Sunday, 16 October 2011

Storing Skincare

Instead of cluttering my small bathroom sink with skincare products, constantly fighting for space with other members' of the family's products, I decided that I wanted to create my own space for skincare. I had planned to purchase one of those shoe storers that hang on a door. Then I happened to come across a luggage hanger at an op shop, of all places, and of course, I thought that it would be a perfect storage solution for my skincare :)

I store day care in the compartment above the night care products. The only items of skincare I keep in the bathroom are cleansers and face masks. I find this convenient, easy access, as it is in my room, plus I can darken the room in the warmer months, so none of the products are in direct sunlight.

Just to show how many products fit in the pockets, here's my collection of skincare products.

It's not huge..but decent, me thinks :)

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