Thursday, 29 August 2013

Feather NOTD

I recently viewed a nail art tutorial that included feathers. I thought it was such a cute and unique idea that I just had to try it for myself.

First of all, for this look, preparation is key. I began by selecting 10 feathers, one for each nail. I just used feathers that were available in the craft section of the Reject Shop. 
The nail polish that I used as my base colour is Naturistics in Chrome Crazy, a bright metallic silver, just like liquid chrome. 
Working with one nail at a time, whilst the nail polish was still wet, using a pair of tweezers,  I placed the feather on the nail. I held onto the quill end of the feather, making sure that the tip was placed at the base of the nail. The tweezers can then be used to gently press the feather down to ensure that it "glues" to the nail with the aid of the nail polish. 
Once the nail polish was dry, I used scissors to trim the ends around my nails. I wasn't too particular with this step, because the edges can be filed down for a neat finish. 
To end the mani, I applied 3 coats of top coat to ensure that I had a smooth surface on the nail, whilst keeping the feather in place.

Feather-y nails, what's your verdict?? :)


  1. Wow they look so cool! At first, I looked at the pictures without reading and was like damn that looks so realistic haha. Really clever idea :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah. So much easier than trying to recreate the look of feathers, lol :)