Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ciencia8- Collagen8

I recently reviewed Arestaline8, a product from the Ciencia8 range. I went into a little more detail on the range in that review. But, what I had forgotten to add is that the spa that treats customers with this range, no longer offers injectibles, as the customers simply do not find them necessary when using Ciencia8 in their skincare routine. Pretty amazing, huh?

Another product that I am using from the range is Collagen8. 

With a focus on hydration this serum is packed full of anti-ageing ingredients. As the name suggests, the natural collagen of the skin is maintained at a visible and invisible level. 

The serum comes in a double barrel chamber, as the ingredients in each don't live well together, but are great on the skin once applied.

The serum is gel like in consistency. One pump from each chamber in the palm of my hand is enough for face, neck and even hands. It just smooths over my skin with ease. It does become a little tacky to the touch as it dries, but I don't have a problem applying Arestaline8 straight after, as the Ciencia8 range is designed to work synergistically together. 

After a few weeks of use, I am in love with this luxe serum. I love how much firmer my skin seems to becoming. My skin hasn't looked so clear and dewy in some time. I'm hoping that with further use I can say goodbye to sallow skin. 

Yes, I did say further use, I'm planning to continue purchasing. Well, as long as my budget can allow. It ain't cheap, but it certainly is quality. We'll see how long it takes for me to get bored, in need to try something new, lol.

Do you have a skincare item that you can't live without? If so, what is it?


  1. Hello! Im very interested in this review! Im a long term Skinn user and always wondered if this range may be worth a go! Great review, Im going to hold off until a special and give it a try! :)

    1. Hey there, Christina. I fell in love with the Ciencia8 range, but replacing monthly is just too much of a strain on my budget to continue buying. I do believe the products are worth the price, tho xx