Thursday, 20 October 2011

Makeup Storage

Last, but certainly not least in this series of storage solutions, is an entry on how I store my makeup. Of all my collections, my makeup is my pride and joy. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the world of mineral makeup, particularly from online indie companies. Being able to source makeup so cheaply enabled my collection to grow beyond my storage capacity. I went from storing mineral makeup purchases in a cardboard box :/ to purchasing a set of stationary draws. In no time, 5 drawers were not enough, so I continued to buy plastic drawers until I had enough storage for my obsession.

The display folder is where I store my eye shadow samples that come in baggies. My brushes, eye liners and mascaras are stored in cutlery holders.

In one set of plastic drawers are primers, lip balms, neutral shadows, orange/peach shadows and grey/silver shadows. In another set I have pinks, purples, blues and greens. Then in 3 drawer storers I have reds, olive greens, browns, golds, taupes and dark crease colours

I adore all my pretty sparkley shadows, but decided I was in need for some mattes, I've only just started buying these, so my matte collection is quite small, but I'm willing to remedy that :)

In my set of stationary drawers is where I keep mostly mineral foundations, sample eye shadow pots, blushes, lip sticks and lip glosses.

The following picture showcases my non-mineral makeup, that lies quite neglected in a bedside table..somehow, I still keep adding to these items.

I think I have enough makeup to tide me over for a little while.. :)

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  1. Impressive collection! Everything is so well organised and even colour wise! And that is a LOT! Well you can't really have enough makeup can you? :D