Tuesday, 5 January 2016

December Empties

So it's now 2016 folks, yeah, I can't really believe it, either....

I finished the last month of the year with a nice amount of products used up.

Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil- I was able to use this product, thanks to a giveaway on beauty website, Beauty Heaven. It wasn't too heavy for my face, being quite nice as a replacement night moisturiser. About half-way through the bottle, I had purchased a facial oil, so instead used this as an overnight hair treatment, which the oil was great for my dry, damaged hair.
Repurchase? I would consider another bottle.

Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer- I really enjoyed using this makeup primer. It had a silicone feel, so was like silk when applying to the face. Filling in pores and fine lines, whilst helping my foundation of choice to last longer.
Repurchase? I have some other primers that I would like to try before committing to the price of the SkinPerfect Primer.

Orly Bonder- I have been using the Orly Bonder base coat for some years now. It dries to a tacky finish, so it will fuse with the nail polish, helping it to last longer on the nails.
Repurchase? Orly Bonder has been a staple for me. I am going to try some other brands, but have a feeling I will be coming back to this awesome base coat.

Archetype Cosmetics "Madame Terpsichore"- This loose mineral eye shadow was a gorgeous silvery taupe with loads of shimmer. Just beautiful when applied over a sticky eye shadow base.
Repurchase? This company is long gone now, unfortunately.

Skinn Hand Restore- This anti-aging hand cream is quite rich, yet quick absorbing. It is very moisturising and left my hands lovely and soft.
Repurchase? I received this product as part of a pack on offer previously on TVSN. As nice as it is, I wouldn't seek the hand cream out, but would be happy to use it again.

Biore Self-Heating 1 Minute Mask- This thick mask is simply massaged into the skin for, you guessed it, one minute, then rinsed off. I love the feeling of it warming up on the skin.
Repurchase? I really like how the mask deep cleansed my skin, but I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for in skincare. I'm more wanting anti-aging products for my maturing skin.

Swosh Nail Polish Remover- It was cheap and removed my nail polish, that's all I want from a nail polish remover.
Repurchase? I don't know where I even bought this remover from, but if I saw it I'd buy it, being as budget friendly as it was.

Orly "Liquid Vinyl"- I used this opaque black nail polish in a lot of nail art manis. It is especially good when using it to stamp on designs.
Repurchase? If I can't find another opaque black nail polish, I will buy "Liquid Vinyl" again.

Skinn Lip 6X Lip Amplifying Serum- I use this lip serum as the last step in my morning and evening skincare routines. I'm not sure about the amplifying aspects of this serum, but I just love how it hydrates my terrible dry lips.
Repurchase? I already have a back-up, I don't want to be without it!

Glo Minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner in "Charcoal"- My preference of using this eyeliner was actually to use it after dipping in an eyeliner gel to tightline my upper waterline and also the inner area of my lid, where I like a finer line. Something that I can't seem to achieve with my liner brush.
Repurchase? No, this liner was too stiff a pencil.

RawSkinCeuticals SPF 30- This sunscreen is a physical version, as opposed to chemical, which can actually damage the skin. It is not your typical greasy one. It is natural and vegan.
Repurchase? Yes, this product is my holy grail sunscreen!

Happy New Year!! :)


  1. Can't believe it's 2016 either eeeeeek! Anyway, you did well with your empties. I was using Bonder, but it turned my nice natural nails yellow after my first proper use (or at least I think it did), so I stopped using it.

    1. That's a shame Bonder turned your nails yellow, yuck. I haven't noticed that problem, but I have noticed that it doesn't protect my nails from staining like I thought a base coat should.

  2. I might have to check out the spf when u need a new one!

    1. Nerida, I can't say enough about my love for the RawSkinCeuticals sunscreen xx

  3. I've only used the Orly bonder once. Perhaps I need to give it another chance.

    1. It's been my go-to base coat for so long. But, you know how it is, there's always a new product that tempts us :)