Wednesday, 21 December 2016

PM Skincare Routine

I recently published a blog post on my morning skincare routine, so as promised I am going to show you my evening routine. I do have quite a few products that I use morning and night, but there are some that I use solely at night time.

My evening routine is as follows in order of use

Skinn AM Cleanser
Pretty Damn Precious ACV and Lemon Ferment Toner
Skinn Enriched Softening Essence mixed with a pea sized amount of Skinn Vitamin C powder
Skinn Hylighten Dark Circle Treatment
Hand Chemistry Retin Oil
Skinn Collagensis DWP Age Reset Serum
Skinn Crease Release Eye Contour Serum

Yep, I use a morning cleanser at night! My reason for this is that there's other products waiting in the wings that I want to use, however in conjunction with these products, I can't use a cleanser with any acid based ingredients as it will render them ineffective. I don't want the AM cleansers that I have to go to waste, so am determined to use them first. I figured that focusing only on this cleanser would mean I'll get through them a lot quicker.

Do you finish a product before introducing a new one?


  1. This sounds interesting! I haven't tried any of these before, glad they are working for you though!

    Laura || xx