Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hi Fi Cosmetics

Hi Fi Cosmetics is one of my fave indie mineral makeup brands. I have made many orders, purchasing lip gloss, lip balms and blush as well as eye shadow. I am often wowed by the pigment, ease of use, sparkle and gorgeous duo chrome colours.
 The creator's name is Veronica, and here's what she has to say about her company (taken from her site)"... I specialize in unique, handmade, and highly pigmented mineral cosmetics with lots of sparkle and huge color payoff. I blend all of the colors myself, taking special care to only offer a product that I would use myself. I use these products on my clients, as well as on my own face!! I am a certified makeup artist, and I am glad to help in any way that I can!"
The customer service is great, Veronica is quick to answer any questions.
Unfortunately, the online store is currently closed, but be sure to check it out in August, if you have not purchased before.
The eye shadows come in small squared tubs, and samples are in baggies.
Swatches of my last order are as follows

ADAGIO: *Light copper with fuchsia shimmer.

MELANCHOLY REQUIEM: *Taupe shimmer, that when applied wet, develops a purple hue.

GALACTIC MELT: *Orange sorbet shimmer.

REFLECTION OF SELF: Champagne gold shimmer.

BURN THE WORLD: Burnt orange shimmer.

GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE: Antique gold shimmer.

MIAMI HEAT: Coppery pink.

ALIAS: Bright pink shimmer.

PALE JEWEL: Yellow with pink/ copper flash and bright green shimmer.

CHEMICAL: Icy green shimmer.

COVET RETRIBUTION: Chocolate brown with golden shimmer.

ADRENALINE: Kelly green shimmer.

MERCURY MORNING: Burgundy with multi-colour shimmer.

BOOK OF LOVE: Olive green with blue shimmer.

Blush- DENIAL: Nude pink shimmer.

Lip Glaze- SHALLOW GRAVE: Bronzey brown shimmer.

After having a play I came up with these looks:

In the above pics I used Pale Jewel on inner lid, Mercury Morning on outer lid and Covet Retribution in crease. I have worn Denial blush and Shallow Grave lip glaze.

In this EOTD I used Alias on my lid and Ghosts of Christmas in crease and lower lashline.

Can you see why HiFi Cosmetics is one of my fave online stores? :)

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