Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Aromaleigh V2 Starry Nights

Aromaleigh introduced another eye shadow collection, Starry Nights. This collection is described on the site as "...a dramatic collection marked by vivid sparks of color and starry twinkle, inspired by some of the brightest stars in the heavens... and the rich history and mythology behind them. Our color interpretations of each star are artistic renderings drawn from various sources, both scientific, historical and folklore." I promptly ordered a sample set...ahhh, loads of sparkle :)
Please note that there are a LOT of photos!

SPICA: Charteuse green with fuscia sparkle.

POLARIS: Striking silver shimmer.

CAPELLA: Bright gold shimmer.

WE'RE ALL MAD HERE: Pale green with gold shimmer.

ALTAIR: Foiled pink shimmer.

RIGEL: Coppery orange shimmer.

SIRIUS: Silvery white shimmer.

RICTUSEMPRA: Brick red with silver and red shimmers.

BETELGEUSE: Chocolate brown with green shift.

ALDEBARAN: Deep pink shimmer.

PROCYON: Bronzey brown shimmer.

ANTARES: Wine shimmer.

IZAR: Royal purple shimmer.

POLLUX: Steel grey with lavander hue.

REGULUS: Tarnished green with gold shimmer.

SHAULA: Deep purple with mauve shimmer.

BELLATRIX: Lavander blue with gold shimmer.

Now for some EOTDs :)

Lid is Sirius and in the creae I used Shaula.

I used Capella in my inner lid, Betelgeuse on the lid, Regulus in the crease.

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