Monday, 23 October 2017

Jojoba Company Travel Essentias Pack

Obviously having a love of jojoba oil, the Jojoba Company contains the golden oil in their products. Well, it is more of a wax when extracted from the jojoba fruit and is very compatible to our natural oils, so can penetrate deep into the skin.

This company is Australian and delivers natural based, cruelty-free products using jojoba grown from their own farm.

Not being familiar with their products, I bought the Travel Essentials Pack because it is a great way to try the products without committing to full sizes. I purchased this pack at Priceline.

The pack includes Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Day Cream, Intense Overnight Renewal Cream, Lemon and Coconut Hand Cream and Jojoba Oil. Read on for mini reviews of each product.

Lemon and Coconut Hand Cream- First of all, this hand cream smells so good! Tangy, yet creamy, I love it. It is quite light-weight yet hydrating. I like to use this hand cream during the day to give my hands a hit of hydration, whilst absorbing quickly. My hands aren't left greasy, so I continue with my daily tasks.

Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser- This is a cream cleanser with loads of jojoba beads that gently massage the skin. It's a nice creamy cleanser that leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. After use my skin is clean, yet hydrated.

Hydrating Day Cream- I like that the day cream is a light weight formula, I find it perfect for day time use. It absorbs quickly, yet helps to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. 

100% Natural Intense Overnight Renewal Cream- I love how rich this cream is. It's not too thick and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I find it to have a silky, luxurious feel and is a great way to finish off a night-time skincare routine. I wake up with refreshed, hydrated skin.

100% Natural Australian Jojoba- A multi-purpose oil that can be used on body, face, hands, cuticles, hair, lips, you get it, everywhere! I haven't yet tried this oil on my face, but do like to use it in my hair. I have dry, damaged hair that seems to love oils, this one is no exception. Hydrates my hair without weighing it down.

So far I am enjoying the Jojoba Company products and if all continues to go well, I can see some full sized purchases happening in the future. 

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I love the jojoba company oil. I went through a few bottles of it but then I switched to Trilogy Rosehip oil as I had a couple of bottles here so figured Id best make the effort and use them up before purchasing more jojoba oil.
    Im using the jojoba company citrus foaming cleanser at the moment and finding that its lovely for my sensitive skin.

    The hand cream sounds lovely and is not one ive tried yet.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Fawn, I'm certainly interested in trying more products from this brand xx

  2. This looks like a great travel set and a great set to test out the products. I'll have to keep an eye out for this brand, I think I would like to try these.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

    1. It would be perfect for travel, Jenneifer. I like that the kit covers basic skincare needs xx

  3. I love travel packs, lightweight and take minimal space and they are cute too.

    1. I agree, travel sized items are pretty cute xx