Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nevermore Body Company

I just cannot get enough of perfume oils! I came across Nevermore Body Company through Heartsy. There was a possibility that Heartsy vouchers were going to be available for this Etsy store so I decided to make a purchase to try out some samples (and a FS!). So far they haven't featured yet, but I'm not disappointed that I gave this seller a try.

In the parcel, as there often is, was the company's card. Bigger than a normal business card, this one cleverly includes a list of products and prices on the back.

I like the labelling, it seems to have an old gypsy-like feel. This theme is universal, carrying across from the perfume oils to lotions, scrubs, soap and the like. The labels on the perfume oils, full sized and samples, appear to be water-proof, which is a definite advantage, as oils can sometimes be messy, running over onto the labels, which I have lost many this way. Can be annoying when a perfume can't be identified due to a missing label!

The full sized perfume oil I purchased was-

Koffin Kake: *Enjoy a mouthwatering fresh baked pumpkin pie with notes of cinnamon and clove covered with a delicious streusel topping as you luxuriate in the scents of Koffin Kake.
A delectable bakery scent. I can imagine the smell of a cake, just as I'm taking a bite of the rich, moist vanillary goodness. Upon drydown, the fragrance develops a creamy quality, as if a huge dollop of thick cream has been added to the cake. Yummmm...


MADAME: *Madame’s golden days of Cabaret brings back the warm and sophisticated, yet subtle blend of apple and oak, with a spice mahogany bouquet, soothing hints of vanilla, cinnamon and dark wood, ripe tones of sweet figs and infused with a blend of tobacco, black tea and fruit spices.
Mysteriously floral and feminine. A sexy, slightly spicy fragrance. Intoxicating.

CHAPITEAU: *The wild, musky scents of the Big Top Circus are combined in Chapiteau as you take in Patchouli and musk accented with hints of violet and sandalwood.
Begins as sweet, sugared flowers. On the skin, I notice an earthiness. All too quickly, this lovely and feminine perfume fades, and I can only smell it on my skin.

VAUDEVILLE: *Freak shows, concert saloons, carnival show and Vaudeville captured in one fragrance of sweet chocolate base with spicy pepper, fresh brewed Espresso and a mouthwatering Merlot wine bouquet of wild grape, strawberry stems and a hint of spice.
To me, this one smells like Black Forest Cake. Rich dark, dark chocolate with sweet syrupy berries. After wear, the chocolate begins to fade, but the rich syrupy berries remain. Nice, and I'm happy to report lasts on me.

BURLESQUE LOUNGE: *True to its name…this musky combination of Patchouli, black leather and tobacco with a floral hint of Frankincense, violet and amber is perfectly blended in fresh lemon, mandarin, juicy plum, red apple, cinnamon and fresh clove, dipped in vanilla and cherry cordial.
Smoky, sweet spices. I can detect fruit, especially apples. I quite like the contrasting notes, that after wear, blend into a soft perfume. Cinnamony sweet fruit, with a smoky edge. I like!

SHERLOCK: *With the rich floral aromas of an English garden experience the scents of damask rose, geranium, patchouli, sweet lavender all combined in a sweet blend of orange honey and smokey vanilla.
Begins quite smoky and spicy. A sweetness emerges after wear reminding me of syrupy fruit. This is similar to Burlesque Lounge, only heavier on the spice. Not as masculine as I was expecting. I like it!

I like the sound of the body butters, so it seems I will need to place another order ;)

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