Wednesday, 5 December 2012

To Repurchase or not to Repurchase- Elucent Day Moisturiser

Some time ago,  I was given the Elucent Skincare range to trial. I am pleased that I had been given this opportunity, as I previously had not heard of this brand. 
I was happy to see that the Elucent range comes under the "umbrella" of well known and trusted Australian company Ego, so immediately I was expecting a lot from this range. 
Elucent Day Moisturiser contains vitamins B3 and E, both known for their anti ageing qualities. Also within this day moisturiser is the active component of AHAs, which have been proven to be effective at chemical exfoliation. There is a concentration of 4% AHA. Using AHAs omits the need for a manual exfoliator, which I find is too harsh on my skin, and if is massaged into the skin too firmly, can cause damage, especially so with thinner ageing skin. The moisturiser is designed for all skin types, however, it should be kept in mind that AHAs may cause sensitivity, tingling after use is a common reaction. Using AHAs causes the skin to be more sensitive with the sun, but there's no need to be concerned with a sunscreen, because Elucent day moisturiser conveniently SPF 30+, protecting skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. 
This mosituriser comes in a 95ml pump-pack. It delivers the product in a hygienic manner. The only thing that I didn't like about this packaging, was the amount of product left in the container that was difficult to extract. I hate wastage, so the only way I found of getting the  remains of moisturiser out was by using the pump tube to manually scoop out. 
One pump of this white moisturiser is enough to cover my face and neck. I was surprised with the consistency, the moisturiser is lighter than most moisturisers with sunscreen. This makes for quick absorption into my combination skin. My skin is not left tacky, but plump and hydrated. 
Using Elucent's Day Moisturiser has not resulted in any adverse reactions. I can be confident with this product that what I am putting on my skin not only targets ageing skin concerns, but protects the skin from future damage. Knowing that I am using an active pharmaceutical product for a reasonable price makes me content.

Would I purchase this moisturiser?? Yes :)

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