things in the world. Only paying $4.95 to cover postage is even better! My home on the interwebs, Beauty Heaven hosts an event called Beautorium. This is  like an online store, but instead of money, items are bought with points that have been accumulated by completing various activities on the site. Beauty Heaven members are so lucky to be rewarded this way.

These are the lovely products that greeted me.

At an attempt to save most of my points, but still wanting to order something, I chose Wet Ones, Nivea In-Shower and Sunsense Tinted SPF Moisturiser. Although, I love to get products that I don't really need, it's also good to grab some products that I use regularly, so save money not having to buy them.

Look at these amazing extras! Better than my original order. I was pleasantly surprised and cannot wait to start using them!

Beautirium is just one of the perks of being part of the Beauty Heaven community :)


  1. Great haul babes!
    I was thinking of grabbing the wet wipes....I dunno why I didn't to be honest. How awesome are the extras!!
    Enjoy your goodies hun xxx

  2. The wipes are so handy! Oh, and I was stoked about the goodies, BH are so generous!

  3. Ooh thrilled you picked up a few treats indie, the freebies were just so good this time around hey? Love the Nivea in shower lotion in fact I can't live without it any more ♡

    1. I think I was more excited about the goodies, lol. I'm the same with the Nivea shower lotion, it's a definite must-have :)