Friday, 8 August 2014

SOTD- Alkemia "Burning Roses"

Alkemia is an indie perfume oil that is available on Etsy and is well known in the online community as delivering unique, beautifully crafted perfume oils to suit all tastes.

"Burning Roses" is described as "A hypnotic immolation of dark red roses and burning incenses- smouldering frankincense, champa, labdanum. Mesmerising, deep sensual.

 Rose is not a scent that I associate with sensuality. Yes, it can be lovely, feminine, but it has to be blended just right to stop it from being "nanna's" perfume. This perfume has a blend that manages to be sexy, heady, intoxicating, with the rose still being a distinctive note.

The fragrance is long lasting on my skin. Being quite an incensy blend, it isn't for the faint hearted, but I don't find that it knocks everyone out around me. However, after drydown, the perfume takes on a powdery quality, yet retaining it's sensual quality.

I only have this in sample size, although I won't repurchase, I have appreciated the complexity of "Burning Roses".

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