Monday, 27 February 2012

Aromaleigh V 2

After hearing that one of my fave mineral makeup companies, Aromaleigh,  was closing down, I was devastated. I'd only tried the eye shadows and lipsticks, but there were so many unique gorgeous colours, it was a shame to see the owner close shop, due to personal reasons, that need a whole blog post to itself to cover everything!

When these beautiful creations were being discontinued at a cheaper price, you can imagine my disappointment when international shipping was not offered. This closing down sale went on for months. Just when I'd begun to put my disappointment to rest, I found out some absolutely fantastic news, not only were Aromaleigh products being offered to international customers, the shop reopened, under slightly changed name..Aromaleigh V 2, Kristen may not own the company, but she still plays a vital role.

Taken from the site "
Aromaleigh is a cutting-edge cosmetics company at the forefront of the independent mineral makeup revolution. Our micro-formulated products are formulated with pure ingredients, innovation, over a decade of industry experience and creativity... to give you unique, quality makeup.

Our products are never tested on animals and are proprietary formulations, never repackaged.

Women worldwide enjoy our colorful and affordable line of mineral makeup.

Aromaleigh has been providing natural products online since 1998.

Aromaleigh closed in December of 2010, but as of October 1, 2011, Aromaleigh has reopened under new management. Aromaleigh's founder, Kristen Leigh Bell- is now acting as the company's Creative Director and Head of Product Development."

Seeing as I could now place an order, I did, well maybe more than once. I won't put all the purchased eye shadows in one post, but over 4, as I bought current collection products could I not?? ;)

This post is a review of discontinued eye shadows. Some may still be available, but most are now sold out. They're going at $3 each at the moment, so it's worth checking :)

My eye shadows were wrapped in the trademark tissue paper.

Typical sized shadow jars with sifters are used. The label on the bottom includes a list of ingredients.

Now to the important part..the product! :)

PURE EYES MATTE: (No skin swatches, as these eye shadows were too light to show up on my skin)

STARFISH: Orange based neutral.

MAGNOLIA: Plummy brown.

Palmetto: Pale green.

Pine: Mossy green.


REGIFTED: Golden copper.


EOS: Multi-shimmered neutral.

HESTIA: Dusty pink shimmer.

CHRONOS: Dark taupe shimmer.


IMPERVIOUS: Shimmery silver.

CRUCIO: Plum with fuscia and gold shimmer.

The eye shadows have fantastic pigment, adhere well, and are easy to work with.

Now for some EOTDs:

Lid- Regifted, below brows- Starfish and crease- Pine.

Lid is Hestia and in the crease is Magnolia.

Did I tell y'all that I love Aromaleigh??? :) Stay tuned for some future swatches!

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