Sunday, 31 May 2015

Skinn By Dimitri Hylighten Dark Circle and Puffiness Treatment

Of all the skincare brands on offer at TVSN, Skinn is the one that I often can't resist. Dimitri is so passionate about his products, that it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of his demonstrations. 

As you have probably noticed, I have very dark circles. I can't count how many people have asked if I have a black eye, it's never been a nasty comment, but it's so frustrating. I am always on the look out for the miracle product that will work in this area. Ok, so I'm not expecting to see them go, but to see a lightening in the circles would be amazing. 

Skinn Hylighten Dark Circle and Puffiness Treatment certainly had a name that suited my problem (well, one of them!)

Taken from Skinn Cosmetics website "This super concentrated formula contains maximum levels Haloxyl, the only patented ingredient scientifically proven to diminish puffiness and under-eye dark circles caused by stress, fatigue- even genetics. Hylighten combats the 3 known elements that cause under-eye dark circles, by slowly breaking them down and allowing them to synthesize within the skin. A truly revolutionary skin care product that delivers what it promises"

Huge, huge claims that I have seen before, and after so many disappointing lack of results, I now am skeptical. But, I figured that it couldn't hurt to try, even if it was to rule out another product.

The product comes in  a 7ml tube. The packaging is simple to cut down on cost, oh yes, I much prefer a product that works, rather than one that just looks pretty.

Under the black screw top lid is a roller ball.

This eye product is a serum.

Application is simple, with lid removed, I roll the metal ball applicator gently over my under eye area. I go both ways a couple of times.

The serum is very light and is absorbed rather quickly, so an easy step to add to my current skin care routine. 

I just love the cooling effect the roller ball gives to the eye area, it is so soothing, plus works to help reduce puffiness.

To be honest, I am yet to see a change in my dark circles, but I'm willing to give this product a chance. I have only recently gone from using once a day, to twice daily. Hopefully, it may be what I need to get faster results. I know it takes time, but I get so impatient. I am determined to at least finish this tube, and will definitely let you know how I go, with my final thoughts of products in each empties post that I do. Mind you, if it works, you will hear me screaming its praises from the roof top, anyway.

What's your favourite eye product?


  1. Ive tried this too- it felt okay but stung my eyes a little. I didnt see any changes, I hope you have better luck :)

    1. Thankfully I haven't had any adverse reactions to this eye product. I have high hopes for it. Time will tell, I suppose xx