Friday, 17 October 2014

SOTD- Britney Spears "Circus Fantasy"

About a year ago, I wanted to begin my perfume collection. I already had perfume oils, loads of perfume oils, but I decided that having some pretty bottles, I mean store bought spray perfumes needed to be part of my collection.

During this frenzy of affordable perfume purchases, Woolies had Britney Spears "Circus Fantasy" on offer. I had never tried this version before, but $15 for the bottle encouraged an impulse buy. And it is a cute bottle :)

Circus Fantasy is described as "intoxicating flowers, creamy musk and fruit. Top notes incorporate juicy raspberry zest and apricot blossom. The heart adds blue peony along with lotus and orchid, while base notes include vanilla, musk and violet candy."

Upon first spritz, I get a burst of effervescent sweetness. Tart fruits with a splash of bouquet florals make for a fun perfume. 

I don't find the fragrance too cloyingly sweet. I wouldn't call the blend unique, yes I've smelled a lot of perfumes that are very similar, especially in the Celebrity ranges. But, it is nice, and the simple scent makes it a casual fragrance, suitable for day wear.

I don't feel the need to repurchase, but I have enjoyed the bottle.


  1. I'm with you there Indie - I've smelt this and it's not unique enough for me to buy it, but I also adore the bottle. Britney does amazing packaging, even if the fragrances aren't all that special. Having said that I love a couple of them, especially Midnight Fantasy, which is also in a stunning bottle ♥

  2. After reading your wonderful review on Midnight Fantasy, I'm very tempted to buy it for myself xx