Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Beauty Bohemia

I'm not sure if you realise it yet, but indie makeup is something that I adore, such a surprise with my blog's name, and all, right? Lol. Any way, I'll get to the point. I am so excited to tell you about an online company that sells reputable mineral makeup brands, fabulous in itself, but this virtual store is an Australian one!

I love the name Beauty Bohemia, it totally captures the theme of the store. The website is easy to navigate and very appealing to the eye. Products sold include, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, eye liner, foundation, all catering to the individual tastes of women. Subtle, vibrant, vampy, everything is covered for your desired makeup look.

Brands currently available are Concrete Minerals, Espionage Cosmetics, Glamour Doll Eyes, Masquerade Cosmetics, Medusa's Makeup, MeNow, Shiro Cosmetics, Sweet Pea & Faye, Victorian Disco.

Products and a website that is easy to use are important, but what about the service? 

Owner, Omega, (how cool is her name!) is such a pleasure to deal with, and I just love her focus. I'll let her do the talking, (taken from the website)
"I founded Beauty Bohemia because I wanted there to be a great place to find makeup that is "a bit different" to the same old boring stuff in every other store. I am creating a hand-curated "one-stop-shop" for indie makeup brands. Why? As a regular shopper of amazing indie, specialist and cult makeup brands, I know how much trouble people go to, to buy them from overseas. Gone are the days of paying high shipping, or organizing a group order direct, or dealing with freight forward hassles.

I bring my customers the newest finds, and have great working relationships with some amazing brands, who can reach a new market in my customers.

As a beauty blogger, I have a great eye for the new, the interesting the cutting edge and the whimsical. Beauty Bohemia is your secret source of weird and wonderful makeup, that's hard to find. Need a purple duo chrome lipstick? Violently green eye liner? Grey foundation for your homestuck cosplay?

Don't waste time trying to find it and worry about the quality and shipping time- come straight to Beauty Bohemia.

Beauty Bohemia is beauty for the brave.

We are based in Melbourne, ship around Australia and worldwide, and are real people with real products."

Can you see why I am so excited?????? This is my equivalent of Sephora opening in Australia!

Oh, and the good news doesn't end there. If you enter the code M33RENK3811Q, you'll get FREE SHIPPING! Ok, I'm off to go shopping, come with?


  1. Browsing the site now and I'm drooling, especially over the eyeshadows!! Must…Resist..Temptation

    1. LOL, Monique. My no-buy has gone on long enough, it's time for me to shop! LOL xx