Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Madd Style Cosmetix review.

I had purchased from MSC some time ago, from memory I only bought some eye shadow samples. Recently, I come across this online seller on Facebook. I thought I'd revisit and place an order. I had forgotten just how well blended and pigmented these eye shadows were.
In my parcel, along with the ordered products was a small card with product ingredients, cute logo stickers of crossbones behind a sparkling pink diamond. There were also free sample baggies, which I know we all love!

SPRINKLE MIST: Candy pink shimmer.

WEIRD SCIENCE: Metallic green.

HIDDEN TRACK: Neutral gold.

PEEP SHOW: Coral pink with gold shimmer. (currently not listed)

ACID BATH: Lime green with bright blue shimmer.

FINAL FANTASY: Golden green shimmer.

COCOA PUFF: Dark brown. (currently not listed)

LOTUS BLOOM: Pastel green shimmer.

SECRET SINNER: Latte with red shimmer.


On the lid I have applied HIDDEN TRACK, crease and lower lashline is PEEP SHOW.

For this look I used ACID BATH on my inner lid, FINAL FANTASY in my outer crease, under brow and lower lash line, in the crease is WEIRD SCIENCE.

I am yet to try the lip balms, but they smell pretty good.
I so need Secret Sinner in FS, it is gorgeous!! So, another purchase is in order :)


  1. Acid Bath is one of my all time favorite colors!

  2. Beth, I agree that Acid Bath is an awesome colour, I'm glad I bought it in full size...now I've got to get Secret Sinner :)

  3. I love your second look! I am loving the colour weird science!

  4. Thanks Elunia. Yes, the 1st look wasn't a success, but I wanted to try something different, lol. Weird Science is pretty cool. I have to try and refrain, MSC is having a sale in the near future :/