Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Make Up Geek Cosmetics

I love Marlena's (of blog, Simply Marlena) tutorials. Informative, fun to watch and easy to follow. She is also CEO of Makeup Geek an awesome website that is not only a store, but is described as a cosmetic education website. There are tutorials, reviews, a forum and much more, including selected NYX, MAC, Ben Nye and Sugarpill products. What I really wanted to try was Makeup Geek's own line of cosmetics. On offer from this line include eyeshadows, gel liners, lipsticks and brushes. I decided on just a few eyeshadow pans for starters. 

PREPPY: *Neutral matte.

CUPCAKE: *Matte medium pink.

CINDERELLA: *Shimmery nude pink.

TAUPE NOTCH: *Taupe shimmer.

COUNTRY GIRL: *Pinky brown shimmer.

COCOA BEAR: *Reddish brown.

I went for quite a simple look, as this was the reason for the colour selection that I had chosen,  colours that can be worn everyday. I used Cupcake on my lid, Preppy is under my brow and I applied Cocoa Bear in my crease.

Where do I store these eyeshadow pans? In this cute pencil tin

A couple of strips of magnetic tape, and hey presto, a simple pencil tin becomes a cute palette!(the 2 larger pans are shadows that I picked up on clearance price at Priceline) 

I love how easy these eyeshadows are to work with. Very blendable and buildable. I would really like to try the Makeup Geek gel liners, and if I need to try them, I'm sure some more eyeshadows will fall into my "shopping cart" too ;)


  1. I love my MUG shadows. I have five palettes of them. I was lucky enough to pick up some of the pre production cream MUG shadows too.

    The gel liners are really nice. I have four of (fame, electric, twinkle and rave). I love them and will be back to buy more.

    The MUG makeup brushes are nice too - good quality for the price.

  2. Well, I don't need any more encouragement than that to order again from MUG. Thanks for your comment, Kellie :)